I'm A Curves Member

I signed a year commitment contract with Curves yesterday. The gal that I spoke with last week was there today to finish the paperwork, collect my payment, and start me on my first workout session. I am pleased to say that I actually broke a sweat!

If you aren't familiar with Curves, it is a gym setting that is designed just for woman. It is a set of machines designed to target all the major muscle groups. You do a circuit style workout hitting each machine for a total workout of 30 minutes. You also have a recovery mat between each machine to keep your heart rate up and rest the muscle group.

I've been a member of Curves before many years ago. I really like that it is less pressure than walking into a big gym and that you don't have to worry about looking dumb on equipment you aren't sure how to use.

Upon sign up you are weighed and your measurements taken. This is just one more way to track results. I never took measurements when I started WW so I am excited to see how much my body can change over the next year. It was hard getting weighed. They have the old school style scale with the bars to tally the weight. It brought back many memories of being weighted all those years ago at the doctor office. The gal doing my sign up was just as polite as the nurse and she started the weight at 100. I told her, “that is nice but you have to go a lot farther up than that.” I know she was just trying to make me feel good. I had a bit of anxiety knowing I would have to be weighed. I feel like I stress that enough with WW that I don't need the added pressure. Curves likes to check in monthly to track progress. I will stay mindful on the focus of progress and not perfection.

I'm hoping this will be a nice new jive for getting myself back on track. I've been doing some thinking since looking at my weight tracker for January of 2015 as I know January of 2016 is on the horizon. I'll be organizing my thoughts in a blog soon so I can share it with you and get it all out in the open.

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