Crany & Canopy Nova Duvet Covers

Since I read several blogs daily, two of the different bloggers I follow shared about their new duvet cover purchases through the online store called Crane & Canopy.  When I followed the link and saw the video on the new Nova duvet comforters, I was hooked.  Here are some things on why I really liked what a saw about the Nova duvet covers vs. the one I currently have and why I decided to purchase some really expensive bedding:

The Nova duvet cover ties into the bottom of the comforter with some strings on the inside.  This keeps the comforter in place so it isn't shift around inside the cover so much.

There is a hidden zipper/closure to the top half of the cover instead of traditional duvet covers which have the enclosure at one end or the other.  This just looked easier to put the comforter into the cover and got me really excited!  And NO BUTTONS since it is a zipper enclosure.

The benefit of the Nova series is that it makes it looks like you have a top sheet folded over the comforter so your bed looks fully made just by pulling the comforter all the way to the headboard.  I don’t usually turn my bedding down so I love that I get the look without the fuss.

I was in love with all the fun prints and colors.  FYI, I wanted the coral/orange for the spare bedroom but at the last moment, Kenyon asked that I look for another color.   I seem to be into oranges lately and am already decorating our downstairs half bathroom in orange.  I guess it is all a little much for my muted-plain-color-loving-husband.  Since I don’t compromise much, I obliged.

I ended up picking the Pacific Teal for our bedroom.

And the Noe Quartz for the guest bedroom.

I really love the prints of both of these covers.  I wish the color of the purple was more vibrant.  It makes me wonder what color the coral/orange would have really been like.  I also think that for the expensive price of these covers, the quality of the sewing should be better.  It is a very thin fabric.  And lastly, I feel they wrinkle really easily.  I'm sorry but I don't have time to iron my bed sheets/duvet cover and unless you don't actually sleep with the comforter, I have idea how you keep it from not wrinkling.   

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