WI On Thursday And Weight Watcher Program Changes

I attended the Thursday morning meeting to learn about the new Smart Points program Weight Watcher has just rolled out. I've been learning lots on the various websites and blogs and am excited to start this new program. Since the way points are calculated changed, it feels like I am a new member again. I will have to take my barcode scanner and re-calculate the items in my pantry from Points Plus Values to Smart Points. I have heard most items have stayed the same but some have gone down and some have gone up. Anything with added sugar and saturated fat is going to cost extra Smart Points (SP). I'll have to make sure I keep my indulges in check.

Speaking of indulgences, Bon M. commented on my recent blog post suggested I consider keeping myself in check for 6 days and having a splurge on the 7th day. I used this technique all through my weight loss. Once I got to maintenance I wasn't able to keep up with that and needed to spread my splurges out more evenly. My husband is also trying to drop some pounds and is eating low carb. We both need to spend less money eating out so I think this would be a good idea to adopt. If we keep our splurge to one day AND also keep our eating out to one day we can save money as well as help out our waistline. I liked this reminder, thank you Bon M.

I put my weight into the Happy Scale App before I went to my meeting on Thursday. I was surprised to see the graph from when I started using the app in March.


I can try and pretend I don't know I'm gaining weight (which is a lie) but when you see it right there in front of you...you can't deny it. It's like I'm looking at the elevation of somebody climbing a mountain. It's the wrong type of climb. Abort! Abort! Abort! I MUST turn this around. I like seeing green waaaaaay more than seeing red. I had a maintain at the scale this week as far at my official WW WI went. I'll take it!

I am not a fan of the leader at the Thursday morning meeting. I didn't really feel she explained the new Beyond The Scale program really well. Well, actually I don't think she explained it at all. I am lucky in that I've done some research and sought out some blogs. Not everybody does that. I still have to read through my “getting started guide” and make a food plan for my coming work week. Let's do this!

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