Laboring On Labor Day

Oh my gosh, it has been a very busy day at work.  Obviously I am laboring on Labor Day.  But hey, at least we get holiday pay today.  WhooooHoooo!  I am on a 12-hour shift so I still have about two hours to go.

Starbucks wasn’t open on my way to work this morning.  I guess they weren’t laboring today.  Or at least not as early as I was.  I stopped by Dutch Bros and then a few hours later we made a work pit stop to Starbucks.  Having a Pumpkin Spice Americano on a crisp Fall day is the best. With all my recent coffee shop stops (and extra coffee in the morning), I think I need this sweatshirt.  It will go great with warm coffee on a crisp Fall day.


I am having Phoenix and her kids over for dinner.  During our time off, Kenyon and I tried the Cuban sandwich at a restaurant in town called Casablanca.  Oh my gosh it was delicious.  It promoted me to look up some recipes and I’m hoping to make Cuban sandwiches tonight.  The pork is roasting in the crockpot and I have all the extra fillings.  We got a new cast iron pan with the Panini type lid so that we can make grilled sandwiches.  I’ll report back if the recipe is a keeper.

I hope your extra day off went well.  Just as you all are starting the work week, I’m starting my weekend.  Yeeehaaaw!  It is a busy one though.

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