Happy Alive Day Corporal Glenn

Today is Corporal Chris Glenn's Alive Day.  He was shot in the line of duty on December 20, 2006.

At Nampa PD they celebrate Alive Day: the anniversary of the day an officer survived being shot in the line of duty. On Wednesday NPD celebrated Officer Parsons' Alive Day and it warms my heart to see a video recording of coworkers, friends, and family expressing their love and appreciation.

I was lucky enough to see Chris at the trooper graduation ceremony on Friday. I always check in with him on the anniversary of the shooting and was really happy I could talk with him in person this year. We both cannot believe that nine years have passed. It feels like a long time ago and yet it also feels like yesterday.

Today, I want to express my appreciation for Corporal Glenn. I am so glad you are still here with us. Happy Alive Day!

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