Sharing Blog Posts From My Weight Loss Journey: When The Pocketbook Meets The Scale

I’m sharing old blog post from my weight loss journey when I blogged on another site:

May 2, 2011

When The Pocketbook Meets The Scale

I am going to have to pay for my WI today. It is a new month and I will be over my goal by more than two pounds. I am hopeful the “more than” part will still be manageable. Weight loss and maintenance for me are both very mental. So really it is my pride that takes a hit in addition to my wallet. The scale does not dictate a good week or a bad week. It is just feedback. And, I have not had to pay since the month of January. There are many positives among knowing I am over my goal. I know it isn’t permanent. I will do what I need to do to get back under goal because I am confident in my weight loss and maintenance and my new healthy behaviors I have set in place.

I have been in quite the funk lately. Not really sure what is going on. I am in the middle of training for a half marathon I will be walking on May 14th. I completed an 11.25 mile walk a few weeks ago and since then I seem to have lost my motivation. I am tired. I am missing Kenyon since we are on opposite shifts with only one overlapping day off. I am just really in a rut. I was a bit loosey goosey with my food intake two weeks ago and am really paying for it (literally) this week. I am not sure if my thyroid is off or I am just looking for an excuse.

I am also feeling fat. I hate fat days. Sort of like a bad hair day but worse. There are times I look in the mirror and think I am fine and there are times I just feel fat. My clothes feel tight or I see my muffin top hanging over my jeans more than usual. I would LOVE to be down 5 pounds but realistically, that just takes too much effort. I got tired of trying to lose on 29 DPA and finally just said, “to heck with it.” I increased my DPA to 35 and have been making a really good effort to track really well. I have been eating out more than usual and again this week will involve a lot of eating out. I can manage. Balance. Back to basics. I need to remember this!

So, as usual, I just keep moving forward. There really is no other option. I could throw myself a pity party inviting all the foods I used to know and love. That wouldn’t solve anything. I would just feel more miserable, fat, and just have to pay another week at the scale.

So, pull up my big girl panties and get back into it. I have 13.1 miles to bust out in a few weeks!


Weekly WI: 25 Pounds Of Re-Gain Is Gone

I’m doing the happy dance today…


Since I had to attend a meeting out of the norm, I wasn’t sure if I’d get a (another) 25 pound charm but thankfully the leader Susan knew me and asked if I wanted one.  Um, heck ya!  I like seeing my hard work pay off.  However, it looks like I need to start using my other WW charm holder since my original one is getting pretty full.


I lost exactly one pound which is all I needed to earn my 25 pound charm.  It sure felt good.  I know I need to continue to stay re-focused and work really hard to stay positive.  I shared a little in my meeting about how I feel a bit unmotivated lately.  I got some great ideas from my fellow meeting members.  That is why I love the meetings so much.

I think I’m just tired and feeling burnt out at work and thus letting that take over some of my headspace since there are very little days off.  I’m hopefully for some reprieve in July.

I met up with Tyson today at his new, possibly temporary, gym.  It is different than when he trained out of Planet Fitness but still has some good equipment.  He is thinking he will continue to research various gyms over the next month.  I’m going to stick it out with him and see where he ends up.  It is so tempting to quit my sessions because it feels so hard sometimes.  The arm workout today felt brutal.  In reality I am huge weenie.


Delayed Gratification

I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this afternoon and got on the scale at home.  I had feared the worse for my WI today but instead, saw a loss of over three pounds.  WTH? 

I have this bad habit of doing my home WI on both Mondays and Tuesdays.  I skipped my meeting scale last week because it had jumped over night, due to what I ate so not true weight gain. 

Last Monday: 228.3

Last Tuesday: 230.8

Today: 227.5

So, I was hopeful I might see my 25 pound star at my meeting but I wasn’t holding my breath.  At least I was back down to “normal” from my spike last week.  As it turns out, I wasn’t able to attend me meeting because I got called into work early (an hour before they needed me here).  So, I’ll have delay my gratification at the scale until tomorrow.  I think I’ll be able to pop into the 5:30pm meeting tomorrow.  I’ve also got my training appointment at 3pm but there should be enough time. 

Sadly, my trainer has lost his ability to train out of the gym he has been at so now I’ve got to drive further to our sessions (and in some possible rush hour traffic on my drive home).  I told Tyson I’ve got two sessions left this week so I’ll finish it out, but we will see after that.  It is also time to take measurements.  I don’t want to quit because it has been helpful to my weight loss.  But…it is annoying he had to switch places.  I’m sure it is more annoying to him than I so I had best suck it up!

I was feeling pretty down on myself these last few weeks with body image and appreciating where I am at.  My friend Brenda had a lot of complementary things to say when she saw me on Saturday since it had been a few months.  It made me feel good for sure.  I know she was struggling with some extra weight since summer break started and her family is in town from Chile.  We each have something that plaques us!  I was looking over my weight record at my weight last year, so I could compare where I am this year.

Last year I had been skipping the scale and most of my weekly meetings.  I was feeling really bad about myself and guilty for gaining so much weight back.  My weight record last year showed me at 253.0 pounds on June 27, 2016.  So it has been exactly one year since I reached my all-time highest re-gain weight.  And the straw the finally broke the camel’s back.  It will feel so good to get my 25 pound start and will be a good reminder as to why I need to stay focused and keep working at it.  One day at a time!