Weekly WI

My WI on Monday came and went.  It was a good energetic meeting.  I really do love the Monday night leader and the Monday night group.  We had lots to celebrate.  One woman has lost 20 pounds (I swear she just started like 6 weeks ago) and one got to goal again.  I love successes!

So, how was my success?  I maintained my loss from last week and my total loss over the last four weeks remains at 7.2 pounds.

We got a new scale at home and I was a little freaked out since it was saying I had gained three pounds.  Three pounds?  I didn’t eat enough to gain three pounds.  But, I was trying to stay positive as I headed to my meeting.  I knew I wasn’t off track so all I could do was continue on as I have been these last few weeks.  I was really happy with the maintain.  It is easy to get thoughts of how fast you can lose but the reality it, you won’t lose each week.  And, I’m a woman so it isn’t surprising that every four weeks I will see a spike in the numbers.  It happened when I was working my hardest to lose the weight 10 years ago. 

Being a women + Having surging hormones = The scale lying to you

It is what it is and we just keep going forward.  I’ve been thinking ahead and making plans for a successful week.  I will also be meeting with my trainer three times this week.  Since I’ll be out of town next week he talked me into three days again.  I’m still nursing a bum knee with ice but overall, I feel good.  I hope I have turned over a new leaf with this personal training stuff because I was actually energized when I went in on Monday to meet with Tyson.  We worked out with medicine balls.  I’ll tell ya, I’m turning into a pro just like you see on TV!


Super Bowl Sunday

I am not a football fan.  I will admit that I got sucked into the World Series this year but I have no desire to follow along with the football playoffs as we near the 2017 Super Bowl.  The game will be on when I work (well, assuming it is still going at 8pm) but other than that, you won’t find me stressing over it.

On the 2008 Super Bowl Sunday, I went wedding dress shopping with my Mom.  Kenyon and I were engaged on December 18, 2007 and were planning a possible destination wedding to the Oregon Coast in September of 2008.  My sister Jenny was engaged to (now husband) Will and I didn’t want to over shadow their wedding plans.  I had a conversation with my Grandma A. who wanted to know why the delay in the pending nuptials.  She said, “if you two love each other, than what are you waiting for?”  We had time off on the calendar at our respective jobs for March of 2008 and when I casually mentioned to Mom the idea of getting married sooner she said her and Dad would fly to New Mexico to join Kenyon’s family if we wanted to get married during our time off.  Kenyon and I wanted to move in together but we both believed in the traditional values of being married first.  So, a wedding was planned in just a few short months.

When we arrived at David’s Bridal explaining that our wedding was roughly six weeks away, they sort of panic.  In order for a gown to be ready in that amount of time you have to buy off the rack.  Despite my hard work at losing weight as a Weight Watcher member, and being down 80 pounds, I was still a size 20.  I wasn’t even looking for a traditional wedding gown at first.  The plan was to get married in the living room of Kenyon’s brother’s house.  That didn’t scream white dress and black tuxedo.

I found a pale purple bridesmaid dress that fit me really nicely.  It has rousing across the middle area and pleats along the length of the dress.  It was beautiful.  When I went to try it on, my mother suggested I at least try on a few white gowns since we were there.  I didn’t find anything I really loved and worried about the cost.  The sale clerk came out with a dress that had previously been put on layaway, was paid in full, and never picked up.  It was a size 20 and they were going to sell it to me for $99.  I tried it on and it fit perfectly.

The time I spent in that dressing room debating on if I really wanted the white gown, I remember looking at the photos on the wall of the brides in their white gowns smiling next to their grooms in black tuxedos.  I secretly longed to be one of those brides smiling next to their groom and that picture in my head didn’t include getting married at my soon-to-be brother-in-law’s house.  My Mom and I debated back and forth so long the store had closed and the kind clerk was waiting on us to make our decision.  I knew this was my dress and I knew I wanted a more traditional wedding.

I called Kenyon and informed him he was getting a tux and we were looking for a new wedding venue (that is another long story but eventually we found the perfect place).

As it turns out, by the time I added the undergarment, the wrap for my upper arms, and made some slight alterations to bring the straps in tighter make it less revealing in the boob area, it was no longer a $99 dress.  But, it was beautiful.  And I felt beautiful in it too.

We will celebrate nine years of marriage on March 21st.  I am so very lucky I have Kenyon in my life.  He is a fantastic husband and lifelong companion.  I wouldn’t want anybody else by my side.

*On a side note.  My Grandma D. passed away on Super Bowl Sunday just last year.  It is nice to have a happy memory there along with the sad memory.


Another Successful Week Of Tracking Complete

It’s another week of food tracking in the books and I have my WW meeting tonight.  I’m hoping for continued success at the scale with another loss.  I know I’ve set myself up for the best success I can and the rest will end up as it should.

Regardless of the number on the scale, I’m getting myself prepared for another week of eating and activity.  I’m a bit more hyper focused on the following week as I am going to Coeur d’ Alene for a weeklong training.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to travel for work but also a little bit stressed (aka quite a bit stressed) about all the eating out combined with being out of my regular food environment.  I know once I get settle into my hotel room and scout out the nearby restaurants and grocery stores (which I’ve already been looking at Google maps) then I’ll feel more prepared.  I am not going to some deserted private island where I’m forced to eat only McDonalds each day.  There will be plenty of options available and most importantly I am going to remind myself each day: YOU AREN’T ON VACATION!

If I’ve learned one thing over my last 10 years with WW it is that I am my own worst enemy.  I am in control of what I put into my mouth and just because I am away from my usual routine doesn’t mean it is a free-for-all.  Keeping sugar/desserts at bay will also help me be successful.  Again, there isn’t any reason to indulge each day but since I am not able to prepare my own meals, I also need to give myself a little bit of a break.  And hey, if I can weight then it will only be temporary.

I’ve been looking at and posting on WW Connect the last few days.   If you are on there you can find me at lihli1025.  I miss the old WW message boards but I do love that you can post photos now.  It is sort of like Facebook but minus all the political bull crap.  I put together some before and after photos of me as I reflect on the last 10 years with WW.

As of today, I’ve kept off 64 pounds.  I’m hoping to increase that number at my weekly WI.