One Month Later And Down 0.6 Total.

I had a pleasant surprise at the scale this morning when I was down two pounds.  I am happy that I got myself back on track this week; I just didn’t think it would be enough to register a loss.  Either way…it was A-Okay.  Then she tells me I am down so that really made my day.  WhoooHoooo!

Since I missed a week, maintained, and then missed another week, I am actually 0.6 less than I was at my WI a month ago.  So that really makes me feel good.  Despite being off track, I am hanging in there.  That really is what this program is all about.  Balance is key and I do try to balance even when I don’t feel like meal planning or tracking.

It is no surprise that after being on track since Sunday, I feel so much better.  On Sunday I was bloated and feeling really fat.  While it only takes a few days of being off track to make me feel that way, thankfully it only takes a few days of being on track to feel better.  And I do feel much better!

I’ll admit that I am a bit nervous getting back on track before Dawny comes into town for a visit and the annual FitOne 10K.  But…with Dawny I know I can stay on track because she naturally eats well.  It is vacation through so we do want to have some food fun.  Needless to say, I must stay mindful and balance.

I got myself up early and went to Curves this morning and then I mowed the lawn since it was my best opportunity to do so.  I have met my goals for today and it feels good.  I am now at work until 8pm.  I need a nap!

Food is planned, packed, and tracked.  This is how you stay successful.

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