My Major Goal For The Week

Major goal for the week:

Only consume beer during planned social events already scheduled on Wednesday, Friday, and perhaps Saturday

It is a tiny bit sad that my major goal for the week is to not consume as much alcohol.  The weird part is I am not usually an everyday drinker and save my alcohol consumption for social events.  Since I’ve been more social as of late, I am almost craving beer and knowing I have a new yummy pumpkin beer sitting in the fridge only ups that desire.  Last night Kenyon and I attended Red Green’s live tour called “I’m Not Old, I’m Ripe.”  (It was pretty funny although not my cup ‘o tea).  I was thinking before we met up to head to The Egyptian Theater, they might be serving beer.  Then I quickly righted my thought process in reminding myself that I didn’t need a beer.

I got myself back on track yesterday and even declined a sugar treat at work.  I also stayed within my Daily Points Allowance.  Between those two items and skipping the beer…I feel really good today.  I love the positive feeling of being successful.  It is much easier to build on that vs. feeling like you are starting over each new day.  This morning I wrote in my WW journal “feeling successful” right at the top.  This way I can see it and continue to move forward and not backwards.

I know that getting back on track so close to my WI means I don’t have enough time to make much of an impact.  I can’t change what happened last week, but I can work to take control of what happens this week.  I am choosing to take control.

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