Weekly WI: You Always Fear It Will Be Worse

I had my weekly WI today and am happy with the results. 

I didn't makeit to my meeting last week so that makes my 1.4 pound gain over two weeks instead of just one week. I was really nervous going into today. I have done nothing to help my weight loss status last week nor over our weekend trip in Salt Lake City.  I managed to burn a lot of calories moving/unpacking but I was also taking in a lot of calories. I went into today hoping for no more than a 2 pound gain and hoping for the best. We always fear the worst so when I saw the gain was just 1.4 pounds, I am super stoked. It means I have to get back on track ASAP to avoid any future gains.

Here was my weekly totals for my Apple Watch last week:

I recommitted to WW about ten weeks ago and have lost 5 pounds. Sure I had high hopes I'd have lost more than that, but 5 pounds less is still less and that is still in the right track.

It was wonderful to see my Tuesday morning WW peeps and also my WW leader Donna. I am able to attend that meeting again next week and I am looking forward to it. We are still working on unpacking boxes and organizing the new house. I have moved my Curves membership back to Boise and will try to swing in sometime this week. I am off workthrough Thursday. Come Friday, it is back to reality!


Weekend Trip to Salt Lake City

Before we were due to close on our house, we made arrangements for a weekend trip to Salt Lake City to see Newsies the Musical. We knew with our luck we might end up closing on hour house the same weekend of our trip but we bought the tickets and hoped for the best. As it turned out, we were able to piggy back onto our already existing time off request which gave us several days off for both moving and fun.

Friday morning we cashed in a gift card Kenyon's boss had given him for some donuts at Guru Donuts. They were really yummy and with a sufficient sugar rush, we headed eastward towards SLC.

Kenyon heard that Tesla would be showing off some of their electric cars in Park City so we drove there first. There was a reception going on with free booze and food as they showed a video and talked about their cars. I felt a bit out of place among the older and “expensive” looking crowd. Looking around the room I would guess that some of those people would make our yearly income look ridiculously small. Needless to say, I still had a glass of wine. When in Rome...We found out that you can test drive the Tesla cars at their showroom in SLC so we headed to our room at the Anniversary Inn and figured we would stop into the showroom on Saturday. 

We decided to redeem a certificate we bought at the Anniversary Inn in Boise for a night stay in SLC and added on another night stay. We booked the room called "Room With a View" and ended up with a room on the highest floor of the building. You had to go up/down six flights of stairs total to get to our room. It was a nice room with a pretty good view.

I had a bit of trouble getting the reservation booked at the price I had thought I would pay and the manager was quite rude to me. So, I didn't have high hopes for our stay. The first day we ordered bacon for an extra fee at breakfast time and no bacon came. I called the front desk where she told me it would be right up and still no bacon came. We enjoyed our stay but we won't be back.

Saturday we visited the Tesla showroom only to find out they were not doing test drives since all the cars were still in Park City from the night before. We were both very sad. But, we did get to sit in one of the Tesla cars in the showroom. Wow! It was impressive.

After Tesla we drove to IKEA in search of some new house items. We had some good luck and some bad luck finding what we were looking for. I noticed the sign for the Swedish meatball meal which was being served in the cafeteria so we indulged. I had the chicken meatballs and Kenyon had the beef ones. They were both really delicious.

On both Friday and Saturday night we went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Our restaurant in Boise closed down several year ago. We missed it so much we ate there both nights. You can't have too much fresh bread and spumoni ice cream in your life.

Sunday was Newsies. We parked at a local mall area and had a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory before going to the show. The theater was pretty tight quarters and they had us packed in there. It was a great show. I hope it comes to Boise next season.

We headed for home after the show. It is a fairly quick drive to/from SLC but I'm not a big fan of road trips so I was happy to be home.


It's Easy Being Fat

I have been thinking lately about how easy it is being fat. 

For instance, I had gotten back on track several weeks ago and have been having success with Smart Points. The reason Smart Points have been working so well is mostly because I've been tracking, meal planning and watching my food intake.  Since our move, I've been really off track.

I don't need an excuse to eat out. Yet with our kitchen in an unorganized mess, eating out seems just seems easier.  Eating out also means consuming higher point foods and thus depleting my daily points budget quicker.  So not tracking just seems easier.  


The one area in at least excelling in is moving my body. Moving/unpacking sort of forces that!

It feels easier to be fat because you don't really have to put effort into it. However since I re-fatted (is that a word??) I've gotten daily reminders as to why putting in effort is a good thing.  It's why I need to keep trying for success and stay focused on the hard parts so I don't give into the easier parts.

I'm going to my Tuesday morning WW meeting this week. I'm really nervous as I've not seen those meeting members in a while. I'm a bit embarrassed about my excessive gain.  After being really far off track last week and our return from a quick weekend trip to Salt Lake City, I need the extra motivation my meeting provides. 

Time to face the scale.