Roller Coaster Of Motivation

Good Monday Morning! We are not on tap for a White Christmas just yet but I see vai Facebook that many people north of us are. Good luck with that! I am not a fan of snow but it is nice to have snow on Christmas.

I'm still on days off and finding stuff to fill my time with. Yesterday I walked the mall after Kenyon and I went to breakfast. I made a deal with myself that if I had pancakes (with coconut syrup) then I need to get in my planned activity. Plus, I was already dressed, ready to go, and near the mall. My hour walk was three miles and it went by really fast because I chatted with Dawny on the phone.

My WI is tomorrow and while it has been a quick WW week from Thursday to Tuesday I'm not sure what the scale will show tomorrow. After being loose with my food/tracking late last week I tried to reign it in and get back to tracking early this week. However, Kenyon and I have met for breakfast twice and Jamie took me out to dinner last night. I ended up caving in and getting a sweet treat on my drive home last night. I was really focused on just going home and even turned my car around a few times. Not sure why I gave in. I'm a bit nervous the scale will show a gain after losing 1.8 pounds last Thursday.

My clothes situation in my closet/drawers isn't good either. You would think I could stay focused when it is a HUGE hassle finding something nice to wear. Surely that would keep me motivated. I'm not sure what I need. Maybe a big 'ol hit over the head? Make it a hard hit will ya!

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