My New Best Friend

A few weeks ago while exploring our options of buying a TiVo Stream we found out that we can rent the TiVo recording devices cheaper through our cable provider.  We have had TiVo for several years now and have een paying our subscription money directly to the company.

TiVo is a digital video recorder that records TV shows much like a VCR used to back in the day.  If you don’t have a digital recorder they are pretty sweet.  You can record shows to watch at a later date and fast forward through commercials.  That is my favorite part.  You can also set the TiVo up to record your shows each season automatically.  When I am home and there is a TV show on I want to watch "in real time" I will often let the show start recording for about 20 minutes before I start watching.  That way I can still fast forward through commercials.  It is pretty sweet.

The TiVo Stream is a device that talks to your TiVo recorder and allows you to stream your show on any IOS device (iPad, iPod, iPhone).  This means I am twice a spoiled as I normally am and I can watch my TV shows anywhere in the house on my iPad mini.  I can also watch shows on the go after I download them to my iPad mini.  It is SWEET!

We have been renting the TiVo Stream this last month to see how we like it before forking over the money for one of our own.  You don’t pay a separate subscription for the Stream so buying it outright is the best deal.  The cable company charges $10 a month to use theirs.  Today Kenyon got a delivery in the mail.

Yep.  I’m spoiled.

I told Kenyon the TiVo Stream was my new best friend and it will be great to download my shows for when we travel.  He told me we could just put me in the backseat with my snacks and my iPad mini so I could watch my shows.

Isn’t he just so funny?

Ah, who am I kidding.  I totally need entertainment when we travel…and snacks!


Kitchen Experimentation

I got an email invitation from Heather at Half Size Me to submit a dessert recipe for her new book. If I participate I will have my recipe published along with a bio, photo, and info for my blog. It sounds like a great opportunity to network and when else would I ever be in a book?

I've been experimenting in the kitchen. I'm not very good with coming up with recipes on the fly. When I first started WW I came up with all sorts of “desserts” using low PPV food creations. I don't really do much of that anymore. I prefer to have the real deal just a smaller amount. However, it is nice to have some low calorie dessert options.

I'm still not 100% I like the cookie I experimented with.  I'll take them to work for my coworkers to try and give feedback. 

I have a few other ideas I want to try out as well. I have until July 15th to submit my recipe to Heather.

I'll have to keep you in suspense until then. I hope I can come up with something book-worthy and something that will be selected for the final print. That would be just awesome!


It's That Time Of Year Again

I received my yearly survey for The National Weight Control Registry in my email inbox.

“Hello Lindsay,

You are receiving this message because you are a member of The National Weight Control Registry, and it is time to complete your yearly survey. The information that you provide to us in these yearly surveys helps us understand what happens after a person loses weight.

No matter what has happened since you first lost weight, we want to hear from you! Please click the link below to complete your yearly survey.”

I really liked the last part of the email, “No matter what has happened since you first lost weight, we want to hear from you!”

I am not over my goal weight by a lot.  Well, I guess it depends on what you view as a lot but 10 pounds isn’t something I view as a lot.  It would be tempting to not complete my yearly survey as I am over goal and will have to select the box that says I gained weight this last year.  The purpose of the NWCR is to gather statistics of weight loss and maintenance.  There is so little knowledge of success with maintenance and gathering accurate information is important even when that information includes gaining weight.

To join the NWCR you must show you have lost at least 30 pounds and kept that weight off for a least a year.  It has been over five years since I reached my goal weight of 175 and this is the first time I have been this far above goal.  I still see myself as a success.  I still feel completing this survey is important. 

If you qualify for the NWCR I encourage you to join by clicking the link: http://www.nwcr.ws/


Ladies Nite: Carino's And "The Other Woman"

I have some of the best lady-friends. I am so lucky to know so many wonderful ladies and I enjoy getting my lady-friends together at least once a month or so. We can't always all get together at the same time but I can always count on one or two who are willing to entertain me (and drink with me).

Last night I met up with Danielle and Stephanie at Carino's. We met for dinner and drinks before Danielle and I went to see “The Other Woman.”

I saw “The Other Woman” with Dawny when I visited Spokane and I have been waiting for it to come to the cheap seats so I could get all my girlfriends together to watch it. I would have loved for a larger group as this movie is a great pick for a Ladies Nite. Danielle enjoyed the movie just as much as I enjoyed seeing it a second time.

Leslie Mann is hilarious. The chemistry between her and Cameron Diaz is priceless. I am sure when they were filming the movie they were laughing constantly. There are a few parts of the movie that I don't think are necessary (gross humor) but overall it is a really funny flick and I highly recommend it.

I forgot to snap photos of my lady-friends so I'm going to re-post the ones from my last birthday get together. Awesome, awesome friends!

I stopped for frozen yogurt after the movie. NSA Pecan Praline with Reese Peanut Butter Cup mixed in. It was frozen yogurt kind of night.


Missing: Weekly Weigh-Ins

You might have noticed I've not been posting about my weight the last few weeks. It isn't because I'm trying to hide anything.

I'm still over goal. Nothing there has changed.

I have not been to a WW meeting in a few weeks. Don't worry, I'm not quitting or anything. I struggle more when I am on graveyard shift and not able to attend my usual (and favorite) Tuesday meeting. My back-up plan was to hit the Wednesday or Thursday evening meeting. So far I have either planned a get-together with a friend or worked overtime. I know my meeting should take priority. If it was my usual Tuesday morning meeting I would't be skipping it. However, it is difficult to find the desire to go right now.

I've debated just going at it without meetings but I'm not sure that is the best idea. I know I need my meetings for accountability and I know I need my meetings to help me stay focused.

I also know burying my head in the sand isn't the best idea either.

I didn't really want to know how bad the vacation damage was so I avoided the scale when I got home from SLC. Not tracking before and during vacation has led to not tracking after vacation. It is a slippery slope. I got on the scale today and I am 185. The damage was minimal as I was 184.6 before I left town. I'm glad I got on the scale and faced the number.

The scale number isn't the whole picture, this we know. I couldn't help but reflect during my time in SLC at Olympic Park. If I had not lost the weight I'm not sure I would have wanted to ride the Alpine Slide or Extreme Zipline. I'm not sure I would have been able to walk down, and then back up the hill, to get to the chair lift. Focusing on these pesky 10 pounds will keep it at just 10 pounds. I need to not forget how far I have come but I also need to stay focused on getting back to goal.


Two Times The Activity

I had my activity post all ready to go before I left town. Instead of sharing that with you all I shared my vacation instead (it is more entertaining). So this week you get twice the activity in one post. Wow....lucky you!

My Activity Two Weeks Ago:

I ramped up my APs but I was still a bit low on my usual mileage total.  Hey, that is still progress!  FitBit totals 47,121 steps and 21.47 miles.  I earned 18 APs last week.

Wednesday: Mowed lawn and mile walk
I started my week off easy.  Even though I needed to ramp it up the energy was just not there

Thursday: 2 mile walk outside at 18 min/mile pace
I headed outside for a walk today.

Friday: 4 mile walk outside at 15 min/mile pace
Another walk outside but today I actually pushed my speed and mileage.  It felt good to get back to it and even though I have been in a funk it is still nice to know I can still walk a decent distance/pace.

Saturday: 3 mile WATP DVD and arm workout
I sweated at home with an exercise DVD and lifted some weights.  I had found out due to our TiVo shuffling the DVD players in both rooms were not hooked up.  I didn’t want to skip my workout but a walk outside again didn’t sound appealing.  I called my tech support (aka Kenyon) and he walked me through hooking up the DVD player again. 

Sunday: Unplanned rest day
I had not planned to take a rest day until Tuesday.  However, working graveyards this week has wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule.   I woke up for a few hours in the afternoon and didn’t have the energy to exercise.  I re-set my alarm for 6pm and decided if I woke up earlier I would exercise; if not then I would skip it.  I woke up at 5:55pm.  I guess that was my answer.

Monday: 2 mile walk on the treadmill
I again was awake earlier than I needed to be.  I didn’t want to skip my workout two days in a row.  I did a quick easy two miles on the treadmill before I took a nap. 


Since I was on vacation my FitBit totals for this last week were quite nice. Obviously I realize having a job where I sit for 10 hours a day really impacts my ability to get up and move during the day. It also makes me realize that my exercise is important and I need to not push it off. I also need to ramp it up. I've not quite developed a game plan for this coming week. Ramping up the APs is on the list!

FitBit totals: 89,962 steps and 39.09 miles. I love seeing those miles rack up!

Wednesday: Bowling with my nieces and then a hike to Table Rock with Mark. Plus some walking downtown

I had my nieces for a few hours in the afternoon. We went bowling. 

Then I met Mark for another hike up Table Rock (it didn't get get much easier) and then we walked downtown to dinner at Costa Vida. It is funny because I was telling him that we weren't going to eat our calorie burn this time and then he suggested Costa Vida. I just can't resist! I actually had double the Costa Vida last week since I also me my Mom for lunch on Thursday.

Thursday: Swimming with my nieces

I took my nieces to the Y for some swimming fun. Emma, who is three years old, was super scared this time and wouldn't let go of me. I lugged around an extra 40 pounds or so in the water. We like to play in the lazy river area so mostly it was walking around in the water. I counted this as my workout.

Friday: Shopping and walking in SLC

I didn't quite have enough time to finish rounding up for our trip and get in some formal activity. I thought about walking to LePeep to meet Kenyon for our breakfast date but just didn't have time. Luckily Rebecca and I got in a lot of walking and logged 11,000 steps by the time the day had ended.

Saturday: Lots of walking around SLC and lots of shopping

More walking and shopping. We actually logged 22,000 steps today. We were exhausted. It is sort of fun see at the end of the day you have walked almost 10 miles but it didn't feel like it does when you enter a race and walk that many miles. Our day was packed!

Sunday: Walking around Park City

Since we hit up two Farmer's Market in two days we were able to get in lots of steps. We logged about 13,000 steps today.

Monday: No Activity

Our early drive home meant no formal activity today. My calves were super sore from the day before (hills, hills, hills at Olympic Park) and we both were looking forward to the rest. We did make about six trips up/down the stairs at the hotel when loading all our shopping into the car!

Tuesday: Mowed the lawn

I didn't get a chance to mow lawn before I left town. The Amazon needed to be cut back.


Do You Read Lables?

Do you know what is in the food you buy at the store? 

Do you take time to read labels?

How many times have you put a food item back on the shelf because there was too much fat in said food item?  Do you know where your source of fat is coming from?

What about sugar?  Do you know that most fat free products have added sugar in them?  Something needs to be added to make it taste good!

Regardless of what your own rules are for foods and what you do and don’t eat, it is important to know WHAT makes up your food.  When I was shopping for canned tomatoes I picked up four different cans before I found one that didn’t have sugar or high fructose corn syrup listed as an ingredient on the label.  There was still a number listed for sugar but at least I was confident I was consuming natural sugars and not added sugars.

I highly encourage each of you learn more about nutrition and start reading the labels at the supermarket.  Don’t automatically count out a food that is high in PPVs.  It could be a food that is good for you.  Cutting out proper nutrition just to shave calories isn’t going to do you justice in the long run.

Educate yourself.


Park City And Olympic Pak

It was another fun-filled day in Utah yesterday and our last day of vacation. We woke up early and decided to "seize the day." Boy am I glad we did. This hotel has some major foot traffic when it comes to the breakfast area. It filled up fast but thankfully we snagged a table. I forgot to take a photo but I had half a bagel with peanut butter, some eggs, and a sausage patty. Oh and honeydew on the side. Yum.

We headed to Park City for the day. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive. It almost felt like you were in a totally different state. Since we had been spending so much time in downtown SLC, Park City felt so different. We rolled into town early so we killed some time at Whole Foods.
The tourist office got us all squared away and we started with visiting the Farmer's Market. I bought a pretty bracelet. It fit my wrist perfect so it needed to come home with me.

Lunch included redeeming a Groupon at Blue Iguana. We both had chicken tacos with black beans. I deconstructed mine and ate it with chips as a salad. It was really good. We had fallen into the habit of snacking so something substantial was nice.

Our main reason for trip to Park City was to visit Olympic Park. (Okay my main reason might have been to visit another Coach Outlet but Olympic Park was fun too). Olympic Park is where the 2002 Olympics were held. It was so neat being where history was made.

We bought tickets for the Flying Aces show. The Flying Aces are ski jumpers that put on a show by jumping off the ski runs into the water. It was awesome!

We also bought tickets for the Extreme Zipline and the Alpine Slide. You get to both of these attractions by riding the freestyle chair lift. One of the reasons I don't ski is because I'm afraid of the chair lift. Not having skis on doesn't make it easier. But we survived. That was the motto of the day, "we survived!"

The Extreme Zipline is a harness seat strapped to cable lines that send you down the mountain at a high rate of speed. It was a rush for sure.

The Alpine Slide was sort of like a mini-bobsled. You had control over speed and breaking and followed a track. It was really fun. We were super scared though after reading the danger warnings. Rebecca had to urge me to go. I am glad I did.

After a quick stop at the second Coach outlet of the weekend, we headed back to the room to pretty up for dinner. One bummer to Utah is that most stuff is closed on Sunday. We wanted BBQ for dinner but didn't have much luck. We went back to Spitz to share a wrap. They looked mighty delicious and it was. We went for the traditional beef and lamb Doner wrap. We also had more of the yummy fried chickpeas on the side. They are addictive!

We took dessert to-go and headed back to the room. All good vacations should end with dessert! We got a piece of cheesecake from The Copper Onion. Sorry, no photo. But I enjoyed relaxing in the room with some wine.

Westward we go.