Monday On A Wednesday

Good Morning!

I'm headed back to work for my workweek today. We got a slight dusting of snow outside my house so not sure what the rest of the valley is like. I don't work until 11am so I was able to escape the craziness of morning commute and slick roads. I'm a bit nervous going into the winter season dispatching the fire trucks. I had a hectic day last week and it has caused me to be a bit timid now. I just need to stay focused when things get hoppin'.

I ended up skipping the scale yesterday. I just have not been accountable to myself.  I got a charm for attending the last six of eight weekly meetings. Yeah!

I think I am going to sign up at Curves so I can start back into some routine exercise on my days off. I like the 30 minute circuit, which will break up boredom. It isn't very high intensity and it is a year contract so I hope I won't feel like I need more at some point over the next year. They have upgraded the machines to help you focus more on the areas you aren't working hard enough and they have added in some “classes” to shake up what you do on the recovery mat. Like many gym memberships, you aren't supposed to use it at multiple locations. I hate that part since I live in Boise but work in Nampa and that gives me the option of three locations to visit. Regardless, I think this is a good next move for me. I've really let strength training fall. The only cons right now are the monthly cost/joining fee and the 12 month commitment. I've got a week to decide as that is when I set my appointment for weight and measurements (great, another public WI!!!) and first workout.

Even though I just had six days off I wish I was a kid right now and was able to have the next two weeks off. But, if I am going to keep my skills strong, I had better get to work!

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