Making A Plan For The Week Ahead

My home scale had me squeaking by with a maintain this week.  I’ll tell ya, I’m super happy about that.  This has been a week!  I’m trying to get ahead of this next week by making a plan and I’ll be working on staying focused and trying harder than I did last week.

Here is what my week looks like and my plan.  I’ve still got to plan some meals around all this chaos:

Tonight I’m going to hit up a different WW meeting since it is the best time this week to get to a meeting.  We are in the middle of earning our Thanksgiving charm for meeting attendance and this week you get a bonus for attending during Thanksgiving Week.  So, I don’t want to miss it.  I don’t think I’ll actually WI since it is a night meeting and I checked in on my home scale.  But, if I change my mind, I’ll have to remember any gain is mostly likely just from what I’ve eaten/drank during my day today.  That is one benefit to morning WIs.  You can usually get away with starving yourself before your meeting and thus playing into the scale game of “how low can you go.”

Tuesday I work overtime from 6am-10am and I have a social even at 4pm.  I am planning to clean the house in preparation for Thanksgiving guests on Tuesday so it is completed and out of the way.  I think this will be my only activity for the day unless I do a workout tape at home as the gym classes don’t fit into my schedule.

Wednesday I am going to try to at my bank bright and early to try and wrangle a better interest rate on the Black Wednesday interest rate “sale.”  It looks like all the good deal are only for 36 months but that I can also shave 1% off any other rate I quality for.  It feels like it is worth the gamble even though I’ve got to get up early.  I have a procedure at my lady-doctor’s office and then I’m planning the rest of the day to rest just in case I don’t feel good after my procedure.  If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll do my grocery shopping and some food prep for Thanksgiving.  But, this is why I want to do my house cleaning on Tuesday.  If I don’t end up at Black Wednesday very long, I’ll hit the gym and get in a workout before my appointment.

Thursday is Thanksgiving.  Kenyon and I are off work (yeah) and I will be cooking some side dishes for our 2pm mealtime.  I love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and I’m going to plan to do a workout DVD at home before the festivities begin.

Friday I don’t work until 10am so I’m meeting a coworker to do some Black Friday shopping.  I don’t really have anything to buy but going out in it is fun.  There won’t be any time for formal activity so I had better get some steps in while we shop.

Saturday – Monday is my regular workday.  I’ve been letting my activity slide on the weekends so I’ll see what I can do to re-motivate myself.  Most days I meet my activity goal just through my workday since I am training and I’m up out of my chair a lot.  But, since I’ve also not been as active during the week, I should hold myself accountable better.  Monday I’ll plan to hit up a class at the gym.

Whew.  It is going to be a whirlwind of a week and I’m sure it will fly by!  I only get a small break from training as I finish up my Phase 2 trainee and move onto a Phase 4 trainee.  I’ll be looking forward to the small break.


Weight Watchers (Possible) New Program

Have any of my WW peeps heard there are changes coming down the line to our beloved program?  It is typical for WW to do something around early December and from the rumors I’m hearing/reading, it sounds like this year is no exception. 

I saw on Instagram that the new Weight Watchers Flex Program has rolled out in the UK and it sounds like the US program will be similar but have a different name.  So far, I have some mixed feelings but I think overall should be an interesting change.

Now, I am not a WW-insider and I won’t actually know the details until I get my new meeting material.  I did jump on the WW app this morning just to see if there were any changes and so far there are not.  I should also get an email soon as I am an eTools member and I think I got word of program changes and notification of the changes to the app last time there was a major change.

So, in the meantime, I’ve been Googling “Weight Watcher Flex Plan” and “Weight Watchers Freedom Plan” (a rumor as to what the US plan might be called) just to see what comes up.  It is fun to see what is speculated much like when Apple releases a new product.

Rumors are they will be lowering the daily points plus allowance but in turn, giving us more free foods in the form of lean protein (i.e. chicken breast, canned tuna, eggs, and even beans).  So, don’t get all excited that mini fun size candy bars are now going to be zero points plus.  That will never happen!  But, if it means I can eat eggs in the morning and enjoy a nice pot of chili made with beans and not have to count them towards my DPPA, then I think I will like this new program.

The more I read up on the speculation, the more I think it is a mix of points and Simply Filling.  I have done SF in the past and it is okay, I just don’t eat a lot of fat free products so I blow through my weekly points fast.  In this case of this possible hybrid type points system that could be coming out, I can eat the foods I like but not have to blow through my extra points so fast.

I am hoping changes will roll out in the US in early December as in years past but until then, I’ve gotta wait just like everybody else.


Random Eats & A New Instant Pot

I've been trying to spice up my food as a way to get myself back on track. I can get into a food rut pretty easily and I'm not the personality that can eat the same thing day-in-day-out. The only exception would be breakfast because I like my usual breakfast so it is easy to eat each day.

I found this recipe online Egg Roll in a Bowl. It is the perfect low carb dinner for Kenyon (his choice to go low carb) and pretty easy to make. I've made it twice now and the last time I also made some cauliflower fried rice to go along with it. It is super low in points so next time, I'll have regular Jasmin rice because I just love it so much. Also, too many veggies make me feel bloated and gassy.

I went looking for Joseph's Lavish Bread and found some pita bread too. I ate pita sandwiches a few days last week and also used them for egg sandwiches in the morning. One day I scrambled the egg and stuffed it inside the pita and the other days I just folded the pita in half and pressed it after cooking the egg over-hard. It was a nice change to my usual breakfast and really easy to make. I had both bacon and ham and used swiss cheese.

I have tried out my air fryer a few times and once was green beans. I also air fried crinkle cut butternut squash I found at Trader Joe's. I like the air fryer because you don't use much oil unlike the days of old where you dunk the whole basket into oil. Neither thre green beans or the squash came out as crispy as it does in the oven so I think I need to reduce the temp next time. Either way, it was a good addition to my Boca burger and low in points (dipped it into some homemade fry sauce).

We have used our Instant Pot once and my first recipe was Chicken Piccata. I didn't realize we were out of lemon juice so Kenyon suggested subbing lime juice. It turned out really good and we plan to make it again. I made a mess when I dropped the jar of minced garlic all over the kitchen. Despite that mess, the one pot clean up is a breeze and I really like my new Instant Pot. I'm going to try a turkey breast tonight. It's cooking at we speak. I think I wasn't supposed to take it out of the string that was binding it together so we will see how it turns out. If all else fails, we can order pizza.

Lastly, it is egg nog season. I've been enjoying it in my coffee both at home and on the go.


The Headache Of Getting A New Phone

I upgraded my iPhone yesterday. Ever since iOS 11 launched, my iPhone 6 plus has never been the same. It is really slow, sometimes up to 10 seconds for a page or app to load. I put up with it for the last few weeks but I finally caved and got a new phone. I don't like to talk badly about Apple and I am pretty far into their web to get any other type of phone, but this last upgrade still has been upset. My old phone was only three years old and in my opinion, is too soon to not have proper support. The best guess as to what has happened is the release of the new iPhone X made for much different processing and thus the older phones just can't keep up. Or at least that is what I'm telling myself.

I noticed a huge difference when I took my iPhone 8 Plus out of the AT&T store yesterday. Then, I couldn't make a phone call!! I guess there was a nationwide outage as soon as I left the store and I thought it was my new phone. Doh! It was also a bit of a headache to get it set up, such as, getting signed back into various apps after trying to remember the passwords, etc. I also had trouble getting my Apple Watch to repair and I thought I had lot the whole month of November's hard work as well as the whole year of awards I received in the Activity section. Thankfully, I only lost yesterday's data which meant I didn't meet my Activity goals for the day and I won't be getting my perfect month. Bummer. I'll have to make sure I get it for the month of December.

You know you are a WWer when you are worried that the hard earned activity wont' be reflected! I'll be headed to the gym later today for a fitness class. Kenyon and I have an errand to run after work so I think we will use a coupon at Sizzler for $7.99 steak and two sides. I've been making some meals at home but we have been eating out a lot the last two days. I have some recipes I want to try later this week.


Weekly WI: A Much Needed Loss

My weekly WI went well yesterday. I was down 1.8 pounds and staying committed to the #fiveperfectdays helped. Where my days perfect? No, far from it. But, it helped keep me accountable to my tracking and being accurate. I got a little sloppy as the week progressed. The commitment of eating at home also helped me last week in seeing a loss.

The exhausting part is doing it again this week so it can be just as successful. And, have you ever noticed how eating is less fun when you have to count the points? But, tracking works and it sure does help me.

I got a new Instapot so I'm excited to try out some new recipes. A few weeks ago, I brought home an air fryer on a whim and we have used that a few times. I just got some crinkle cut butternut squash at Trader Joe's so I can do some butternut squash “fries” in the air fryer. I'm also researching recipes and what not for my new Instapot (which I got on a killer coupon deal at Fred Meyer). I did a test run as per the instruction on the booklet and it still feels intimidating. Mostly, I plan to use it for slow cooking. I needed a new programable crockpot since I broke mine last year. This is an all in one and it can also do so many more things. I've got great ideas so far on Facebook.

The exercise front is a bit on the slow side right now. It has been a busy few days and I'm struggling with poor sleep and feeling tired. I'm on a streak for the month of November on completing my movement calories each day for an entire month. I've not yet done it for 2017 and I really want to meet this goal. I have managed to get close to my goal most days and so I've been finishing off with some stairs at home and/or squats. Yesterday, I walked the mall for a bit before I met Kenyon at the Apple Store. I'm not sure yet if I'll make it to a class at the gym tonight. I'm enjoying my day off with Kenyon. We don't have many days off together.


Bittersweet Memories

I was lucky to have been able to grow up having four of my grandmothers in my life.

This is my brother and I at my Great-Grandma B.'s 80th birthday party. My Grandma D. (standing next to me in the back row) was my dad's mother. Below her in the front row was her mother, Great-Grandma B. In the middle of the front row is Great-Grandma I. She was my dad's father's mother. And on the left in the front row is my Grandma A., who was my mother's mom.

Great-Grandma I. lived in a trailer home in Melba. Growing up we would visit her often as my Grandma A. lived just down the street. I didn't realize until recently how much my Great Aunt Mary Ann (Grandpa's sister) looks so much like her. The Christmas tradition Grandma I. started years ago continues today. Each year on Christmas Day, about 50 of my Ihli family gathers for an afternoon dinner. They are all each so special to me and I am so thankful for this tradition. I remember celebrating her 80th birthday at the Norris Chuckwagon buffet where my cousin's taught me how to make a “suicide” drink at the beverage fountain. I don't remember how old she was when she passed away. We lost her and my Great Uncle Dick in the same week.

Great-Grandma B. owned a house in Marsing until she wasn't able to continue to live there alone. We would visit her often at various stages in my life. She lived near a pasture with a horse out back. We played in the carport shed as kids. We hunted for snails in the canal water than ran along the front of her property. Grandma B. was a character and she told each person individually they were her favorite. To this day, we really don't know who her actual favorite was. Once she got too bad to live alone, she was moved into an assisted living center in Nampa and then eventually moved to the nursing home side. She lived to be 93 years old and still had such spunk up until the day she passed away.

Grandma A. was my favorite and the grandmother I was closest to. When we were kids, the four of us would get split up in twos amongst the grandparents and Jenny and I always went to Grandma A.'s house. Whenever I watch the Golden Girls, I am flooded with memories of her and sitting on her “davenport” in the living room watching it on the television that you had to get up to change the channels on. She wrote me letters through high school, college, and on into my adult life. She lived in her home in Melba for 60 years. After she had a mild stroke, she came to live with my parent's where she resided until she passed away. She lived to be 95 years old.

My Grandma D. passed away most recently. It was a shock to have her gone so soon and yet she was in a lot of pain so we didn't want to watch her suffer. She was my youngest grandmother and boy did she have spunk to her. Unlike her mother, Great-Grandma B., Grandma D. was very headstrong and opinionated. But, she was also very kind and loving. She and Grandpa were married just over 60 years. All of my memories of Grandma D. are tied to the house in Silver City and also Murphy. They owned Ihli Title & Escrow for all the years I remember. We used to love to visit their large two-story house off SH45 where we would slide down the stairs and play McDonald's drive-thru window with the fireplace curtain. We also used to fight over who got to take a bath in the jetted tub, a highlight of staying the night. Once they relocated their house to Murphy along with their business, we rode four wheelers every holiday. We even rode snowmobiles, where I swear my brother hit the gas so fast I feel off the back! I think she was just 82 when she passed away.

Finding these photos on my computer that I scanned in some time ago is bitter sweet. So many fond memories and yet neither of them are here to hug. I didn't have the privilege of knowing my great-grandmother's on my Mom's side. They lived in Missouri and were long gone before I came along. I like to believe that one day we get to see our loved ones again.

I can't wait to give them all hugs and kisses.


Starbucks Holiday Drinks: Gingerbread Latte

I tried out one of the many Starbucks Holiday Drinks yesterday. I forgot how many delicious choices they had.

Since it they are running their 2 for 1 promotion and I didn't have anybody to share with, both coffees were for me. You can't go wrong there. Although my usual Americano costs me less! Yesterday's selection was the Gingerbread Latte. In the past, I've actually put a pump or two into my Americano and I'm tempted to do that again but also add in some egg nog for cream. That sounds extra delicious.

In order to make my drink points friendly, here is how I ordered (I had to add one or two Splenda packets after I tried it):

I'm counting each drink (tall size) as 3 SPV. I have to say, even though they are small in size, the gingerbread syrup is very spicy for lack of a better way to describe it. So, a little goes a long way. I am so excited to try some of their other drinks including the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha.



Good Thursday Morning!

I had a full day off yesterday and hoping for another full day off today. I'll tell ya, it really improves my mood having days off. Finger crossed all goes well later today.

I'm working this week on #fiveperfectdays It is a hashtag I found on Instrigram which focus on eating within your daily points for five straight days. I really feel like I'm in need of an overhaul and so this is helping me re-focus. So far, I've completed two days. Yesterday I used some of my weekly points so I didn't stay within just my daily smart points allowance (DSPA). I had hunger/snacky thoughts late in the afternoon and turned to power foods to help combat my hunger.
I also had a gym date last night with my friend Kelsey. We did the Pound class which is where you have drum sticks and you pound the floor while you do squats, etc. It was fun and very high energy. I love that the classes at Crunch Fitness are just 30 minutes. Phoenix and I have plans to meet for the kickboxing class. Having a date with a friend keeps me accountable. If Kelsey had cancelled on my least night, I'm not sure I'd have gotten out of my warm electric throw blinket on the couch and attended myself.

Another hurdle this week is Starbucks 2 for 1 Holiday Drinks. I have some friend meet-ups for coffee this week and I can't order my usual Americano on the 2 for 1 deal. I've started researching points and the only one I can find on the WW app is the skinny peppermint mocha.

I jumped over the Starbucks app and it shows me what all is in each drink so that will help me modify. Usually if I ask for less sweet/syrup and add some Splenda, it is just as yummy and less points. Also, I'll get non-fat milk and no whip cream. And lastly, I can always get a tall or grande size as I don't have to get the vent size. Even non-fat milk packs a big points punch.

Mostly, I'm just trying to be more accountable to my food choices and my tracking. The hard part of better accountabilty is I feel like I think about food all the time! But, it has motivated me to actually grocery shop and plan meals at home again. 

So, #fiveperfectdays is my goal this week. Two down, three to go!


WI: It's A Roller Coaster For Sure

I’m glad I went to my WW meeting today.  When it comes to the scale, it isn’t as bad as you think it is going to be.


I went to the monthly cholesterol screening at Central District Health.  It’s been at least a year since I’ve had my cholesterol checked and perhaps even more.  When I decided it might be a good idea to check in on the status, I wasn’t holding onto vacation weight.  So, I don’t know what to expect.  But, as said above…it isn’t as bad as you think.  Hopefully all will be well.  My blood pressure was good so I can check that off the list. 

There is a new charm up for grabs if you attend four out of six meetings.  The incentive is to keep people coming over the Thanksgiving month and you get a bonus if you attend Thanksgiving week.  I don’t see any conflicts but if there is one with my Tuesday AM meeting, I’ll pop into another day/time/location.  I want that charm!

I was talking with Kenyon over a late lunch about my weight gain and took some screen shots of my weight record.  It sure does look like a roller coaster!


Exhausting Few Days

I’ve got a trainee at work and boy does that zap all my energy.  By the end of the day I am exhausted.  I also had a couple restful days of sleep due to buying a new car.  Yep, I decided to keep the sweet orange Nissan Rogue Sport after my 24-hour test drive last week.  It took three hours to finally get them to come down to the number I was willing to pay along with getting me out of from under my Kia.  I am very happy with my new car.  I’m pretty sure a heated steering wheel is the best invention ever!

Because I’ve been pre-occupied with other things, I’ve not made healthy eating and exercise a priority.  I’m a bit scared of WI tomorrow.  Since I skipped the scale last week, I told myself I had to WI regardless.  I am tempted to skip my meeting all together since I know my favorite leader Donna is out of town.  But, that won’t help.  So, I’m sure I’ll go.

Kenyon and I have plan to visit the new Meridian Temple for a tour before it is sealed and closed to the public.  It is brand new and I love seeing the inside of temples/churches.  I’m not sure what else is on the agenda for days off.  I think I’ll meet up with some friends for some activity.  It always gets me better motivated when I have somebody to workout with.

I’ll try to keep up with blogging over the next few weeks while I train at work. 


The Time I Drove A Car Off The Lot That I Didn't Pay For

On Wednesday after Kenyon and I went to breakfast, I noticed across the street at the car dealership was an orange SUV sitting up on a platform. I am in love with the color orange for a vehicle and this one was the perfect shade of burnt orange just like my Chevy HHR that was involved in a crash almost three years ago. I found out it was a Nissan Rogue Sport and while I didn't have time to test drive it, I did some online research and kept it in the back of my mind that I might swing by and test drive soon.

I am needing to get my snow tires changed out on Avacardo and knew that if I paid for this service, that I would need to stop looking at new cars. After all, it would be silly to buy a new car right after spending the money to put my snow tires on. And, I am not really in the market for a new car, I just miss the orange color (yes, I am aware I can paint my current car as many have suggested that).

I was killing time before my tire appointment and drove by the big dealerships in Nampa. I thought “what the heck, I'll see if that Nissan Rogue Sport is also at this place.” Yep. Not only was it there, but it was like the salesman were lying in wait to ambush me. I was like an animal caught in a trap.

Salesman: “Do you want to test drive it?”
Me: “YES!”

After our test drive/chat, I told the salesman that I'd get Kenyon out there to look but it would be a while due to our work schedules.

Experienced salesman: “How about if you take the car home for your husband to look at?”
Me:“WHAT?!? I can't do that.”
Experienced salesman: “Let me talk to my guy and see what he says”
(side note, why does a car salesman always have car guy??)

So, this how I ended up with a brand-spanking-new car currently sitting in my garage that I've not even paid for.  Hook, line, and sinker! 

Car Guy says I can take the car home and Experienced Salesman says I can keep it until I get off work at 4pm tomorrow. I felt like I was in some sort of parallel universe. The only time I've known of a car being taken home from a dealership without paying for it was when it got reported stolen not too long after. It was the weirdest feeling and yet so nice to not feel the pressure of having Experienced Salesman hanging around while we discuss the car.

I'm not sure I'm going to buy this car, but I do like it. I love the features but not the price tag. I'm also toying with leasing even though I have no experience. There is so much that goes through making such a large purchase and I want to make sure I'm not being implusive. There is also other factors such as Avacardo still being fairly new and all the jazz. I am thankful for this opportunity to test drive a car but I do feel the pressure of making a purchase and/or that one is expected now that I've taken it home overnight.

I'll see what happens when I return to the dealership tomorrow afternoon.


Weekly Wi: Flo Pass

I skipped out of my weekly WI yesterday.  It was a combo of the scale at home being up again and me not wanting to take a hit at the WW scale again.  And, I wanted to wear my Flo costume.  It was a big hit with my WW members.  Sadly, my leader Donna was gone so the substitute leader got to enjoy it.

I’m working harder this week to combat these gains and I’ll force myself to WI next week regardless.  I don’t want to keep gaining weight but I am also feeling so deflated right now.

I had my annual physical at the OBGYN today.  We talked briefly about my weight loss over the last year and the change in my thyroid meds.  She congratulated me on losing and reminded me that November is here and it is a fresh new month, perfect for getting back into weight loss mode/mentality.  It is nice to have support from all areas.

I’m off work on Thursday and having a belated birthday lunch with my friend Rebecca.  This should be the last of the birthday celebrations/freebie food.  I also don’t have many social events planning in the coming month, but one never knows with me.  So, I’ll keep working at shifting that mindset. 

I’ve got my tracker back out and that is the first step!  I’ve also mapped out some classes at the gym this coming week.


Halloween Town

I've been having fun at Halloween events around town. I am living it up in my Flo from Progressive costume and I can only think about one other time I've really enjoyed my costume.

Last week, my sister Katie, my nieces, Phoenix, her kids, and I all attended the Trunk or Treat in downtown Meridian. We made Kenyon dress up as Jake from State Farm so we could take photos before we headed out. I convinced Emma to be the gecko from Geico and we had several compliments on our costume.

Last night, Kelsey, Danielle, and I attended a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise. We met at Flatbread Community Pizza for drinks and appetizers beforehand and also had some dessert at Fork.

If you have never seen Rocky Picture Show, it is odd and weird and just...well...odd. I have never seen it at during a community showing and those in attendance brought all the fun with them. There were costume contests (which Flo won the prize during one of them) and throwing of rice, toast, toilet paper, cards, and other things at various parts in the movie. It was crazy. But, we had a good time.

Flo is making her last public appearance today and then she will retire for the season. I got into my costume this morning for my Weight Watcher meeting and then attended Emma's class party where my sister Katie I worked one of the booths. I'm having some downtime now before heading back to my sister's house for Papa Murphy's Jack o' Lantern pizza and salad. We are planning to do some Truck or Treating in town and then trick or treat around the neighborhood.

I love Halloween!  


Reflecting On The Last Several Years Of Weight Loss

I read a really great blogpost from Katie at Runs for Cookies titled “What I Wish I Knew When I Started Losing Weight.”  It worth the read as she has some great insight.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my weight loss over this past month since I’m hanging onto my vacation weight.  On top of that, I’m really struggling with getting back on track and back into weight loss mode.  Last week after my WW meeting, I looked back at my weight tracker for October 2016.  It is no surprise that I didn’t WI much in the month of October or November in 2016.  This year, September was a busy month with vacations but each year the month of October is just really busy/fun with social activities.  So, it isn’t also surprising that I weighed in less that month because most likely the scale would show a gain.

Now that I’m back on day shift, I am remember that it feels harder to lose weight on day shift than when I am on night shift.  I struggle with meal planning and cooking dinner for both Kenyon and I.  When I am on night shift, I’m usually cooking for just me because I’m eating most of my meals at work.  I also prefer to exercise before I start my day than at the end of the day.  When my wake up call for day shift is 4am, getting up any earlier is usually a no-go.

My WI for October 3, 2016 was 245.8 and my WI last week was 231.6.  Despite hanging onto vacation weight, I am still down in 2017 vs. 2016, which makes me pleased.  Even though I’ve been a WW member for almost 11 years, I still need to step back and see the big picture when it comes to perspective.  I also made a comparison photo after my birthday.  The photo on the left is my original before photo taken on my 27th birthday and the months prior to joining WW.  The photo on the right is my 38th birthday.

When I think back to my 30th birthday, the days of being below my goal weight, I know I was happy.  

30th Birthday Celebration

But, I can’t say that I was any more or less happier than I am now 8 years later.  If anything, I might be even more happier than my happy back then.  I love the life I have built and I am happy every day for better health so I can enjoy life to the fullest.  I have a wonderful husband (like seriously, I won the lottery) who is very patient with my short comings and loves me unconditionally and at every size.  I have a loving and supportive family (even when siblings argue).  I have a great group of friends whom enjoy my continuous social outing request.  I have a good paying job that I’m fairly decent at.  We built a house I love.  And lastly, I have no woes with age 40 quickly approaching.

With all of those things that are good in my life, why do I waste the energy worrying about my weight so much? 

My weight flux may be something I deal with for the rest of my life.  I was at goal once so I am often optimistic I can get there again and even stay there this time.  I just don’t want it to rule so much of my life.  I’ve got to find a better balance between weight loss and life.  I know if I continue the path of reckless eating that I’ll soon find myself back at 304 pounds. 


I Tested Out Jamberry's New Lip Color Products

I had the opportunity to be a tester for Jamberry's new lip color from their Jambeauty line. My consultant sent me four colors to try along with the lip scrub and some throw away applicators. 

The test was to run for four days and we had to document what we did in our day along with a rating score (1=Dislike 2=It was okay 3=Like it 4=Love it 5=It's the bomb). We were also encourage to take some photos.

The lip color comes in two different box set options, one in Neutral (Coy and Charming) and one in Bold (Dare Devil and Cheeky). It retails for $65 (in my area) and includes two lip colors (already pre-packaged by color), one lip scrub, and one sheet of exclusive Jamberry wraps.

Here are my results and some photos.

Day One: Coy
I started with the lightest color and worked my way up to the bolder colors.  This day I was at an all day conference for 10 hours.

Applied color at 5:30am (two coats, although first day I think went on thicker than the other days)
Removed at 8am (after eating breakfast, I felt the color had pretty much removed itself due to being the lightest color

I did not re-apply throughout my day.  This was not my favorite color as it is too light and I prefer lipstick to show if I'm putting forth the effort to wear.

Color Rating: 2       Durability Rating: 1   Total Experience Rating: 2  

Day Two: Charming
I was at work fro 10 hours

Applied color at 4:30am and re-applied later in the day at 1:30pm
Removed: first application approximately 6:30 am (again after I ate/drank) and later in the day approximately 6pm (due to the lighter pigment, I felt this mostly rubbed off on its own)

Color Rating: 3     Durability Rating: 1       Total Experience Rating: 2  

Day Three: Dare Devil
I was at work for 10 hours.  This color got the most compliments.  The lip color transferred onto my coffee cup once it got wet.

Applied color at 5am
Removed at 9am (I rubbed the color off as it has mostly come off the water line/corners and I had somebody sitting in with me at work.  I thought it looked funny being mostly left on my upper lip)

Color Rating: 3      Durability Rating: 1     Total Experience Rating: 2

Day Four: Cheeky
I was at home and had a brunch/Jamberry party.  I am not a fan of red lip color and felt my first application had me looking like Ronald McDonald.  I removed the color and tried again with less on the applicator and tried starting the color in the center of the lip and moved outward.  I thought that looked better on the second application.

Applied color at 9am
Removed color at 2pm (I allowed the color today to just rub off completely and didn't re-apply.  It was really noticeable when the color started to wear at this is a very bold color palate)

Color Rating: 1    Durability Rating: 1    Total Experience Rating: 2

Bonus Day: One layer of Dare Devil and one layer of Coy
I decided to layer the two colors as I wasn't sure I 100% loved any of these lip colors and wanted to mix.  I did feel the lip color blended well, however, I'd have to buy two different gift sets to be able to mix Dare Devil with another color since I don't like Cheeky.  

Color Rating: 3    Durability Rating: 1      Total Experience Rating: 2

The lip product smells really good and tastes good
It is very easy to take off
The bolder colors make my teeth look whiter
The product is semi-dry overall but not as dry as I was expecting
Unlike another long lasting lip product I've tried, you don't have to gloss all the time

I would not classify this as a long lasting lip color and most days the majority of it came off by the time I ate/drank for the first time
It got on my teeth easily when applying
When it breaks down, I can tell the pieces flake into my mouth
Semi-dry lip product when I already feel I have dry lips most of the time

Overall thoughts:
At this time, I would not buy this product.  The cost point is pretty high when you can't pick the colors (i.e. I am not a fan of cheeky or coy and these two are paired along with the other colors in the gift pack).  It was pretty dry overall and came off too quickly.  I tend to prefer shinny to matte lip color.

At this point, I'll sick to my Jamberry wraps. I am very glad I had this opportunity to try this new lip product.