Friday This N' That

My two days off this week (and partial third day) flew by so fast.  I was not ready to come back to work.  I was asked to do a shift trade so now I have Monday off.  Let’s hope these three days past fast!

We have broken up with Cable One.  After swinging into their office on Wednesday and being told that the projected date for having internet/cable in our neighborhood is now the end of November, we are done with them.  We keep hoping service will be set up soon but instead it keeps getting pushed back longer.  We are being told it is due to a shortage of fiber optics and therefore they are waiting for parts.  “There is nothing else we can do.”  I’m sorry Cable One, but that answer isn’t good enough for me.  We loaded up the computer at Mom and Dad’s house and then cancelled our Cable One service.  It makes me sad because I have been a customer for many years.  I don’t know if we will be back to them if/when they eventually get service in our area.  It is hard to feel like they are just waiting until they have enough customers to make their time/money worth it.  I’m sad because I feel they are losing good customers in the process.

Yesterday we signed up with Century Link.  There is mixed reviews on if they are that good but we at least have 30-days to try it out.  We didn’t want to sign a contract but, of course, it is much cheaper that way.  The install isn’t until the 12th of October so I’ll have to update you.  We miss having internet but our cell data is getting us through.  Ah….the comforts of life!

On Thursday was mostly ran a bunch of errands vs. working on house stuff.  I am aware I owe you a house update!  We are having our open house next Saturday so I’ll snag some photos when it is ready for show.  We are coming along but have not hung anything on the wall yet.  That was part of the project yesterday.  I’m excited to share it with you next week.

My Jamberry order came in from my party last Saturday.  Yeah!!!  I love my new gel system and how it reinforces the Jamberry.  Here is a photo of my latest Jamberry wraps.


And here is one with the addition of the gel. 

I put the sparkle gel on my pointer finger and the navy blue gel on my pinky finger.  The navy blue was given to me by the Jamberry consultant and I thought it would go well with the blue in my LE support wraps.  I love Jamberry!  I can’t wait to switch out to the Halloween ones.  I’m going to wait a week or two.  I hate to waste my wraps even though I’m excited to change them.

Kenyon and I ate out way too much this weekend.  We kept trying to keep each other accountable and then we would talk the other into “just this meal.”  I am a bit nervous about my upcoming WI (I’ll do that on Monday this week) but no need to wait until then to get back on track!  I had oatmeal for breakfast, I have yogurt for a snack, and a chopped veggie salad for lunch.  I also have a string cheese and an apple if I need another snack.  I think dinner will be a Bocca lettuce wrap burger and sweet potato oven fries.  Sounds good to me!  Exercise has been lax this week. 

Not sure why I relaxed so much.  I really want to get my 10-pound star!


Was This My Last 10k?

On Saturday I walked the FitOne 10K for the third year in a row.

Dawny, my niece Hailey, and I completed the 10K and Phoenix ran her first half marathon. Due to a delayed start and a problem with traffic control we were able to see Phoenix before she started. 

She passed us on the course about a mile before the finish line so we were able to celebrate with her at the end. It was a great day.

During our walk though, my body wasn't happy with me nor was I celebrating anything. I was nervous about this race in the days leading up to it. The reality is that my body just isn't in really good shape anymore. I worried most about how my back and hips would hold out. I had also not walked much long distances in the weeks prior to the race.

Between miles two and three I started to feel wore out and uncomfortable. I was mostly just willing my legs to get me there and fast! By the time we got to mile five, I was having some upper leg pain. At that point I was ready to be done and thinking to myself that I wasn't going to do this ever again. I knew they had changed the race course and we no longer passed the park only to loop around and come back so when I saw the mile 6 and the finish line...I was so happy.

The fact of the matter is that I am just not in the shape I was a few years ago. During my lowest weight I was really active and exercising each day wasn't a chore. It was just something I did. I have to accept that with my back and hip issues that I need to treat my body nicely but also not baby it. After a painful Sunday and an exhausting Monday, I felt better by Tuesday. So maybe my 10K days aren't behind me I just need to train better.

My WW Leader Donna said she would like to do the 10K with me next year. So I guess we will see what a year brings.


I Took Three Naps Yesterday

Yesterday morning, very early, we got up to have breakfast before putting Dawny on the plane. It was a really fun visit and I am always glad when Dawny can come and see me in Boise.

It was also a very busy weekend. We were on the go almost every day and after walking our 10K on Saturday we racked up a lot of activity points and a lot of steps. Between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I walked a total of 42,742 steps. Obviously if I exercise that much all the time, I would have no trouble losing weight! Although by Monday I was tired both physically and mentally. So yesterday I just decided to hang around the house, veg out and watch TV, and as it turned out, I took three naps during the day. Today I feel much better. I'm glad I had some downtime and some rest.

While I did not track my food over the weekend I do feel both Dawny and I worked hard to keep each other accountable and on track. There was still plenty of times that I enjoyed yummy food that was high in points and calories. Regardless, I lost 2.6 pounds this week. That makes me feel really good as I can use any excuse to go crazy when it comes to my food. 

I have to work an overtime shift today and then I get Wednesday and Thursday off before I'm back to the grind again on Friday. I'm looking forward to the month of October in which I'm working less overtime then I have in the months past. I can definitely used more days where I can relax versus deal with stress of the job.


Ten Years With Idaho State Police

I received my 10-year certificate from Idaho State Police at an awards ceremony last week.  It is crazy to think I have been a police dispatcher for over ten years now.

I am so happy I made the decision to return to ISP.  Every agency has its ups and downs and I’ve had my fare share through the last ten years.  While I’ve missed a lot of holidays, rotated shifts a million times, and had my fare share of butting heads with people, I would be who I am today if I had taken this job to start and returned early this year.

I’m happy to call this place home.


Crany & Canopy Nova Duvet Covers

Since I read several blogs daily, two of the different bloggers I follow shared about their new duvet cover purchases through the online store called Crane & Canopy.  When I followed the link and saw the video on the new Nova duvet comforters, I was hooked.  Here are some things on why I really liked what a saw about the Nova duvet covers vs. the one I currently have and why I decided to purchase some really expensive bedding:

The Nova duvet cover ties into the bottom of the comforter with some strings on the inside.  This keeps the comforter in place so it isn't shift around inside the cover so much.

There is a hidden zipper/closure to the top half of the cover instead of traditional duvet covers which have the enclosure at one end or the other.  This just looked easier to put the comforter into the cover and got me really excited!  And NO BUTTONS since it is a zipper enclosure.

The benefit of the Nova series is that it makes it looks like you have a top sheet folded over the comforter so your bed looks fully made just by pulling the comforter all the way to the headboard.  I don’t usually turn my bedding down so I love that I get the look without the fuss.

I was in love with all the fun prints and colors.  FYI, I wanted the coral/orange for the spare bedroom but at the last moment, Kenyon asked that I look for another color.   I seem to be into oranges lately and am already decorating our downstairs half bathroom in orange.  I guess it is all a little much for my muted-plain-color-loving-husband.  Since I don’t compromise much, I obliged.

I ended up picking the Pacific Teal for our bedroom.

And the Noe Quartz for the guest bedroom.

I really love the prints of both of these covers.  I wish the color of the purple was more vibrant.  It makes me wonder what color the coral/orange would have really been like.  I also think that for the expensive price of these covers, the quality of the sewing should be better.  It is a very thin fabric.  And lastly, I feel they wrinkle really easily.  I'm sorry but I don't have time to iron my bed sheets/duvet cover and unless you don't actually sleep with the comforter, I have idea how you keep it from not wrinkling.   


I Ate 59 Points Yesterday

Getting back on track sometimes means it isn’t pretty, however, being on track and tracking often leads to success!  So you just gotta keep on rollin’….

I ate a whopping 59 SP yesterday and 32 of that those points just for my dinner. 

I met my friend Mark at Flying Pie Pizza on Broadway for a beer.  They have a very yummy Triple Pi beer that is made especially for their pizza chain.  At first Mark wasn’t planning to eat (I knew this early in the day) and I had eaten a yogurt and apple before I went thinking I’d meet up with Kenyon after for dinner either there or somewhere else.  I only had 11 DSPA left over along with 27 WSPA left.  Mark and I decided to start off with some garlic knots (so delicious and estimated 12 SPV for four of them) and then decided to order a 10 inch pizza to share (I ate half and estimated 15 SPV).  We stuck to just one beer (5 SPV) and I talked myself out of frozen yogurt, which I was craving on my drive home.  I have really wanted something sweet most days this week but I keep holding out telling myself I don’t need to spend the points. 

Despite spending 32 points on just one meal, I consider this a BRAVO because I didn’t get a sweet treat after and I only stuck to one beer.  I would have considered having another beer when I got home as my neighbor and I were talking about getting together for a “patio beer” which is our code word for scheduling time to visit.  We ended up postponing as going to bed early sounded better!

I’ve started my day today with oatmeal and will try and balance out my large point day with a smaller point day today.  I am also going to talk Kenyon into eating at home tonight and making the stuffed peppers I had planned on earlier in the week.  I’m posting this here now for accountability!  We ate out last night and with Dawny coming to town tomorrow there will be plenty of opportunities to eat out.  So I’ll reign it in for today.

I found this funny on FB and really do think it is quite accurate.  With fall approaching, I do look forward to wearing jeans and sweater.  But I also look forward to wearing leggings with tall boots and a skirt.  It is pretty nice not having all that restrictive clothing bugging you all day.


My Return To Curves

I finally made my return to Curves after about four weeks off.  The week we moved into our new house I had gone into the Boise Curves center to transfer my membership back.  I thought I would be back that next week but it just never happened.  My WW Buddy Dave shared his goals on our FB page which prompted me to make a goal to get back to Curves this week.  I didn’t want to set a number of days but just to get back to it.

I woke up around 5am and didn’t have to work until 10am.  I seriously considered talking myself out of going but instead put on my workout clothes, laced up my shoes, and headed out.  I’ll tell ya, getting there is most of the battle.  Once you get there, that is the easy party.  I got in my 30 minute circuit workout and then headed home to mow the lawn.  Our fence installation starts this Thursday and yesterday was the best day to mow lawn.  By 9pm yesterday I had met all three of my Apple Watch goals and doubled my daily movement calories.


I am meeting my friend Mark after work for a visit so I made sure to snag the side of the room with the treadmill at work.  I’ll log some steps later today and get in my 30 minutes of activity for today.  Thursday I plan to go to Curves again after I get off work.  Then Dawny comes to town for the weekend.  Yahoooo!  We have the FitOne 10K on Saturday.  I’m sure we will get in some movement on Friday as we are going downtown once I pick her up from the airport.  Sunday we have a bridal shower to attend and I am dying to see Bridget Jones’ Baby.  I see Sunday as being a low-key rest day.

I’ve been tracking my food this week as tracking always helps me stay accountable.  I am feeling a bit bored with my food though so I need to do better meal planning.

I hope your Wednesday is off to a good start!


One Month Later And Down 0.6 Total.

I had a pleasant surprise at the scale this morning when I was down two pounds.  I am happy that I got myself back on track this week; I just didn’t think it would be enough to register a loss.  Either way…it was A-Okay.  Then she tells me I am down so that really made my day.  WhoooHoooo!

Since I missed a week, maintained, and then missed another week, I am actually 0.6 less than I was at my WI a month ago.  So that really makes me feel good.  Despite being off track, I am hanging in there.  That really is what this program is all about.  Balance is key and I do try to balance even when I don’t feel like meal planning or tracking.

It is no surprise that after being on track since Sunday, I feel so much better.  On Sunday I was bloated and feeling really fat.  While it only takes a few days of being off track to make me feel that way, thankfully it only takes a few days of being on track to feel better.  And I do feel much better!

I’ll admit that I am a bit nervous getting back on track before Dawny comes into town for a visit and the annual FitOne 10K.  But…with Dawny I know I can stay on track because she naturally eats well.  It is vacation through so we do want to have some food fun.  Needless to say, I must stay mindful and balance.

I got myself up early and went to Curves this morning and then I mowed the lawn since it was my best opportunity to do so.  I have met my goals for today and it feels good.  I am now at work until 8pm.  I need a nap!

Food is planned, packed, and tracked.  This is how you stay successful.


Learning To Love Yourself

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with body image, confidence, and “loving yourself.”  All of this isn’t new but after spending a few years skinny, this re-gain is causing some havoc on my mental state.  I have two photos that were taken a day a part.  In one I think I look good and in the other I wished I looked better. 

In the first photo, I think my overall confidence at the start of the day was low.  I had an awards ceremony to attend as I was getting my 10-year ISP certificate.  I had just bought this sweater from Old Navy and though it might camouflage the overhang on my work slacks more than my usual polo shirt does.  I knew I’d be seeing people I’ve not seen in a while and I knew I would be having my photo taken.  I am in desperate need of a hair cut so I’m also having some bad hair-day issues.


In the second photo, I know my overall confidence was better than the day before in the photo above.  I have just bought better fitting jeans so I don’t have the overhang.  I knew I could wear my sparkly swoop neck shirt since I didn’t have the overhang and I also had my longer sweater to balance it all out.  I was having an awesome hair day too!


I suppose as a woman, I have the ability to pick apart a photo.  We all know that with photos there is lighting, angles, and even photo shop programs that can turn any awful photo into a wonderful one.  It is hard accepting yourself when you feel you don’t look good in a photo.  Or worse yet it is easy to avoid photos all together.  I know the reason for my feelings is tied to the weight gain and the ill-fitting clothes.  It’s really hard to break out of the negative cycle.


Dierks Bently Friday Night

I had really great days off last week that I was not ready to return to work today.  I am on for the next five days and then Dawny comes into town on Friday for some girl time and friend fun.  Yeah!

On Friday night, Phoenix and I went to the Dierks Bentley concert at the Taco Bell Arena.  I saw Dierks when he came to Boise a few years ago and still think he puts on a fantastic concert!  We had a lot of fun.

We got to the Boise State Campus (where the Taco Bell arena is located) early and went in search of something to eat.  Since we were on a collage campus, we knew we wouldn’t be able to start our pre-party with liquid calories so actual food would have to suffice.  I am glad we did as I know drinking on an empty stomach is a bad sign!  I’ve not been in the Student Union building at BSU for quite some time and it has changed a lot.  But it sure does bring back really good memories of my college years.  We found a Mexican place and shared a giant burrito.  We also found a bathroom with free feminine products.  When I was in college they gave out free condoms by the handfuls.  At this stage in my life, I’d be happy for free pads and tampons.


Since we were in the bathroom, we took a mirror selfie.  Well hello good lookin’ gals.

Once fully satisfied and now able to get into the arena, we headed that way.  We had no trouble getting into the arena and finding our seats so we used our extra time to buy a really large beer.  It was only Coors Light or Bud Light…yuck!  Even though I have turned into a beer snob...when in Rome.  At one of the intermissions we got a second beer and we happened to find better tasting beer selections a few floors up.  I was stoked for a Blue Moon until the darn keg ran out.  It was seriously not my night!  I settled for a dark beer from Crooked Fence that wasn’t really great but better than Bud Light and Coors Light.

First up was Tucker Beathard.  He isn’t really well known but put on a good show.


Second up was Cam.  Can I just say how adorable she is.  I knew two of her songs but we were still in line for the bathroom and beer when she was onstage so we missed some of her show.


Third up was Randy Houser.  I think we can all agree he needs some substance abuse counseling.  I know this sounds really bad coming from somebody that just told you I had two huge beers.  Seriously though, I am not sure he could fully open his eyes.  He does give a good show and sweats a lot.  Phoenix was saying how she could fall in love with his deep voice and we agreed that was the case despite he was wearing very tiny pants. 


Finally it was time for the main act and Dierks Bentley took the stage at 9:30pm.  At this point we had been in the concert venue for three hours.  He entertained us for a full 1.5 hours so I guess we can forgive him.  And, he is adorable. 


Dierks is fantastic on stage and has so much energy.  He engages the audience and even brought somebody on stage to take a shot of alcohol with him. 


He came out to the back of the crowd and engaged those that were seated on next level up.  He took people’s cell phones and took photos and shared letters people in the audience passed on stage.  He is just amazing.  If you ever get a chance to go to his concert, you have to go. 


He finished with “Drunk On A Plane” and came out in the actual front of a plane.  He was joined on stage by the opening acts.  It was a really awesome finale.


After the concert we went to The Curb (beer for Phoenix and Coke Zero and water for me) and called it quits just after midnight.  I had an early day on Saturday at the Silver City Open House.  I’ll catch you up on that soon.


Loose Tracking By Weeks End

I took today off work since I'm going to the Dirks Bentley concert tonight. I didn't need the full day off when I requested it months ago. But I'm really glad I'm not back to work today. I've got four friends struggling right now with some personal stuff and it has been an emotional few days for them. I'm glad I've been able to be a supportive friend as they get back on a path to happier days. Work allows me the money to live and do the things I love but it isn't the end all/be all. Being able to spend time with family and friends is what is truely important.

Needless to say, my food has not been as on track late in the week as it was early on. I was more strict at the start of the week but have loosened the reins the last two days. I've also not formally exercised this week. I get frustrated with myself that I don't try harder but I also feel like this is just part of the phase of my life I've entered into at the moment. When I'm ready,I will try harder.



Weight Watchers Connect

I’ve joined WW Connect if any of my blog readers are WW members and want to “follow” each other.  It is very inspiring and much like the support in my WW meeting, it is so nice to have people that understand the journey you are on.  It looks like WW Connect is just the place for some positive motivation.  I love celebrating successes and it is wonderful that other WW members post them.  You will find me under lihli1025.


I added a before and after photo of myself.  It will be 10-years in January since I joined WW.  Despite re-gaining several of the pounds I have lost, I am still down 56 pounds.  That is surely something to smile about.
Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement


I Should Be On Vacation

I should be seeing these sights…


…Instead I am at work.


I should be on a cruise ship enjoying the beautiful fall foliage views from our balcony room…


…Instead I am at work.


That isn’t a good trade off!

Kenyon and I booked a cruise last year during the third week of September down the New England coast.  When we decided to build our house we didn’t know when our finish date was and feared it might interfere with our travel plans.  Sadly, we had to push those plans to September of 2017. 


It is really sad to think I could be enjoying the sights of New York City before boarding the Norwegian Cruise to visit small port towns in Canada, Maine, and New Hampshire.  Our plan was to spend four days in NYC seeing all the iconic sights of popular television shows and movies.  We were also going to visit my cousin, her husband, and twin boys.  I have a friend in Canada and Pennsylvania that considered coming to meet us in the Big Apple.  From there we were to board the Norwegian Gem and spend seven days exploring new sights.  I love cruising and if you haven’t ever gone, I highly recommend it.

While I know the decision to postpone the cruise another year was the right one, it still breaks my heart.  I really love travel and I miss it.  I’m not sure that we will travel anywhere far until September of next year.  I guess one never knows.  It is really easy to feel the burnout and hop on a plane with my favorite traveling companion.


My Major Goal For The Week

Major goal for the week:

Only consume beer during planned social events already scheduled on Wednesday, Friday, and perhaps Saturday

It is a tiny bit sad that my major goal for the week is to not consume as much alcohol.  The weird part is I am not usually an everyday drinker and save my alcohol consumption for social events.  Since I’ve been more social as of late, I am almost craving beer and knowing I have a new yummy pumpkin beer sitting in the fridge only ups that desire.  Last night Kenyon and I attended Red Green’s live tour called “I’m Not Old, I’m Ripe.”  (It was pretty funny although not my cup ‘o tea).  I was thinking before we met up to head to The Egyptian Theater, they might be serving beer.  Then I quickly righted my thought process in reminding myself that I didn’t need a beer.

I got myself back on track yesterday and even declined a sugar treat at work.  I also stayed within my Daily Points Allowance.  Between those two items and skipping the beer…I feel really good today.  I love the positive feeling of being successful.  It is much easier to build on that vs. feeling like you are starting over each new day.  This morning I wrote in my WW journal “feeling successful” right at the top.  This way I can see it and continue to move forward and not backwards.

I know that getting back on track so close to my WI means I don’t have enough time to make much of an impact.  I can’t change what happened last week, but I can work to take control of what happens this week.  I am choosing to take control.


Jockey Slip Shorts

Before we left for Salt Lake City I was searching for a costume at our local Desert Industries thrift store when I found this beautiful maxi dress for just $7.  Talk about a steal of a deal!  I knew I wanted to wear it during our trip to SLC as it is always fun to get dressed up for the theater.


I had planned a comfortable pair of sandals for our park and walk to the theater but I didn’t plan for the chub rub.  Are you familiar with chub rub?  It is that annoying part between your inner thighs that gets rubbed uncomfortably raw because you aren’t skinny enough to have actual space between your legs.  It was also really hot in SLC so that made it ten times worse.

I was talking with my friend Nichole who told me about Jockey slip shorts.  They are a mix between a slip and short and are designed to be worn under skirts.  They have a longer length and shorter length and all sorts of fabrics.  They aren’t designed like normal shape wear and don’t feel constructing.  If anything you can’t even feel they are on as they are just that comfortable.



You can for-go underwear but I still wear mine.  I went with the Jockey original mid-length slip shorts instead of the wicking or static free ones.  I felt the original ones were the smoothest and felt the most like slip fabric.  I wore them under the same dress I wore in SLC when I met my girl friends on Thursday.  It was a life safer.  I am so glad I bought two of them as there was a 2-for-1 coupon at Fred Meyer.  I see much more skirt wearing in my future…which I love to wear.  If you are in need of something to wear under a skirt, check them out.  You might find you like them as well.