MIA: Girls Weekend Ahead

Please excuse my absence for the next few days.  I’ll be enjoying myself entirely with some of my favorite girlfriends.


It’s our 3rd Annual Girls Weekend trip.  YES!!


I’ll be back in a few days to recap all the fun.  In the meantime, here are the recaps from our previous Girls Weekend.



And, for a little extra reading, here are my recaps of my Girls Weekend in Vegas with Danielle.




I can’t say it enough, I have such a great group of friends.






Acitvity & Food For The Week Thus Far

Happy Wednesday!  It is actually my Wednesday/Thursday since it is a short week for me.  Today is a 12-hour shift though and I’m meeting Kelsey at the gym for a class afterwards.

Speaking of activity, it has been a good week for movement thus far.  On Monday, I walked a 2.5 mile loop around my house with some elevation (but not much sidewalk).  I popped into the Apple Activity app to check my pace and saw there is a graph of my heart rate and it even tracked the elevation.  Pretty cool.


Yesterday, Kelsey and I met for a kickboxing class at the Crunch Eagle location.  OMG!  We are so thankful we survived.  This is the hardest kickboxing class I’ve taken since my years of going to the YMCA and it might even be the hardest class I’ve taken since joining the new gym.  I have had a couple others that register up there.  It was good to get our sweat on and it is always good to challenge your body.  The weirdest part is that it is held in the dark. 

The instructor zoned in on us right away saying “newbies, I love newbies.”  Ummmm…I’m not sure why we stood out so much but it was nice of her to talk to us.  She told us it was fast paced and to do our best to keep us.  When she asked if we had any questions, I inquired if the class was held in the dark.  Yep.  She says the lights are harsh and the energy is better in the dark.  Okay then.  A bit hard to see since the only light was from some small windows and the class was packed but again, we survived!  I liked that the leader walked around the class and gave encouragement.  I didn’t get a handy heart rate graph but I did see my heart rate was in the zone for almost the entire workout.


Here are some random eats for my week.  Nothing stellar but I’m working on keeping my points in check and 100% tracking.  P.S. I am ready for beer and it’s only Wednesday.

Breakfast this week has been egg muffin.  I made some baked egg muffins using Southwest Egg Beaters (really good flavor), ham, and light mozzarella cheese.  Depending on what type and how much, these are 2 SPV for two egg muffins.  I had some fat free mozzarella that my Mom bought for me and that made them just 1 SPV for two muffins.  I think the Trader Joe’s light mozzarella has the best flavor and is just 1 SPV per 1 ounce of cheese.


Yesterday I had my egg muffins alone but today I added some hash browns cooked in olive oil to “beef up” my breakfast.

Lunch on Monday (and dinner tonight) was a Boca Flame Grilled Burger.  I like that flavor the best and I also like to add some hamburger seasoning, liquid smoke, and Red Robin seasoning.  I used my air fryer to make potato fries and they were so crispy and delicious.  I served corn on the cob on the side.  It was a mighty tasty lunch and I’m looking forward to it for dinner again, although perhaps sans potato fries since I had the hash browns for breakfast.


Dinner last night was tostadas with the street taco sized tortillas, chile & lime refried beans, olives, light sour cream, and romaine lettuce.  I had some ice cream for dessert.  I really like this flavor as the vanilla base tastes just like regular ice cream.  The cookie dough balls are few and far between since it is 5 SPV per serving.  I think I deserve more cookie dough for that amount of points.

My snacks this week (un-pictured) has been cottage cheese and watermelon, and a combo of light string cheese, deli turkey, and an apple.  I always have my afternoon ice coffee made with chocolate muscle milk and Coconut creamer.


Weekend Check-In

It was a great weekend in the books and despite some rainy weather here and there, the sun managed to also peek out. 


I went to the hospital to visit my aunt.  She is improving but there are still hurdles to overcome.  I then met up with Phoenix and her kids at Homestead Bar & Grill for a pre-graduation celebration.  Phoenix returned to school a few years ago and has completed her associate’s degree.  I am so proud of her.  Her sister, Nicole, also completed her associate’s degree too.  They both walked in the College of Western Idaho ceremony at Taco Bell Arena on the Boise State University campus on Saturday evening.


I didn’t think there were any post-graduation plans which is why we had a pre-celebration.  Phoenix wanted to go to White Dog Brewing Company and then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings since we were hungry.


We had a small Mother’s Day dinner in the evening at my parent’s house.  I have the best mother and I am also so lucky to have/have had such great mothers in my life.



It was a low-key day and really nice to just relax.  After my WW meeting, I did some grocery shopping and made myself a delicious lunch before setting out for a 2.5 mile walk on a loop around my house.  Kenyon and I went to dinner at Tucanos during early bird hours and it was really easy to get seated and served. 

It is going to be a short work week since I’m taking Friday off four our annual Girls Weekend.  I’m all for a short week for sure!