I Took Three Naps Yesterday

Yesterday morning, very early, we got up to have breakfast before putting Dawny on the plane. It was a really fun visit and I am always glad when Dawny can come and see me in Boise.

It was also a very busy weekend. We were on the go almost every day and after walking our 10K on Saturday we racked up a lot of activity points and a lot of steps. Between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I walked a total of 42,742 steps. Obviously if I exercise that much all the time, I would have no trouble losing weight! Although by Monday I was tired both physically and mentally. So yesterday I just decided to hang around the house, veg out and watch TV, and as it turned out, I took three naps during the day. Today I feel much better. I'm glad I had some downtime and some rest.

While I did not track my food over the weekend I do feel both Dawny and I worked hard to keep each other accountable and on track. There was still plenty of times that I enjoyed yummy food that was high in points and calories. Regardless, I lost 2.6 pounds this week. That makes me feel really good as I can use any excuse to go crazy when it comes to my food. 

I have to work an overtime shift today and then I get Wednesday and Thursday off before I'm back to the grind again on Friday. I'm looking forward to the month of October in which I'm working less overtime then I have in the months past. I can definitely used more days where I can relax versus deal with stress of the job.

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