Ready For The Weekend

It’s Friday for me today and I’ll tell ya…it has been a week.


We are slammed on the weekends thus far and for some unknown reason, it feels as though we are busier than we have been from previous summer months.  I am almost thankful we are nearing the end of July because maybe we can get a reprieve soon.

I’m looking forward to three glorious days off and hopeful my phone doesn’t ring for coverage at work.  My calendar is filled with several social events the first of which is this evening.  I’m meeting Julie, Katie, and her soon-to-be step-daughter for a Paint Nite event.  Kenyon will join us as well when he gets off work.  I’m not 100% loving the painting choice but I do enjoy Paint Nite.  Julie had suggested meeting early for a bite to eat but with WI tomorrow, I am wanting to say on track.  I’ll run home after work and cook up some chicken breasts I have marinating in the fridge today.  I am also not planning to have any beer tonight.

I’m hopeful for a successful WI this week.  I’m feeling super bloated and like I’m retaining water this week.  That makes me start to feel defeated but I am anxious to see the results next week.  It has been another great week of activity and tracking.  I ate out both Friday and Saturday, which Saturday was un-planned as well as some ice cream.  I still have a few WSPA left in the bank too.

Tuesday I’m going to spend time with Phoenix.  Since our trip to Jackpot was cancelled, we are going to do a Downtown Boise tour on bikes.  There are rental bikes available for a fee and our plan is to ride around to different breweries and/or restaurants for some exercise, beer, food, and fun.  I’m a bit nervous about using so many points so early in my week so I’ll have to balance it out and stay mindful of all my splurges.

I also have car shopping and test driving on the books with Kenyon as he is looking at perhaps upgrade his current vehicle status.  Saturday is the Garth Brooks concert.  Sunday is a possible Painted Bowls event to raise money for the Idaho Food Bank that Kelsey has talked about attending.  I also think The Loud Strums are playing as well as Phoenix and I have tickets to a drag show called Golden Girls Live.  And that brings us back to Tuesday, which is the day we fly out for our next travel adventure.

Whew!  What a busy week on the agenda.  I guess I had better do some meal planning so I can set myself up for a successful pre-vacation week.



100 Day Streak

One of the main reasons I wanted an Apple Watch was for the Activity Tracker.  The tracker is made up of three rings:

Pink is for Movement.  This is your total movement through your day and consists of any movement the watch has, daily steps, heart rate monitoring, etc.  It also tracks movement when you use the Workout App and applied it to your daily movement.  The watch suggests a movement goal but you can always change it at any time.

Green is for Exercise.  The Apple Watch likes 30 minutes of exercise a day which uses the Workout App.  I’ve found out that the Workout App likes your heart rate to be in a certain “zone” and so I can walk a 5K and not even close my circle.  A bit of a bummer if you ask me!  Unless I need to track an indoor/outdoor walk, I usually just pick the open setting, which gives me the most movement credit.

Blue is for Stand.  The Apple Watch wants you to get up and move around at least once each hour for 12 hours within your day.  It will even remind you to stand the last ten minutes of each hour if it has not detected any movement.  Moving from the couch to the kitchen for a snack and back to the couch sometimes won’t register movement.

I’ve shared many times that my Apple Watch rewards me with different types of awards and one of them is a Longest Move Streak.  Apparently if you close your Movement Ring each day, it starts to track the streak.  I broke my last streak of 45 days a few months ago and wanted to keep it going until I at least earned my 100 day streak.

Yesterday was that day!


(music playing We Are The Champions)

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the streak going but as long as I’m also working on getting in a workout of at least 15 minutes, I’m meeting my daily goal.  I am currently set at 470 calories but after this 100 day streak, I’m thinking I need to up it to 500 calories. 

My July Apple Watch Activity Challenge is going well.  I took a rest day on Friday just so I could give my body some recovery, even though I know each day is important with vacation coming up. 


After walking so many miles last month, it is nice to have a variety this month.  It is also less pressure to get in my workout when it only has to be 15 minutes.  I’ve been attending classes at the gym, doing some Walk Away The Pound DVD workouts, walking on the treadmill, and using my Aaptiv App for various strength and treadmill workouts.

It has been a good month for renewed activity motivation.


What Is Your Favorite Podcast?

I’ve stumbled across a new Podcast that has been keeping me entertained.


I first spotted Fortune Feimster as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race as well as doing some comedy skit.  I starting following her on Instagram and saw her post about her Podcast.  It is really good and I am hooked.  Since I ran here, there, and everywhere with my Wednesday social outings, I listened to three episodes.  I am hooked.

I also added Ross Mathews, because he is hilarious, and a few of Heather from Half Size Me to listen to.  I’ve not listened to her Podcast in years.  Since I have to get in at least a 15 minute workout each day, I will enjoy going for a walk while I listen to the 30-45 minute musings.  I’d love to see Fortune’s comedy show in person one day.