The Unwich

I really like Jimmy John’s wheat bread that is available with all their sandwich selections.  It is thick slices and filled with lots of seeds…my favorite.  When I order my sandwich (The #1 Pepe) I leave off the mayo and tomato and add cucumber and sometimes Dijon mustard.  I then ask for a mayo pack so I can add my own mayo when I am ready to eat and also saves points because I control how much mayo goes on my sandwich.  Lastly, when I am ready to eat I take two halves and put them together for one giant and eat half the amount of bread.  Together all of that is 12 points.

I decided to try the Jimmy John’s Unwich, which your favorite sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of is served on bread. 


I ordered my #1 Pepe with no tomato and mayo and added just the cucumbers.  I made sure to get my mayo packet on the side.  I’ve noticed since I don’t have mayo or real butter that often that when I do, it feels like a real indulgence.  Looking up the nutritional information, my Unwich is 5 points and then my mayo packet is 3 points.  But, I only used about half my mayo packet this time around so I counted the total Unwich as 7 points.  I ate my Unwich with carrots, celery, and dip and also had some grapes.


I have to say, I did miss the bread.  I generally like lettuce wrap burgers and chicken sandwiches but in those cases, the meat is very flavorful.  Lunch meat doesn’t pack much flavor.  The parts where I could taste the mayo was quite delicious.  I also didn’t feel like my Unwich held me over as long as a sandwich with the bread would have.  Since this was low in points, I would order an Unwich again.  It was still a really tasty sandwich and I saved points in the process.


Paint & Sip

On Thursday evening I went to my first ever Paint & Sip class.  If you aren’t familiar with this concept, you sign up to paint a picture (you chose ahead of time what you want to paint based on the class offering day/time and a sample of what your painting will look like).  Then, when the day of the class arrives, you meet up with anybody else that signed up for the class and paint your photo.  You also drink alcohol (if you so desire).  Painting & Sipping wine…brilliant concept!

My friends Kelsey and Danielle have both been before but not me.  Kelsey suggested a Paint & Sip so the two of them, along with Phoenix, Kenyon, and I also signed up.  Phoenix ended up coming down with a pretty bad cold so she stayed home.  Kelsey was also sick but she powered through.  We hope to attend another Paint & Sip even soon.


Danielle picked me up since I was meeting Kenyon there and riding home with him.  That way I had my DD lined up.  In hindsight, this was a bad idea because it meant I drank more than I should have.  Danielle and I went to a bar called The Local before Paint & Sip and started our party early with some chicken nachos (so yummy), a glass of wine for Danielle, and a wine flight for me.  I love anything that comes in tiny glasses.


Once you get to Paint & Sip you have to purchase alcohol through them or pay a $15 corking fee to bring your own wine.  By the time you order two glasses at $7-$9 each, you might as well have gotten a whole bottle for $17.  Danielle and I went in on a bottle together (Kenyon and Kelsey don’t drink) thinking we would take the leftovers with us.  Yeah right, that didn’t happen.


Also in hindsight, drinking BEFORE you paint might not also be the best idea.  But, I still managed to put together a pretty good piece of art.


And above all, we had tons of fun.  I can’t wait to do it again.


We Have Voles

I’m back at work for the next five days and I’m not really ready.  I was enjoying my weekend off way too much.  I had to come into work early for a few hours so then I got to come in late for my shift by a few hours.  Maybe this will make the night go quick.  On Sunday I start training my first trainee, Patty, in her Phase Three training.  I am excited and yet also very nervous.  But, she is doing well so I think it will go fine.  Ready or not, it is time to jump into the deep end of the start of my training career in dispatch.

I’ll share all our Paint & Sip fun with you soon.  It was a blast and I can’t wait to go again.  Sadly, I drank way too much wine and then Kenyon and I stopped for food at a local diner on our way home.  Oh my gosh I felt so sick the remainder of the night.  I am happy to report that I am back on track today and indulgences don’t sound the slightest bit appealing.  At my work training meeting, I passed up on DQ Dilly Bars.  Nope.  I indulged too much last night so my body needs a break.  It feels so good to be back on track.

I will start attending my Tuesday AM WW meeting this coming week so I am looking forward to that.  Tuesday will also be my Friday again so that is even better.

We found out from the pest control guy that the rodent in our yard is Voles.  Ugh.  They have dug tunnels all over and tore up our yard.  Plus, they eat the roots of the grass so who knows what our grass will like from here on out.  I guess they can move under the snow undetected so it isn’t until spring that you start to see them.  And, they can be hard to get rid of because if you do successfully kill them now, a new group can come and take up residency in the vacant holes/tunnels.  Great.  But, our pest control guy laid bait and we found a nest and babies so we are hopeful it was semi-contained to that area.  We will know in about two weeks if it was successful or not.  I don’t understand why our yard was so appealing to them.  We have a hard enough time keeping our yard looking nice on normal circumstances.  I hope this won’t be costly down the road as right now the cost of the Vole removal is part of our annual pest control service.