Socializing And Weight Loss

Good Morning.  Happy Weekend to all those who are working their Friday and Happy Monday to those starting their work week.  My days off seemed to pass by in a flash. Annnnnnnd here we go.

I didn’t seem to have a tough of a time waking up this morning at 5am.  However, I am struggling a bit with time management on fixing my breakfast, lunch and snack.  Our old house was a single level and I would often start my breakfast while I was in the bathroom putting on my make-up and fixing my hair.  Now that we are living in a two-story home and have a gas stove, I don’t feel comfortable having an open flame unattended while I’m finishing up getting ready.  So I think this could be what is slowing me down.  I might need to start re-thinking my breakfast and/or getting better prepared with my lunch and snack prep.  Needless to say, I was slightly late to work.  It is funny because I totally had a dream that I was late to work and then relieved when I woke up on time.  I guess my subconscious knows better eh?

I haven’t been diligent with getting back on track this week.  I squeaked by with a maintain at my meeting earlier in the week and I know if I don’t get myself righted, I won’t squeak by again this week.

Since we moved back into our own space, moved closer to where my friends are, and came back to day-shift hours at work, I have been partaking in a lot of social activity.  I have enjoyed seeing my friends again and for me, friends = food/drinks.  I enjoy social drinking and I enjoy doing that with my friends.  Although I might be starting to worry that I have a drinking problem (joking...I think).
I had a lot of success losing weight over the last few months.  Part of that success was being on night shift and not being very social.  I continue to strive to find a good balance. But in the meantime, I want to enjoy the time I can with my friends right now.  Soon we will settle into a new routine with our house in which isn’t is as new and exciting.  And as the cold weather approaches, having friends over for drinks on the patio will morph into having friends over for coffee on the patio. 

Just don’t judge me if we have a little Kailua in that coffee.

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