Learning To Love Yourself

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with body image, confidence, and “loving yourself.”  All of this isn’t new but after spending a few years skinny, this re-gain is causing some havoc on my mental state.  I have two photos that were taken a day a part.  In one I think I look good and in the other I wished I looked better. 

In the first photo, I think my overall confidence at the start of the day was low.  I had an awards ceremony to attend as I was getting my 10-year ISP certificate.  I had just bought this sweater from Old Navy and though it might camouflage the overhang on my work slacks more than my usual polo shirt does.  I knew I’d be seeing people I’ve not seen in a while and I knew I would be having my photo taken.  I am in desperate need of a hair cut so I’m also having some bad hair-day issues.


In the second photo, I know my overall confidence was better than the day before in the photo above.  I have just bought better fitting jeans so I don’t have the overhang.  I knew I could wear my sparkly swoop neck shirt since I didn’t have the overhang and I also had my longer sweater to balance it all out.  I was having an awesome hair day too!


I suppose as a woman, I have the ability to pick apart a photo.  We all know that with photos there is lighting, angles, and even photo shop programs that can turn any awful photo into a wonderful one.  It is hard accepting yourself when you feel you don’t look good in a photo.  Or worse yet it is easy to avoid photos all together.  I know the reason for my feelings is tied to the weight gain and the ill-fitting clothes.  It’s really hard to break out of the negative cycle.

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