I Ate 59 Points Yesterday

Getting back on track sometimes means it isn’t pretty, however, being on track and tracking often leads to success!  So you just gotta keep on rollin’….

I ate a whopping 59 SP yesterday and 32 of that those points just for my dinner. 

I met my friend Mark at Flying Pie Pizza on Broadway for a beer.  They have a very yummy Triple Pi beer that is made especially for their pizza chain.  At first Mark wasn’t planning to eat (I knew this early in the day) and I had eaten a yogurt and apple before I went thinking I’d meet up with Kenyon after for dinner either there or somewhere else.  I only had 11 DSPA left over along with 27 WSPA left.  Mark and I decided to start off with some garlic knots (so delicious and estimated 12 SPV for four of them) and then decided to order a 10 inch pizza to share (I ate half and estimated 15 SPV).  We stuck to just one beer (5 SPV) and I talked myself out of frozen yogurt, which I was craving on my drive home.  I have really wanted something sweet most days this week but I keep holding out telling myself I don’t need to spend the points. 

Despite spending 32 points on just one meal, I consider this a BRAVO because I didn’t get a sweet treat after and I only stuck to one beer.  I would have considered having another beer when I got home as my neighbor and I were talking about getting together for a “patio beer” which is our code word for scheduling time to visit.  We ended up postponing as going to bed early sounded better!

I’ve started my day today with oatmeal and will try and balance out my large point day with a smaller point day today.  I am also going to talk Kenyon into eating at home tonight and making the stuffed peppers I had planned on earlier in the week.  I’m posting this here now for accountability!  We ate out last night and with Dawny coming to town tomorrow there will be plenty of opportunities to eat out.  So I’ll reign it in for today.

I found this funny on FB and really do think it is quite accurate.  With fall approaching, I do look forward to wearing jeans and sweater.  But I also look forward to wearing leggings with tall boots and a skirt.  It is pretty nice not having all that restrictive clothing bugging you all day.

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