Have you ever been jealous of somebody else and their success?

We are human so I suppose it is only natural to have those types of feelings. You are happy for that person but a small part of you wishes your success was just as fruitful. What might seem easy on the outside might not have been so easy for that person going through the life change, weight loss journey, career change, etc.

I've been a tad bit jealous of Katie's (Runs for Cookies) success in getting back to her goal weight. I've been reading her blog for a while now and appreciate her honestly in blogging about her weight loss, getting to her goal weight, her re-gain, her loss again, and her success at getting back to her goal weight. All of that isn't easy and it takes a huge toll on the brain. The blog posts about her return to goal weight had me thinking “you looked just as good when you gained weight as you did when you were at your goal weight.” However, those of us that have gone through a life change and been down a weight loss/maintenance journey knows that we all have our own personal best. And Katie didn't feel like she was at her personal best.

Her recent post about the fit of a bridesmaid dress from a year ago is shocking to see how tiny she really is. That is where the jealousy sets in. It makes me want to work harder to get off my excess weight. It makes me want to work harder to fit into my closet of clothes so they look good again. It makes me want to work harder at getting active again. It makes me want to work harder to and care more about my overall health.

After all those positive thoughts flood my mind, I am suddenly slammed with that overwhelming feeling of how difficult it all feels and why eating a cookie sounds like a much easier idea. That would be my hang up as of late.

Seeing Katie have no trouble fitting into her bridesmaid dress makes me think about the time I fit into my high school homecoming dress after I got to my goal weight. 

It is those types of memories that I need to cling to in an effort to keep myself on track. Being honest to myself and to my program is the only way I can turn this weight gain around.  

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