Monday Is Here Again

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

It was a STRESSFUL week at work last week so I am enjoying my days off until I have to resume the stress of training on Wednesday. Is it too late to skip right to retirement?

Christmas was wonderful and I am sad it was gone to soon. We had close to 60 in attendance at our big Ihli family get-together at my grandparents retirement community center clubhouse. It is always really nice to spend time with your loved ones. We then went to my grandparent's house to open gifts in our immediate family gift exchange. It was really great having my whole immediate family together. We do a $30 generic gift exchange so Kenyon ended up with a popcorn popper and popcorn while I ended up with an automatic wine bottle opener and an adult coloring book (alcohol/party game related....not X-rated adult). This was the year that people stole gifts many times and so we laughed quite a bit. Nothing better than family time.

It was a quiet day at home yesterday and most of the day was used up in trying to clear a clogged kitchen sink drain. We ended up having to call the professionals but thankfully the clog is removed. Today I am meeting Mark for breakfast at Big City Cafe and then I've got an appointment with Curves. It is time to get serious about activity again!

Hope your Monday is off to a good start. 

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