Playing The Waiting Game

I can’t believe how close we are getting to our big Europe vacation!  Just three weeks to go and the official cruise countdown is under 30 days!  Amazing how fast and slow it feels both at the same time.


Since we are pretty much ready to go, it feels like we are just playing the waiting game now.  We still need to meet with our travel agent and collect the final travel documents.  She was out of town last week and we are out of town mid-week.  I hope we get word from her that the documents are ready.  But again, it is just a waiting game.  We had some foreign currency delivered to the house last week.  It totally looks like fake money.  And, the more I stalk the various Instagram pages, the more I am convinced I was born on the wrong side of the world!

My friend Danielle arrives home from her Scotland trip today.  I can’t wait to meet up with her to hear all about her trip.  I’ve been lucky enough to get a couple of text messages/photos from her.  It makes me all the more excited to visit Europe.

When I met with Rebecca last night at Yardhouse on Saturday night, I was telling her how I am continuously reminding myself that all the yummy food and alcohol (BEER!!) is coming soon.  It helps me resist when I feel the need to have a beer especially since the Sam Adams Octoberfest beer has hit the stores.  It is one of my favorite seasonal beers.

Since Kenyon and I are getting the suitcases out of the closet for our trip to Pocatello this coming week, maybe I’ll do my practice packing again.  I keep wanting to and then I remind myself that I don’t need to keep getting clothes out just to have to put them back away.  I don’t really feel like I need to fine tune my packing and am feeling confident overall.  I decided to get a new pair of tennis shoes for our trip.

When I bought my Sketchers Go Walk Joy, in hopes of having cute shoes to go with my capris, they didn’t have adequate arch support and I’ve pretty much killed my right foot!  So, I got some new Ghost 10 in a very bright color.  The new Launch 5 came out and are discounted.  I like the natural color of the gray shoe and it was more of what I was looking for when I bought those Sketchers.  I can always return them as it is free shipping each way.  I’ll have to try them out and see what I think.


Saturday Late Night Fun

Good Sunday Morning.


It was a late night getting to bed so I am tired today.  It was a pliant surprise when my supervisor asked if we could trade 12-hour shifts.  So she will work mine today and I’ll work hers tomorrow.  Yeah!  I was not looking forward to 12 hours today.  I plan to go to bed early tonight.

I met Rebecca for a movie after work yesterday.  We saw Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.


I am not a fan of sequel movies but I have been excited to see this.  I like the backstory on Donna and her friends/lovers.  The cast is just so adorable.  It was a little slow, including the music.  The songs were so slow and sad that when there was an upbeat song, I wanted to get up and dance.  The very ending just before the credits roll is super adorable.  It makes me want to watch the first one again (and I probably will soon).

Rebecca mentioned getting something to eat after the movie.  Um…cue the freak out!  I had planned ahead and ate my dinner/leftovers before I left work.  That way I would be starved during or after the show.  I only had 6 DSPA left but I still had plenty of WSPA I could dip into.  I want a solid loss this week and I’ve been working so hard at it that I didn’t want to ruin it.  Plus, I successfully walked past the popcorn line…which smelled sooooo good!

But, this is living and that is why it is called Freestyle.  I wasn’t really hungry when the movie got out but though I could use my 6 DSPA for a beer.  We decided on Yardhouse, which has so much delicious food options.  And, it is one of the restaurants listed in the WW app so it is easy to look up points.  Not necessarily fun to look up points…but at least easy.  The clam chowder had the lowest listed calories at 180 for a cup and the WW app said it was 7 SPV.  Counting points sucks the life out of eating out sometimes!  But, again, this was unplanned.  I looked up several items and debated how many points I wanted to go over.  I finally settled on some chips and guacamole (24 SPV for the whole serving), planned to eat half, and actually ate about a quarter.  I tracked that and my beer and still earned my blue dot.  Yippie!

It has been a really good week.  I earned blue dots each day but Thursday and still have 30 WSPA left.  I’m hoping this will mean a sold loss like in weeks past.  Fingers crossed!


The Weekend Ends And The Work Week Begins

Good Morning! 

I'm finishing up my coffee and will get myself rounded up as I am going into work late today. One of my classmates/friend's father passed away so I will attend his service before I head into work. I can't believe this is the second classmate to lose their Dad in the last few months. 

It was a full day off yesterday that started at 6am when my alarm went off. I had plans to meet Kelsey and Phoenix for a walk on the Greenbelt in Eagle and I was instantly regretting the early wake up time. It was supposed to be HOT yesterday so we started early. The sun was up and had a very red hue to it.

I get a bit freaked out with the thought of being on the Greenbelt because there have been several horror stories through the years. So, I came prepared with my Damsel in Defense items. 

Hey, if you don't have them with you, they won't work! Thankfully we walked four miles and were safe and sound. It felt good to start my day with a good dose of activity.

Afterwards, I redeemed a freebie breakfast sandwich deal at Panera. I love the bagels so I subbed in a bagel for the bread, asked them to hold the cheese, and had cream cheese on the side. It was delicious that I used a few extra points for another quarter of the bagel. I really love bagels.

I had a return to make at Old Navy and found their sunglasses were on sale for $5. I was wanting a cheap pair to take to Europe incase something happens to them (i.e. I tend to drop my sunglasses) and debated between a black pair of cat eye and a purple pair. Purple won my heart and when I got the register found out they were on clearance for $1. I asked about the black pair and they were on clearance for $3. It was a great find to get two pairs for under $5.

I met Kenyon for lunch, which I had not planned before I ate at Panera. I ended up dipping into my WSPA for dinner. Glad I had those extra points despite not earning a blue dot.

The afternoon was spent watching movies at home and eventually putting together a pot roast in the Instant Pot for dinner. I love the one-pot dinner and it makes clean up a breeze. After dinner I re-did my Jamberry manicure and put on this wrap called Byrd. I love the sparkle and the bright colors. I'd been saving it for Fall since I think it has a really great Fall color scheme. I'll save the other half for October.

It's time to start the work week, and as usual, I'm wishing for more days off. I love making the most of my days off work.