My Return To Curves

I finally made my return to Curves after about four weeks off.  The week we moved into our new house I had gone into the Boise Curves center to transfer my membership back.  I thought I would be back that next week but it just never happened.  My WW Buddy Dave shared his goals on our FB page which prompted me to make a goal to get back to Curves this week.  I didn’t want to set a number of days but just to get back to it.

I woke up around 5am and didn’t have to work until 10am.  I seriously considered talking myself out of going but instead put on my workout clothes, laced up my shoes, and headed out.  I’ll tell ya, getting there is most of the battle.  Once you get there, that is the easy party.  I got in my 30 minute circuit workout and then headed home to mow the lawn.  Our fence installation starts this Thursday and yesterday was the best day to mow lawn.  By 9pm yesterday I had met all three of my Apple Watch goals and doubled my daily movement calories.


I am meeting my friend Mark after work for a visit so I made sure to snag the side of the room with the treadmill at work.  I’ll log some steps later today and get in my 30 minutes of activity for today.  Thursday I plan to go to Curves again after I get off work.  Then Dawny comes to town for the weekend.  Yahoooo!  We have the FitOne 10K on Saturday.  I’m sure we will get in some movement on Friday as we are going downtown once I pick her up from the airport.  Sunday we have a bridal shower to attend and I am dying to see Bridget Jones’ Baby.  I see Sunday as being a low-key rest day.

I’ve been tracking my food this week as tracking always helps me stay accountable.  I am feeling a bit bored with my food though so I need to do better meal planning.

I hope your Wednesday is off to a good start!

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