Cha-Cha-Changes To WW Coming My Way Next Week

Good Morning! My days off are going way too fast. I had my WW meeting yesterday, met Jamie for a MS talk/lunch, and then met up with my parents last night for the gun club meeting where Kenyon and my Dad belong to. Today I'm planning to run errands and later Kenyon and I will attend the Christmas Show in Boise. I'm looking forward to seeing all the holiday Christmas d├ęcor and crafts.

My WW meeting yesterday was a much needed check-in with the scale. I had not done a formal scale WI at WW since November 4th. I skipped the scale the following week in November and then Vegas and Thanksgiving week meant two skipped meetings. A six pound gain awaited me on the WW scale when I did my formal check-in. Not good! I am not a fan of the leader that teaches the Thursday morning meeting but right now that is my best option for attending a meeting. I get to see my leader Donna as she attends this meeting so that is a huge plus.

There are big changes coming to WW and the program has not has a big overhaul in several years. The way points are being calculated is going to change which means all our prior knowledge will have to also change and evolve. We will also have to buy new calculators and materials. So this is a BIG change coming. Here in my area they are rolling out the new program next week. I'll be sure to get to a meeting and start in on re-learning the new program.

Calorie counting isn't going well for me. I always liked counting points because it just seemed easier. I don't eat an over abundance of 0 PPV fruit and veggies so I know that isn't the missing link in my diet/weight gain. It really comes down to staying focused and eating the foods to best fuel my body. I feel better when I eat better (earlier this week) and I know that if I keep that up, I'll continue to want to eat better. I also need to get some yummier recipes for making meals at home more appetizing. I can stick to eating at home for a few days and then I'm DYING to eat out. Eating out is just yummy to me.

I'm a huge work in progress. I need to stay better focused on the goal of making my clothes fit better. I had a funeral service/life memorial to attend last Saturday. Just like my struggles to pack clothes for Vegas, it doesn't feel very good to have to go through your closet because you no longer have the luxury of whatever you pick is going to fit. Instead it is more of a miracle if it actually fits AND looks halfway decent.

I know I have the desire to make the changes I need to be successful. I seem to be lacking the follow through. I know it has to happen when a person is really ready. I am not sure what my snag is. It's just food. I must get over thus hurdle and turn this gain around.  

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