Busy Weekend Plans & An Internal Battle

Holy Camoly!  It has been one busy day (which is about to roll over to the next day but it is not officially Saturday until I wake up in the afternoon).


I hit the ground running this afternoon as soon as I woke up.  I had some item on my to-do list for my 20th high school reunion I’m in the midst of planning.  I had to rent a PO Box in Kuna (the only place with a cheap box) and then open an account at nearby bank.  Has anybody used Facebook Messenger for electronic money exchange?  I have a classmates that swears it is awesome and secure.  So, I’ll be delving into that as I move forward.


Thankfully we have dates set and a venue.  So, I really want to get the information out to my classmates via a Facebook event.  I’m so glad to be this far along in the process and hopefully once the information is released, people will be happy enough to attend.  It has been a process planning this and I’m sure we’ve still got more to go.


I had about an hour at home and was still consumed with reunion before quickly getting ready and heading to work.  I’ve been planning out my social events this weekend, not only with points/food but also money/budget.  Oy.  It is going to be a busy weekend but I am so looking forward to it.


The hard part is I’m in a debate with myself of just enjoying my Saturday without guilt but also not counting points.  I’m meeting two coworkers for $1 Bahama Mammas (and maybe some appetizers) at Applebee’s.  Then, Kenyon and I are going to have a date night at Carino’s.  Part of why I don’t want to count is because I really want to have some yummy food…which is high points.  I don’t want to give myself permission to go crazy.  I just really want some yummy food.  I’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow and will at least start tracking so I can keep myself in check.  I want to see a loss on Monday at my WW meeting and going crazy this weekend won’t get me there.


Sunday I am planning to meet a few friends for a double feature of two Oscar nominated movies: The Post and Lady Bird.  It should be enjoyable.  I might need to pack a snack so I don’t indulge in popcorn…which also sounds good.  And, we are going to the cheap seats so it makes popcorn much more affordable. 


Oh man, this makes me anxious!  I really want a loss but I really want yummy food.  The struggle is real.


Make New Friends But Keep The Old

Make New Friends
But Keep The Old
One Is Silver
And The Other Is Gold

Any Girl Scouts out there that remember that song?


We had a heck of a snow fall last night.  By the time 5am rolled around, the motoring public in the Treasure Valley had woken up and several crashes started to come into the dispatch center.  It was a busy last hour of my shift and I held over a little bit until my relief was fully staffed.

I had plans to meet a new friend from my WW meeting on Monday nights.  We had been connecting through FB and wanted to sit down for a visit over coffee.  She invited me to her house so I could also meet her husband, a retired officer with the Nevada Highway Patrol.  I had first thought to cancel with all the snowfall accumulation and that it was still coming down.  I decided to send a text to ask to postpone if the roads were not improved when I woke up.

I am so glad I didn’t postpone or have to cancel.  I had the loveliest visit this afternoon.  I am actually sad it was so short and I looking forward to another visit soon.  We clicked so well.  I really enjoyed meeting her husband and loved hearing about their European travels. 

It is so wonderful to make new friends.


New Item Using #2ingredientdough

I’ve been playing around with the #2ingredientdough again and this time I made wiener wraps.  Yummmm-O!
I saw this idea on Instagram so I went in search from some Hebrew National Fat Free hotdogs.  You actually get two hotdogs for 1 point, so that was quite the surprise.  I mixed up half a recipe of dough and split it into four servings, rolled it out, and then rolled up my hotdog.  I have actually been thinking the key to rolling out the dough is parchment paper.  Until I get more though, I used saran wrap and it worked out just fine.

Two wraps are 4 points.  I cooked a sweet potato in my air fryer for some fries to go along with my wraps and I even had a few points to spare for some homemade fry sauce.  It was a delicious dinner.  I’ve got leftovers to eat today at work.  I don’t think they will warm up as well but we will see.