Jockey Slip Shorts

Before we left for Salt Lake City I was searching for a costume at our local Desert Industries thrift store when I found this beautiful maxi dress for just $7.  Talk about a steal of a deal!  I knew I wanted to wear it during our trip to SLC as it is always fun to get dressed up for the theater.


I had planned a comfortable pair of sandals for our park and walk to the theater but I didn’t plan for the chub rub.  Are you familiar with chub rub?  It is that annoying part between your inner thighs that gets rubbed uncomfortably raw because you aren’t skinny enough to have actual space between your legs.  It was also really hot in SLC so that made it ten times worse.

I was talking with my friend Nichole who told me about Jockey slip shorts.  They are a mix between a slip and short and are designed to be worn under skirts.  They have a longer length and shorter length and all sorts of fabrics.  They aren’t designed like normal shape wear and don’t feel constructing.  If anything you can’t even feel they are on as they are just that comfortable.



You can for-go underwear but I still wear mine.  I went with the Jockey original mid-length slip shorts instead of the wicking or static free ones.  I felt the original ones were the smoothest and felt the most like slip fabric.  I wore them under the same dress I wore in SLC when I met my girl friends on Thursday.  It was a life safer.  I am so glad I bought two of them as there was a 2-for-1 coupon at Fred Meyer.  I see much more skirt wearing in my future…which I love to wear.  If you are in need of something to wear under a skirt, check them out.  You might find you like them as well.

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