It's Pumpkin Spice Season

My favorite season has arrived!!!

I love Fall, October, my birthday, Halloween, and pumpkin spice. I'm so excited Starbucks has my favorite sauce back in the stores. I had my first taste yesterday. After talking in my WW meeting about how many points my daily Americano will now run me with the addition of pumpkin spice season upon us, it was suggested I try just one pump instead of my usual two pumps of sauce. Yesterday I got a grande size with one pump and two Splenda. While not as yummy as a full two pumps, it was at least decent. I know I won't be skipping it despite the other suggestion in the meeting was to make my own at home. That's a horrible idea and it never tastes the same!

I looked up the nutrition information on pumpkin spice sauce so I could get an idea of how many points it would be. I already spend 2 SPV per Americano with just the cream alone. One pump of sauce is 2 SPV and two pumps is 4 SPV. I am not sure if daily I would want to spend 6 SPV on one coffee but I might consider it for a treat once or twice a week. 

This morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel as they just released their Fall menu and Kenyon told me about pumpkin spice pancakes. I also spotted the steel cut oats with a pumpkin spice muffin on the side. So this morning I tried the muffin and on another visit I'll try the pancakes.

I only eat the muffin top as I feel that is the best part. It was yummy. The oats were great too.

Ahhhhh...Fall. How I love you! We are to dip into the 70s this week. I can't wait!

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