Friday This N' That

My two days off this week (and partial third day) flew by so fast.  I was not ready to come back to work.  I was asked to do a shift trade so now I have Monday off.  Let’s hope these three days past fast!

We have broken up with Cable One.  After swinging into their office on Wednesday and being told that the projected date for having internet/cable in our neighborhood is now the end of November, we are done with them.  We keep hoping service will be set up soon but instead it keeps getting pushed back longer.  We are being told it is due to a shortage of fiber optics and therefore they are waiting for parts.  “There is nothing else we can do.”  I’m sorry Cable One, but that answer isn’t good enough for me.  We loaded up the computer at Mom and Dad’s house and then cancelled our Cable One service.  It makes me sad because I have been a customer for many years.  I don’t know if we will be back to them if/when they eventually get service in our area.  It is hard to feel like they are just waiting until they have enough customers to make their time/money worth it.  I’m sad because I feel they are losing good customers in the process.

Yesterday we signed up with Century Link.  There is mixed reviews on if they are that good but we at least have 30-days to try it out.  We didn’t want to sign a contract but, of course, it is much cheaper that way.  The install isn’t until the 12th of October so I’ll have to update you.  We miss having internet but our cell data is getting us through.  Ah….the comforts of life!

On Thursday was mostly ran a bunch of errands vs. working on house stuff.  I am aware I owe you a house update!  We are having our open house next Saturday so I’ll snag some photos when it is ready for show.  We are coming along but have not hung anything on the wall yet.  That was part of the project yesterday.  I’m excited to share it with you next week.

My Jamberry order came in from my party last Saturday.  Yeah!!!  I love my new gel system and how it reinforces the Jamberry.  Here is a photo of my latest Jamberry wraps.


And here is one with the addition of the gel. 

I put the sparkle gel on my pointer finger and the navy blue gel on my pinky finger.  The navy blue was given to me by the Jamberry consultant and I thought it would go well with the blue in my LE support wraps.  I love Jamberry!  I can’t wait to switch out to the Halloween ones.  I’m going to wait a week or two.  I hate to waste my wraps even though I’m excited to change them.

Kenyon and I ate out way too much this weekend.  We kept trying to keep each other accountable and then we would talk the other into “just this meal.”  I am a bit nervous about my upcoming WI (I’ll do that on Monday this week) but no need to wait until then to get back on track!  I had oatmeal for breakfast, I have yogurt for a snack, and a chopped veggie salad for lunch.  I also have a string cheese and an apple if I need another snack.  I think dinner will be a Bocca lettuce wrap burger and sweet potato oven fries.  Sounds good to me!  Exercise has been lax this week. 

Not sure why I relaxed so much.  I really want to get my 10-pound star!

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