Eggnog Anyone?

Let's talk about eggnog.

I was given a sampler pack of coffee from Trader Joe's and fell in love with the gingerbread flavor. What amped up the gingerbread coffee was the addition of eggnog. I started adding a little eggnog instead of cream to my coffee shop Americano at Dutch Bros last holiday season. It really adds a yummy flavor to the coffee and allows me to look forward to something different a few months out of the year, sort of like pumpkin spice season. I'd been drinking the Coffeemate eggnog creamer at home and decided I'd pick up some real eggnog to enjoy in my gingerbread coffee at home.

Did you know not all eggnog is created equal? I was quite surprised myself. I had scanned the light eggnog at Trader Joe's after the new Smart Points (SP) program at WW rolled out. I didn't pay much attention to the amount of SP and ended up not picking up any eggnog. Later when I was at Fred Meyer I decided to pick up some light Viva eggnog. I waited until I got home to scan it and with my WW app and saw that a serving of light egg nog was 8 SP. Since I don't use a full serving in one cup of coffee, it ended up being 2 SP per 1 oz of eggnog. That was the same amount number of SP per serving of Coffeemate creamer.

I'm not sure why but I looked at the scanned entry on the light eggnog at Trader Joe's and saw it was only 5 SP vs the 8 SP that the Viva name brand would cost me. It made me wonder if the WW scanner had not calculated the correct nutritional information for the Trader Joe's light egg nog. Kenyon isn't a fan of light eggnog and preferred regular so I headed back to Trader Joe and compare eggnogs.

Sure enough, the Trader Joe's light eggnog had less calories, fat, and sugar than the Viva light eggnog. Since I was comparing eggnog I scanned the barcode for the Trader Joe's full fat eggnog. It was just slight more calories and fat than the Viva light eggnog but still had less sugar than the Viva light eggnog. The regular Trader Joe's eggnog was 9 SP per serving.

This is why it is important to read your labels. Even though the regular Trader Joe's eggnog is 9 SP vs the Viva light eggnog is 8 SP, there is still less sugar than the Viva light eggnog.

Here is the nutritional breakdown:
Trader Joe's light eggnog: 110 cal, 1g fat, 0g sat fat, 18g carbs, 0 fiber, 18g sugar, and 5g protein – 1 SP per 1 oz serving (no photo of this label)
Viva light eggnog: 160 cal, 4g fat, 2.5g sat fat, 24g carbs, 0 fiber, 23g sugar, and 6g protein – 2 SP per 1 oz serving

Trader Joe's regular eggnog: 180 cal, 9g fat, 5g sat fat, 20g carbs, 0 fiber, 20g sugar, and 5g protein – 2 SP per 1 oz serving

I've been pleasantly surprised by Trader Joe's products and that they often have less sugar and are made of whole ingredients. I also find the price tag is no more than shopping at Walmart. I'm not surprised to see that the Trader Joe's regular eggnog has 3g less sugar and the Viva light eggnog since there is often other additives in a product that the fat has been reduced or removed from. As consumers it is important to read labels and know what is in our food.

And, as a WW member the bottom line shouldn't always be the amount of points in a food item. For me I want to know that the Smart Points value is worth it and that I'm going to enjoy what I am eating. Too often WW members cut out food that is good for you because it is high in points. The new plan can easily make you feel that way. I heard a WW member comment at the meeting that she stopped putting corn and beans on her salad because of the new SP values.

Eggnog in my Americano or gingerbread coffee costs me more SP than half and half does. But, it is also quite tasty and a nice treat so I'm going to keep adding it....on occasion.


I'm A Curves Member

I signed a year commitment contract with Curves yesterday. The gal that I spoke with last week was there today to finish the paperwork, collect my payment, and start me on my first workout session. I am pleased to say that I actually broke a sweat!

If you aren't familiar with Curves, it is a gym setting that is designed just for woman. It is a set of machines designed to target all the major muscle groups. You do a circuit style workout hitting each machine for a total workout of 30 minutes. You also have a recovery mat between each machine to keep your heart rate up and rest the muscle group.

I've been a member of Curves before many years ago. I really like that it is less pressure than walking into a big gym and that you don't have to worry about looking dumb on equipment you aren't sure how to use.

Upon sign up you are weighed and your measurements taken. This is just one more way to track results. I never took measurements when I started WW so I am excited to see how much my body can change over the next year. It was hard getting weighed. They have the old school style scale with the bars to tally the weight. It brought back many memories of being weighted all those years ago at the doctor office. The gal doing my sign up was just as polite as the nurse and she started the weight at 100. I told her, “that is nice but you have to go a lot farther up than that.” I know she was just trying to make me feel good. I had a bit of anxiety knowing I would have to be weighed. I feel like I stress that enough with WW that I don't need the added pressure. Curves likes to check in monthly to track progress. I will stay mindful on the focus of progress and not perfection.

I'm hoping this will be a nice new jive for getting myself back on track. I've been doing some thinking since looking at my weight tracker for January of 2015 as I know January of 2016 is on the horizon. I'll be organizing my thoughts in a blog soon so I can share it with you and get it all out in the open.

Monday Is Here Again

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

It was a STRESSFUL week at work last week so I am enjoying my days off until I have to resume the stress of training on Wednesday. Is it too late to skip right to retirement?

Christmas was wonderful and I am sad it was gone to soon. We had close to 60 in attendance at our big Ihli family get-together at my grandparents retirement community center clubhouse. It is always really nice to spend time with your loved ones. We then went to my grandparent's house to open gifts in our immediate family gift exchange. It was really great having my whole immediate family together. We do a $30 generic gift exchange so Kenyon ended up with a popcorn popper and popcorn while I ended up with an automatic wine bottle opener and an adult coloring book (alcohol/party game related....not X-rated adult). This was the year that people stole gifts many times and so we laughed quite a bit. Nothing better than family time.

It was a quiet day at home yesterday and most of the day was used up in trying to clear a clogged kitchen sink drain. We ended up having to call the professionals but thankfully the clog is removed. Today I am meeting Mark for breakfast at Big City Cafe and then I've got an appointment with Curves. It is time to get serious about activity again!

Hope your Monday is off to a good start. 


Merry Christmas From Us To You


I wish you lots of joy and happiness this holiday season.

Christmas for me is a time for family, laughter, and spending time with the ones you love. I hope this Christmas season finds you happy and healthy.

Thank you for your support and reading my silly blog posts. I really appreciate it.


Monday On A Wednesday

Good Morning!

I'm headed back to work for my workweek today. We got a slight dusting of snow outside my house so not sure what the rest of the valley is like. I don't work until 11am so I was able to escape the craziness of morning commute and slick roads. I'm a bit nervous going into the winter season dispatching the fire trucks. I had a hectic day last week and it has caused me to be a bit timid now. I just need to stay focused when things get hoppin'.

I ended up skipping the scale yesterday. I just have not been accountable to myself.  I got a charm for attending the last six of eight weekly meetings. Yeah!

I think I am going to sign up at Curves so I can start back into some routine exercise on my days off. I like the 30 minute circuit, which will break up boredom. It isn't very high intensity and it is a year contract so I hope I won't feel like I need more at some point over the next year. They have upgraded the machines to help you focus more on the areas you aren't working hard enough and they have added in some “classes” to shake up what you do on the recovery mat. Like many gym memberships, you aren't supposed to use it at multiple locations. I hate that part since I live in Boise but work in Nampa and that gives me the option of three locations to visit. Regardless, I think this is a good next move for me. I've really let strength training fall. The only cons right now are the monthly cost/joining fee and the 12 month commitment. I've got a week to decide as that is when I set my appointment for weight and measurements (great, another public WI!!!) and first workout.

Even though I just had six days off I wish I was a kid right now and was able to have the next two weeks off. But, if I am going to keep my skills strong, I had better get to work!



Have you ever been jealous of somebody else and their success?

We are human so I suppose it is only natural to have those types of feelings. You are happy for that person but a small part of you wishes your success was just as fruitful. What might seem easy on the outside might not have been so easy for that person going through the life change, weight loss journey, career change, etc.

I've been a tad bit jealous of Katie's (Runs for Cookies) success in getting back to her goal weight. I've been reading her blog for a while now and appreciate her honestly in blogging about her weight loss, getting to her goal weight, her re-gain, her loss again, and her success at getting back to her goal weight. All of that isn't easy and it takes a huge toll on the brain. The blog posts about her return to goal weight had me thinking “you looked just as good when you gained weight as you did when you were at your goal weight.” However, those of us that have gone through a life change and been down a weight loss/maintenance journey knows that we all have our own personal best. And Katie didn't feel like she was at her personal best.

Her recent post about the fit of a bridesmaid dress from a year ago is shocking to see how tiny she really is. That is where the jealousy sets in. It makes me want to work harder to get off my excess weight. It makes me want to work harder to fit into my closet of clothes so they look good again. It makes me want to work harder at getting active again. It makes me want to work harder to and care more about my overall health.

After all those positive thoughts flood my mind, I am suddenly slammed with that overwhelming feeling of how difficult it all feels and why eating a cookie sounds like a much easier idea. That would be my hang up as of late.

Seeing Katie have no trouble fitting into her bridesmaid dress makes me think about the time I fit into my high school homecoming dress after I got to my goal weight. 

It is those types of memories that I need to cling to in an effort to keep myself on track. Being honest to myself and to my program is the only way I can turn this weight gain around.  


Roller Coaster Of Motivation

Good Monday Morning! We are not on tap for a White Christmas just yet but I see vai Facebook that many people north of us are. Good luck with that! I am not a fan of snow but it is nice to have snow on Christmas.

I'm still on days off and finding stuff to fill my time with. Yesterday I walked the mall after Kenyon and I went to breakfast. I made a deal with myself that if I had pancakes (with coconut syrup) then I need to get in my planned activity. Plus, I was already dressed, ready to go, and near the mall. My hour walk was three miles and it went by really fast because I chatted with Dawny on the phone.

My WI is tomorrow and while it has been a quick WW week from Thursday to Tuesday I'm not sure what the scale will show tomorrow. After being loose with my food/tracking late last week I tried to reign it in and get back to tracking early this week. However, Kenyon and I have met for breakfast twice and Jamie took me out to dinner last night. I ended up caving in and getting a sweet treat on my drive home last night. I was really focused on just going home and even turned my car around a few times. Not sure why I gave in. I'm a bit nervous the scale will show a gain after losing 1.8 pounds last Thursday.

My clothes situation in my closet/drawers isn't good either. You would think I could stay focused when it is a HUGE hassle finding something nice to wear. Surely that would keep me motivated. I'm not sure what I need. Maybe a big 'ol hit over the head? Make it a hard hit will ya!


Happy Alive Day Corporal Glenn

Today is Corporal Chris Glenn's Alive Day.  He was shot in the line of duty on December 20, 2006.

At Nampa PD they celebrate Alive Day: the anniversary of the day an officer survived being shot in the line of duty. On Wednesday NPD celebrated Officer Parsons' Alive Day and it warms my heart to see a video recording of coworkers, friends, and family expressing their love and appreciation.

I was lucky enough to see Chris at the trooper graduation ceremony on Friday. I always check in with him on the anniversary of the shooting and was really happy I could talk with him in person this year. We both cannot believe that nine years have passed. It feels like a long time ago and yet it also feels like yesterday.

Today, I want to express my appreciation for Corporal Glenn. I am so glad you are still here with us. Happy Alive Day!


Friday Fun-Day!

My busy day yesterday was lots of fun. I attended the graduation of the newest group of Idaho State Police troopers held at the Capitol downtown. It is always a fantastic ceremony and I get chills when they sign the ISP Trooper song at the end. I was surprised as to how small the spectator crowd was this year. Perhaps there was too much going on with kids in school this year? Very odd.

The color guard got the ceremony started followed by the training group of troopers walking the circle of the rotunda.

After various speakers/speeches each recruit approaches the training staff to trade in their recruit hat and badge for an official ISP hat and star badge. The wives/family members pin the badges on and walk their loved ones back to their spot in line. I was able to capture Clayton as he made his turn from recruit to ISP trooper.

They take the oath of office and then officially become ISP troopers!!! Since this was the graduation from the Advanced Training Class, they still have to attend the Peace Officer's Standard and Training course over the next 10 weeks. Then, they attend their Field Training portion for several more weeks. They basically have only completed phase one.

Shauna is the official picture taker and I was able to capture her in action! It was good to see you Shauna.  It was really neat in that this ATC graduation class was the 43rd class. The governor's speech pointed out that he is the 43rd governor. Then the attorney general noted that Idaho is the 43rd state. Pretty impressive to have such a celebration.

Hailey's school band concert was fun. This is beginning band so it was a bit rough on the ears but considering they have just learned how to play their instruments, they did well. The band teacher said this was the largest group of beginning band students with a total of 70. Pretty impressive. Hailey is playing the flute and had duet with a clarinet.

Lastly Kenyon and I attended my company Christmas party at Carmen's house last night. Once I broke the ice it wasn't as intimidating mingling with people I didn't know. All of the officer's wives were very nice. My trainer/friend Stacie was there with her husband Jason and we visited with Carmen's sister and brother-in-law. It was as mall group so that also helped make visiting easier. Carmen had a photo booth set up so Stacie, Beth, and I took some fun festive photos.


Busy Friday Ahead

Hello. I hope your Friday is off to a great start. For those that are about to be on a two week vacation from school/work...enjoy! I switched trainers/shifts so I ended up with six days off.

It will be a busy day today. I'm about to head out for graduation of the newest round of Idaho State Police troopers. One of the recruits that is graduating is my friend Jamee's husband so I am happy to support him. I am also excited to see some of my prior coworkers.

From there I will head out to Kuna to see Hailey's Christmas band concert/performance. She is learning to play the flute and it happens to be the old flute Jenny played in high school 20 years ago.

Finally we have my department Christmas party at my center manager Carmen's house. I have heard Carmen's house is amazing so I am excited to see it. I know I'll feel like a bit of a fish out of water since I am still new to the agency. I'll have to swallow my nervousness and approach people to introduce myself/talk to them. My new agency has a better relationship with dispatch than my prior agency, however, I have heard there is still a separation between dispatch and patrol. There is also individual clicks within the dispatch center, detectives, and patrol teams. So...we will see how it goes. Thankfully Kenyon is feeling better (he had strep throat earlier this week) so he will accompany me. Even if we just show up for a quick appearance, it is better than nothing. I want to support Carmen by going as she is so nice to open her house to entertain this large crowd. Also, I'm brining wine. That will help.

I'll bring you up to speed on my weekly WI tomorrow.

Happy Friday.


Mid-Week Check-In

Hi! Just wanted to stop in quickly and say hello. Today is my Mom's birthday and although she wishes you didn't have to celebrate birthday, I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! I'm about to head to Pastry Perfection to pick her up one of her favorite coconut donuts and deliver it to her work with her annual hair gift certificate. If you see my Mom this morning...sssssh...it's a surprise!

It has been a great week for food/tracking. I was faced with a lot of challenges yesterday and was very happy that at the end of the day I was able to stay on track. It was tough!!! My day started with a delivery basket of sweet treats and goodies from the mayor for his annual holiday gift. Boy did those M&M cookies look amazing. I debated for a while if I wanted some of the cookie. I made the comment to my trainer Brenda, who has been really on track with her food and exercise, who said to me, “It's just a cookie.” Yes, it is just a cookie and while I could have spent WPPA on it, I passed the basket to the other side of the room and pretended it wasn't there. That helped!

Kenyon has come down with sickness (strep throat) and I had plans to take him to Quick Care last night after work. I was going to warm up some left over minestrone soup around 4pm at work so I wan't starving when I got home and picked him up. All hell broke loose at work and I ended up with three injury crashes, one trauma call, and a commercial fire alarm at a hotel all in a matter of minutes. I also had three fire engines at training. It was stressful and I may have yelled at my trainer. But, she said she didn't notice so I guess that was good. I was drained and hungry but still needed to get Kenyon to a doctor. I snacked on an apple and string cheese but after we got done I was STARVING!!! I almost stopped for something to take home to eat but the way we were headed meant it was out of the way. I gave myself a peptalk and came home to eat my left over soup. I was still feeling the “I want something else” so I had four squares of graham cracker with a little peanut butter and honey. I ended up only using a couple of my WPPA when all was finalized.

It feels good to be in control. However, I'm feeling that itch to eat something yummy. I think it is because I don't cook very appealing meals at home so eating out calls to me. I have lunch plans Thursday and a party to go to Friday, assuming Kenyon is feeling better. I know staying on track and building on that will help me feel more successful and want to splurge less. I gotta keep this momentum going. I've had a healthy breakfast and I've packed a healthy snack and some leftover soup for work.

It's my Friday. Yeah!


Back On Track & Tracking

Why does learning a new job feel so tough sometimes? I had a pretty good day but made a lot of little mistakes that just had me questioning why I made this change in the first place. I wish I could replace my new working environment with my old one and add in the easy flow of my old job. I hate feeling like I'm floundering. It isn't a very good feeling.

I was pretty well spent after my shift today and while I could have gone home to fix something I was craving veggies, but not a salad. Mongolian sounded good so I took myself out to dinner.

Last night I attended a Christmas program at my friend Howard's church after work. It was a mix of Charlie Brown's Christmas, the Grinch, and it also had a little bit of Ebenezer Scrooge. It was really cute and the kids did a fabulous job. Howard was the narrator and he also did a fabulous job. By the time I left it was snowing sideways so I was eager to get my grocery shopping and get home for the evening before the roads got bad. Surprisingly enough I didn't have any snow to shovel this morning and by the time I had to go to work the roads we're just fine. There was some people to the north of us that had some power outage hopefully that gets itself resolved soon. I am not a fan of winter weather!

I ended up eating out two nights in a row. I am happy to report that it is ALL TRACKED! I started tracking with the WW app on Sunday and counting Smart Points. I am finding the points for most foods I eat didn't change. A few went up and a few went down. Yesterday I used some of my WPPA but today I have two DPA left. I did the best I could estimating my Mongolian using the app. I have been taking my food to work and I plan to keep that up this week. I also looked up some new recipes to try. I made minestrone soup this morning and was able to get three servings from my pot with a SP value of 6.

The hardest part is the sugar/sweets craving. I'm eating a bit of extra fruit to combat my sweet tooth. At work this afternoon I was feeling the need for “something” but I had no idea what something I wanted. I was able to push past the craving and drank a lot of water.

I'm hoping that I can keep myself on track and stay diligent to this new program and my commitment to being re-focused again. It takes a lot of work to look up the SP on every food these days. But I'm going to do it.

Oh, one positive from today, I walked to the coffee shop during my workout hour today and only took $2 with me. That way even if I wanted a yummy ginger cookie from Flying M, I didn't have enough moey to buy one. It was good thinking as they DID have the cookies there. I was happy with my decision on how to tackle this teptation.

Oh, another positive note, Dawny sent me a new WW tracker. Yeah!


WI On Thursday And Weight Watcher Program Changes

I attended the Thursday morning meeting to learn about the new Smart Points program Weight Watcher has just rolled out. I've been learning lots on the various websites and blogs and am excited to start this new program. Since the way points are calculated changed, it feels like I am a new member again. I will have to take my barcode scanner and re-calculate the items in my pantry from Points Plus Values to Smart Points. I have heard most items have stayed the same but some have gone down and some have gone up. Anything with added sugar and saturated fat is going to cost extra Smart Points (SP). I'll have to make sure I keep my indulges in check.

Speaking of indulgences, Bon M. commented on my recent blog post suggested I consider keeping myself in check for 6 days and having a splurge on the 7th day. I used this technique all through my weight loss. Once I got to maintenance I wasn't able to keep up with that and needed to spread my splurges out more evenly. My husband is also trying to drop some pounds and is eating low carb. We both need to spend less money eating out so I think this would be a good idea to adopt. If we keep our splurge to one day AND also keep our eating out to one day we can save money as well as help out our waistline. I liked this reminder, thank you Bon M.

I put my weight into the Happy Scale App before I went to my meeting on Thursday. I was surprised to see the graph from when I started using the app in March.


I can try and pretend I don't know I'm gaining weight (which is a lie) but when you see it right there in front of you...you can't deny it. It's like I'm looking at the elevation of somebody climbing a mountain. It's the wrong type of climb. Abort! Abort! Abort! I MUST turn this around. I like seeing green waaaaaay more than seeing red. I had a maintain at the scale this week as far at my official WW WI went. I'll take it!

I am not a fan of the leader at the Thursday morning meeting. I didn't really feel she explained the new Beyond The Scale program really well. Well, actually I don't think she explained it at all. I am lucky in that I've done some research and sought out some blogs. Not everybody does that. I still have to read through my “getting started guide” and make a food plan for my coming work week. Let's do this!

Friday Musings

Good Morning. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments of support on my last blog post. I feel better not having to hide anymore. I went to my meeting yesterday and will start looking over the new Smart Points program in my program guide book. I am anxious to get started.

I dropped my car off at the dealership early this morning to get heated seats installed. When I bought my orange Chevy HHR several years ago it came with heated seats. It was my first time having heated seats and I grew to love them and depend on them since I'm super spoiled and have to be warm all the time. When I bought my green Kia Soul after my crash last year I knew I would have to give up my beloved heated seats. I got lucky with the HHR as it was a used car that came with heated seats. When you buy a brand new car all that stuff costs extra money so I opted to go without.

I hadn't really thought about it much recently as our weather has been pretty decent. Having cloth seats vs the leather seats also makes a difference when the temperatures dip. I met up with Jamie last week and rode in her new car that has heated seats. It made me realize how much I do miss having heated seats. I called up Edmark and found out they were running a special for the month of December and the seats plus installation was discounted $100. So I decided to have the heat seats installed in my car. Since we are having unseasonably warm temps for December it will be nice to have the extra warmth when the temperature drops.

I'm meeting up with Jamie today to walk the mall and do some shopping. We might also grab coffee or lunch. Kenyon and I have massages booked this afternoon and we will use his free birthday meal at Tucano's for a date night tonight. I am looking forward to spending time with him. Saturday I have a gingerbread house party to attend. Since I have to work early Sunday morning I am going to go visit (drink wine) for a little while and mingle vs decorate a gingerbread house. I am excited to have been invited.

I hope your work week is winding down so you all can enjoy your weekend. It is weird to think Christmas will be here in two weeks. Where does the time go?


The Reason For My Absence

Have you all seen this?

Ain't that the truth.

I've been pretty quiet on this blog space lately because I feel like a big phony. I'm supposed to be writing about maintenance and yet I can't seem to get my food choices under control. This has me thinking that it is best to avoid this space all together and perhaps you will not notice. I think you are smarter than that though and you have already figured it out. Sigh.

I think as though I've been dealing with the “last meal” mentality. I know I need to get back on track and the new WW program changes rolling out this week makes me energized again. So I keep telling myself that this splurge is the “last splurge for a while.” The only problem is that it isn't the last splurge because I splurge again at the next meal or the next day. I believe my thinking is perhaps skewed.

My trainer that I've been with for the last four weeks is pretty health conscious. She counts calories and has been working out like crazy so she can enjoy some holiday treats/splurges. This has been helpful in that it does make me think about my food choices. Of course, after thinking about it I've still been making the wrong choices. But regardless, I am giving it some thought. I mentioned I was thinking of eating out tonight and she tried to encourage me not to. She has been saying stuff like “is that going to be helpful to your goals.” I almost went home and had found something for dinner but instead I went out. I am also eating a sweet treat as I write this blog.

See, I told you I was a phony. (hangs head in shame) I also feel guilty. I know I shouldn't feel guilty but I do. I've already got some food/drink plans lined up for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I will attend my WW meeting on Thursday to learn the new program. I am not sure yet if I'll start tracking again. I think it would be a good idea to get used to the new Smart Points values for the foods I will be eating, even if that means higher point amounts. I know I need to re-focus so I can stop all this nonsense.

I hope you can forgive me for my absence and my lack of healthy eating.


Three Days Past? How Does That Happen

How has three days passed since I checked in? I guess I must have had fun this weekend. It was an enjoyable weekend but it flew by.

Friday Kenyon and I went to Christmas Show at the Expo. It wasn't quite what I was expecting but was still nice to spend time with Kenyon. Saturday I met Mark at the mall for a walk and to do some shopping. We finished our hour walk and Mark commented on how close he was to 10,000 steps. So we did another lap and ended up walking four miles. Since I still had shopping to do I had logged over 14,000 steps by the time my day was complete!

The most exciting part of my day was the last store I stopped into called Christoper & Banks. The sales associate approached me asking if I wanted to pick a prize out of her fish bowl. I pulled out the $100 card and now had $100 to spend!! Since I was in my workout clothes I ran home to change into jeans and headed back to shop, shop, shop. The store is pretty expensive and some of the clothes are the style of a more mature woman. However, I was able to find one sweater (which is what I went in for), one sweater vest, one jean jacket vest, and one skirt. Not bad for free clothes. That was an exciting way to end the weekend.

I'm back at work this week. Yesterday was long with very few calls. I'm in my last two weeks of fire dispatch training so I need to make sure I stay consistent and keep my scores up.

So far I have not got my food in check. I keep thinking everyday I'll make it a better day than yesterday. It is all me. I have no one else to blame. I am reminded about Katie's blog in where somebody gave her advise saying “just do it already.” I need to just do it and get it done.


Cha-Cha-Changes To WW Coming My Way Next Week

Good Morning! My days off are going way too fast. I had my WW meeting yesterday, met Jamie for a MS talk/lunch, and then met up with my parents last night for the gun club meeting where Kenyon and my Dad belong to. Today I'm planning to run errands and later Kenyon and I will attend the Christmas Show in Boise. I'm looking forward to seeing all the holiday Christmas d├ęcor and crafts.

My WW meeting yesterday was a much needed check-in with the scale. I had not done a formal scale WI at WW since November 4th. I skipped the scale the following week in November and then Vegas and Thanksgiving week meant two skipped meetings. A six pound gain awaited me on the WW scale when I did my formal check-in. Not good! I am not a fan of the leader that teaches the Thursday morning meeting but right now that is my best option for attending a meeting. I get to see my leader Donna as she attends this meeting so that is a huge plus.

There are big changes coming to WW and the program has not has a big overhaul in several years. The way points are being calculated is going to change which means all our prior knowledge will have to also change and evolve. We will also have to buy new calculators and materials. So this is a BIG change coming. Here in my area they are rolling out the new program next week. I'll be sure to get to a meeting and start in on re-learning the new program.

Calorie counting isn't going well for me. I always liked counting points because it just seemed easier. I don't eat an over abundance of 0 PPV fruit and veggies so I know that isn't the missing link in my diet/weight gain. It really comes down to staying focused and eating the foods to best fuel my body. I feel better when I eat better (earlier this week) and I know that if I keep that up, I'll continue to want to eat better. I also need to get some yummier recipes for making meals at home more appetizing. I can stick to eating at home for a few days and then I'm DYING to eat out. Eating out is just yummy to me.

I'm a huge work in progress. I need to stay better focused on the goal of making my clothes fit better. I had a funeral service/life memorial to attend last Saturday. Just like my struggles to pack clothes for Vegas, it doesn't feel very good to have to go through your closet because you no longer have the luxury of whatever you pick is going to fit. Instead it is more of a miracle if it actually fits AND looks halfway decent.

I know I have the desire to make the changes I need to be successful. I seem to be lacking the follow through. I know it has to happen when a person is really ready. I am not sure what my snag is. It's just food. I must get over thus hurdle and turn this gain around.  


30 Day Goal: Fill All Three Apple Watch Goals Daily

Good Morning. I've been MIA lately as there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I'm either super tired after work or not sleeping well as all I want to do is get to bed early each night. Looking forward to the weekend with little planned. I just gotta get through my 6 hour shift today.

I completed my 30 days of meeting all three goals on my Apple Watch. I'll tell ya, it isn't easy.

There was a time that I loved being active and working out wasn't a chore. Last week it was a stretch to get all three goals met. Last Wednesday I went on my ride-a-long with the fire department, I'll share more of that later this week, and decided not to do any formal activity before I went to the fire station at 10am. It turns out I met all my goals through running up/down the stairs (didn't want to slide down the pole and risk falling on my ass) and jumping in/out of a fire engine. On Thursday we put out some Christmas decorations so I started up the watch and earned my activity that way (surprisingly burned several calories decorating). On Friday we went to Festival of Trees so I started up my Apple Watch while we walked around the festival. Since I was trying to complete my goals Kenyon suggested looking at both sides of one section at a time before moving on so we would then earn extra steps by walking two and a half times. It was a great idea and helped me finish off those goals for the day.

It takes a lot of planning to actually complete an exercise or movement goal. I have to be concious of my sitting at work all day and trying to stand more. I try and go the long way to the bathroom and volunteer for any excuse that would take me up/down the stairs. At stores I am mindful to walk the perimeter while I shop and/or walk up/down isles a few times to get in those extra steps. When you live in a world that you don't move much during your day, being active feel like work!

I am happy I completed my 30 day goal. I think I'll not stress it over December and perhaps go at it again in January. I'm looking forward to a rest day (or two) on my days off.


Going To Try Calorie Counting Again

Hello. I'm checking in late as I headed back to work today and my day started at 3:30am. I didn't have much time to blog. It was a pretty slow and quiet day today with not much in the way for fire training calls. This training phase is going well.

I decided today to try counting calories on the My Fitness Pal app. Dawny shared with me Katie's recent blog on how calorie counting helped her get back to her goal weight. She has some really great points in her blog post and it got me thinking. While calorie counting feels monotonous, I'm going to really stick to it this week. I'm also taking Katie's lead and trying not to focus on the daily calorie goal or other nutritional goals. I am just putting in the foods I eat this week to see what it looks like.

Today went pretty well. I like how tracking helps me stay on track. I don't really care to weigh and measure my fruit and veggies but for now I am going to. I don't eat an over abundance of what WW called 0 PPV fruits and veggies. However, right now I'll make a good effort to track it all. As Katie did, I also tracked my coffee, creamer, and Stevia. I know I drink a lot of coffee in a day. The cold weather makes me want to drink coffee even more. This evening I decided to have a glass of wine after I got home from work.

There is one more day in the month of November to meet my goal of all 30 days of getting my Apple Watch circles filled. I'm ready for this goal to be complete. I've been really tired the last few days so getting my goals met was tough. Not sure yet what I'll strive for in December.

Well, that is about all I got for right now.  


Thanksgiving Celebration & Holiday Card Photos

Good Morning. At least it is still morning here in Idaho. I have been super lazy today and enjoyed it immensely!

I had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house yesterday. We were all in attendance except for one of my uncles who drives long haul semi. It is rare to have all of my siblings together so it was really nice. Kenyon was able to come as well as my sister Jenny's husband Will. Katie had her new boyfriend Kevin. There were 16 people total and even though my siblings and I are all in our mid-late thirties, the kids table is still the best seat in the house!

I didn't take any photos and my mom wished we had since we were all together. I think we will all be together for Christmas and I suspect Uncle Burke will be there too. We will have to make sure we get some photos. I love the holiday season and family time. It is my favorite.

I had my sister Katie take photos of Kenyon and I for me to use in our holiday photo card. I don't usually share the photos until after the cards have gone out. If you are on my photo card list and reading this blog, I guess you get a preview! My Mom had the fun idea to have the gnome “photo bomb” us. We had Hailey holding the gnome behind us. I'll admit, this was a fun idea. We also took some silly photos with mustaches from this game the girls have called Moustache Smash. It is a really fun game.

Emma was in a bit of a bad mood for part of the afternoon and was feeling left out that Hailey got to be in the photo holding the gnome but Emma didn't. Since I was planning to crop her out and use the top half of us on our holiday photo card I told Katie Emma could be in the photo. It wasn't until after we were done that Katie pointed out how Emma didn't even smile in the first few. This is a typical Katie face from years ago when Katie was younger.

Boy that Emma is a stinker but she is so darn cute.

I think Kenyon and I will go to Festival of Trees tonight. I got our Christmas tree set up last night but we will need to decorate it. I also got the living room decorations up. I'll start listening to the 24/7 Christmas song radio channel when I am in my car. I love this time of year.