Weekly WI: A Smidgen Of A Loss

Happy Tuesday (or in my case, Happy Weekend)!

You know how when you feel like you have had a great week that you should have a HUGE loss?  Yeah, well I didn’t but boy did I want to!  In hindsight, I think I ate out too much (at least one meal per day for four days straight).  I showed a smidgen of a loss, which I’ll surely take, and am working this week to eat less meals out.  I know that 2+ pound loss is waiting to get out so I’m doing to do all I can to assist it.  Come on body…cooperate!

My goal last week was better activity accountability.  I’m working on that again this week.  My weekly totals on my Apple watch show I met my 450 movement calories five of seven days last week.  Yippie! 

The only days I didn’t actually get in any activity was Saturday and Sunday (Wednesday I counted my walking downtown 12 blocks as my “activity” even though my Apple Watch didn’t register meeting my gals).  I had some left hip pain on Friday late at work so I took Saturday and Sunday “off” from activity.  However, I did try to stand more at work and keep myself accountable there. 

I have some meal ideas for this week as well.  I’ll get the groceries bought in so I am all prepared.  I really want to make this week a very successful week.


To The Bone: A Netflix Movie

I stumbled across a Netflix movie called To The Bone.  It stars Lily Collins who plays a young woman struggling with anorexia.  After trying numerous in-patient treatment programs, her step mother finds a new radical doctor, played by Keanu Reeves.  Lily’s character, Ellen, begins this new in-patient program lead by the radical doctor which takes place in a house with five other woman and one man all struggling with eating disorders of some kind. 

If you have Netflix, I highly recommend this movie.  It is very raw and emotional at times.  It really hit home with me on many levels.  Ellen is fixated on counting calories and exercising.  As are the other patients in the house.  Food can be an addiction but unlike drugs or alcohol, you can’t just stop eating.  If you do, you will die.  And this movie really brings to light the seriousness of anorexia and the impact it has on not only Ellen but her family and even the other patients in the house. 
I read an article on the actress Lily Collins.  She struggled with an eating disorder years ago.  She shared that she had fears she could digress if she chose to play this role.  She had to keep reminding herself daily that they were paying her to play a role and not to look skinny.  She said as it turned out, it was very therapeutic to play this character and she was glad she took on the role.
Food is on one side of the addition spectrum.  Weight loss can also be an addiction.  In the thick of my early years with Weight Watchers, I traded food for activity.  I couldn’t eat and I didn’t know what I should do with myself, so I exercised a lot.  When Kenyon worked the night shift, I would be at the gym exercising for hours.  I just didn’t know what else to do.  Weight loss consumed me.  Counting calories (points) and thinking about food was a constant.  I would often have my meals planned out and pre-tracked for several days in advance.  Kenyon tells me now it used to drive him crazy how I was always thinking about what we were having for dinner the next day when we hadn’t even had breakfast today.   
Addiction can take on many forms and sometimes you don’t know how to reach out for help.  This image of what you should look like or what weight people tell you that you should be starts to take over.  It is exhausting trying to please everybody else.  Eating disorders are no joke.  If you think you need help, please reach out to somebody.  Even if it is finding a counselor you can talk to.  Learning to love yourself takes time.  Be patient and please treat yourself with love.


Countdown To Vacation

44 days until vacation!!

I am so excited for our upcoming New York City & New England Cruise vacation (and slightly stressed about the money since I’ve not saved as well as I had planned many months ago).  I am so burnt out on work that you will most likely see a countdown periodically.  This will be the longest vacation Kenyon I have had in over a year.  We were supposed to be going on this vacation last September but had to delay due to building/closing on our new home.  So, I am well over do!

We will spend a few days in New York City before we board the Norwegian Gem for a seven day cruise.


Ports of call include:

Halfax, Nova Scotia – Canada


St. John’s Bay of Funday, New Brunswick – Canada


Bar Harbor, Maine – USA


Portland, Maine – USA


We will also have two at-sea days, day one of our cruise and day seven of our cruise.  Normally, I am not a fan of at-sea days and can often get bored feeling stuck on a cruise ship.  However, in this case, I am looking forward to downtime and time away from electronics, WiFi, and cell data.  Some of our best vacations have been when we are in the middle of nowhere with no cell service. 
I’ve been doing some trip research and Kenyon and I still need to decide if we want to do any formal excursions.  I’d love to hear any advice you have for New York City and/or cruising.  Or, if you write a blog and have some posts I can read.  I love reading about other people’s vacations and travel tips.
Let the countdown begin!


Muscle Milk Vs. Premier Protein

At my last WW meeting, the topic of Muscle Milk and Premier Protein drinks came up.  One of the members drinks a Muscle Milk to help curb her Ben & Jerry’s habit (remind you of anybody you know??) in the evenings when she is craving a sweet treat.  I have tried Premier Protein once and didn’t like it as well as it sort of made my stomach ache after.  I thought I might give it another go since I know they are chalked full of protein.
When Kenyon and I went to Walmart to pick up some groceries earlier in the week, I thought I’d try out the Muscle Milk.  Then, I came up with the idea to do a taste test so I also got the Premier Protein, both in the chocolate variety.

I really liked the Muscle Milk.  It was a little bit grainy but tasted super chocolatey.  It almost reminded me of pudding that hasn’t set up yet, sort of like when you lick the spoon.  The Premier Protein just isn’t that good taste-wise to me.  I don’t know what it is, but I feel like there is an odd after taste.  I don’t really like the Premier Protein bars either so perhaps it is the type of protein that is in them?  That is actually what prompted the taste test.  Kenyon suggested looking at the ingredients and since they seem to have different protein (whey in the Premier Protein and some sort of milk protein in the Muscle Milk) made me want to try them side-by-side and see if I had any stomach issues too.
So far, so good.  I like drinking the Muscle Milk alone, however, I really like it in my coffee!  I made myself an almond joy iced coffee with the chocolate Muscle Milk and coconut creamer.

I stopped by the store to return the Premier Protein and bought some vanilla and strawberry in the Muscle Milk.  I really like the vanilla.  I also got some caramel coffee creamer and used a vanilla Muscle Milk in my iced coffee today.

I don’t care for the caramel creamer I got but the Muscle Milk is yummy.  Walmart has a 4-pack for a little over $5.00.  I’m not sure how much of a regular I’ll be with buying the Muscle Milk but for now, I really do like the sweetness of the drink.  I’m going to check Costco to see if they sell any at a better price.  I’m using half of the drink in one ice coffee so that stretches the cost as well.
I’ve gotten a lot of comments on people that like one or the other (or none!). 


Weekly WI: Downward Trend

I had a great WI on Tuesday.  Prior to going to my meeting, I was quite nervous since I felt like I was retaining water pretty badly.  Despite showing a loss when I woke up that afternoon, I was sure I would have a gain.  I ended up losing exactly 1 pound and continuing with my downward trend this month.  After having quite the up and down scale movement during May and June, it is nice to feel like I am back on track. 


Despite losing 25 pounds over the last almost seven months, I still have more to lose.  So, I’m going to keep working at it.  I have been doing well with my goal of better activity accountability this week.  My “week” is just really beginning through now that I am back at work.  So keeping myself motivated to reach my goal will be key.  I have no plans before work each day this week so that means I have no excuses!

Cheers to a great week.


Summer Fun

I had two very enjoyable days off and I’m hoping maybe I can sneak out of here early if staffing permits.  If not, I’m on a 10-hour OT shift.

On Tuesday, Pheoenix, her new boyfriend Stacey, her daughter Kiki, and Kenyon and I had a date nite at Flying Pie Pizza.  Each year in August (however they started it a few weeks early) they offer their super-hot/spicy habanero pepper pizza for all those enthusiasts that are crazy about burning off their taste buds.  I am not one of them so Kenyon and I had the Tuesday night gourmet pizza buffet.  It did not disappoint.  I had three slices of pizza and two trips through the salad bar along with one beer.  It was highly satisfying.

Yesterday, I proposed a meet-up with a few of my girlfriends downtown.  We started at the Sandbar in Garden City for a beer and some hummus and pita.  The location was right on the greenbelt/river and so pretty.  It was a bit hard to get to due to construction at the hotel (or so I am told) so I’m not sure we will go back but it was enjoyable.


Our second stop was the rooftop of The Oywhee for a drink, margarita for me.  The old hotel has been converted into private condos but I actually worked at the hotel in the banquets section back in college.  The rooftop had amazing views.  The actual rooftop bar atmosphere was underwhelming.


The final stop was at The Reef for some food.  I was starving!  My cousin Brian is a bartender at The Reef and he happened to be working.  It was good to see him.  I had the best tempura sweet and sour chicken.  I’m not sure if it was really that good or I was just that hungry.  But, it was good!  I actually thought I would only eat half but that though went out the window as soon as I started in on my entrée.  It was served with ride and gorgonzola slaw.  I would love to go back for dinner again sometime.  The Reef has a rooftop as well (shaded so that was a plus) and also had live music.

It was a super fun evening out and it makes me sad summer is fleeting.  I normally love Fall but I find myself not ready to let go of the summer months, patio seating, and beer with friends.  Ahhhhh….summer.


Goal This Week: Focus On Better Activity Accountability

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.

                                                                         ~Oprah Winfrey

While I still have a lot on my mind, I feel a bit better today.  I like having a new fresh week to re-focus.  I wish I was better at re-focusing mid-week but I’m not.  For some reason, a new week just feels so promising!

I’ve made a goal this week to work on my activity.  I commented every day in my WW journal to focus on better activity accountability.  I am also trying to think of ideas outside the box for getting in my activity.  For example, I wake up most days at 2pm and don’t work until 8pm.  Yet, I don’t do any activity.  So, maybe I need to get in a quick walk in the early morning hours before I go to bed and sleep in later.  That is just one idea.  Another idea is that I’ve downloaded some workout Amazon Prime videos so my partner and I can perhaps do a light workout on the dispatch floor once the troopers go out of service for the night. 

I’m going to work harder to keep myself accountable.  I have to lose another 25-30 pounds to drop below 200.  I am happy that the scale is doing down each week and not up (my scale check-in this morning showed a loss of about half a pound) and down like it has in the months prior.  I like the strict downward trend for sure.  I’ll see what my official WI shows on Tuesday and check back.

I’m also looking forward to the pizza buffet tomorrow on our date night.  I’m already having to pep talk myself into staying on control.  mmMMMmm…pizzzzzaaaa….


Lots On My Mind...Not Much To Say

Happy Sunday. 

I’m almost to my weekend.  I just have to get through today and my 12-hour shift tomorrow.  I have two days off in a row, so I’m looking forward to some downtime.

I feel like I’ve been thinking about food ALL THE TIME lately. 


I get easily frustrated feeling like I’m trying to be conscious of the food I’m eating and yet, I worry I’m not doing enough to lose weight.  Plus, I always know that I could be doing “better.”  I was feeling less confident yesterday but today is better.  I am trying to keep my indulgences to the middle of my WW week and then keeping it in check and on track the days round my WI.  I am still feeling nervous about WI though.  I can’t attend my Monday meeting due to my work schedule so I’ll be attending the Tuesday evening meeting this week.  I really like the leader Susan.  I learned my Monday night leader, Gretchen, had to step down from that meeting so she could spend more time with her family.  I’m sad to see her go as she has tons of energy and was super fun.  I think I’ll still see her around at other meetings and as a substitute.  Our new leader on Monday night will be Tammy, whom I met a few weeks ago.  She too is really great.

I feel like I’ve got a lot on my mind yet not much to write about.



Book Review: The Other Wives Club by Shari Low

I just got done reading “The Other Wives Club” by Shari Low.  I think I selected this book a while ago because it came up in an Amazon email and was cheap.  I was looking for a fun read and this was right on point!

The book is about this man named Drew, who is turning 50 and books a cruise to the Mediterranean with his current wife, his two ex-wives, and his family.  Add to that one of his ex-wives new husband and his adult son and you have one dysfunctional family setting. 

I love the way the author set the book up into three pieces per chapter, the viewpoint of Tess, the current wife, Sarah, the first wife, and Mona, the second wife (who stole Drew from the Sarah).  What also makes this book interesting is that all three women are about ten years apart in age difference.  The author writes about once incident but you get to read how each of the three women react and what each other think about the other.  At times, it is quite funny!

The setting on the cruise ship makes me long for our next vacation.  The author is from Gasgow. Scottland so the writing is very Scottish with words like mum, cow, and favourite.  It just adds to the uniqueness of this book.

I’ve downloaded another of her books “A Life Without You”, which I am sure will be more emotional than this light hearted fun summer read I just finished.


Whirlwind Of A Day On Wednesday

It was a whirlwind of a day yesterday but we made the trip to our north dispatch center and all went well.  We got a lot of great video/audio.

The day started very early since I had trouble sleeping and I woke up at 2:30am after only going to bed at 11pm the day before.  I was already exhausted and hadn’t even started our day.  We flew into Spokane, drove a car to Coeur d’ Alene, and spent most of the day at the dispatch center.  Ryan and I went to lunch at Meltz XtremeGrilled Cheese.  I’ve been there once before and it did not disappoint.  I got ½ of a Cubano with a Caesar side salad and some chips on the side.  It was really delicious.


We spent the remainder of the afternoon back at dispatch and then rushed to the Spokane airport to see our flight was delayed over an hour.  Doh!  We ended up chatting with some of the other delayed passengers to pass the time.  We arrived home close to 11pm and I promptly feel asleep on the couch then moved to bed at 1am. I ended up sleeping until 2pm when I came to work today.  I was exhausted.

I only worked a 4-hour OT shift today so I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight.  I’ve also got a pile of laundry and some meal planning to do.  I didn’t eat the best yesterday but working on cleaning it up the remainder of this week.


Weekly WI: Down A Small Amount

It's 3am and I should be sleeping...

I'm headed to Coeur d' Alene for our dispatch recruitment video filming. I ended up staying up all day yesterday (slight snooze on the couch around 7pm) and going to bed around 11am. I am sort of switchign to a psudo dayshift just for today. Then, it is back to the nightshift. My body isn't sure what day of the week it is or really what time it is. Ah...the joys of shift work.

I attended my Tueday AM meeting yestarday and had a small loss at the scale. My home scale had me down a pound but the WW scale had me down 0.2 pounds. It was good week of tracking, despite splurges on beer, so I'll take the win. 

I had a tough workout with my trainer yesterday as he surprised me with the “card game”. I ended up completing the deck of cards in 31 minutes. My last time was completed in 24 minutes. I'm a bit out of shape.

I'm working on trying to re-focus my activity this week along with keeping the food in check.

I'll check in as soon as I can. Happy Wedneday.


Friday On A Monday

My WI will be a day late this week due to my work schedule.  I have been anxious to see if I’ve dropped since I feel like I’ve done well with my tracking this week.  Since I’ve done well with tracking, I also feel like I should have whooper of a weight loss.  After all, I tracked!  I did peek at the scale on Friday and was reminded that I drank some beer over my “weekend.”

Needless to say, the scale is still down, just not anything near a whooper!  I still have one more day though so we will see what Tuesday morning brings.  I’ll admit, I’m nervous.  I really want to break out of the yo-yo cycle I’ve been on.

I did some meal planning this week and have been sticking to my plan.  But, I think I’m feeling bored again, because I’m feeling that itch to eat out.  I have gads of recipes I’ve found online, I just need to actually put it into motion and make some of them.  Maybe if I can spice up the taste buds, I can continue to resist the urge to eat out.

I’m going to have to change my sleep around somewhat for my trip to Coeur d’ Alene Wednesday to film our north dispatch center for our recruitment video.  I am working from 4pm to 2am on Monday night/Tuesday morning vs. my usual graveyard shift that goes until 6am.  That is why I can’t attend my meeting until Tuesday.  So, I’m going to attend the morning meeting.  I don’t think Donna is there as she said she would be taking some time off, but it is always nice to see my morning WW peeps.

I’m tired today.  I still have two and a half hours in my shift to go and it feels like the clock is slowly ticking by.  I am officially on days off starting Tuesday morning at 2am.


Hate & Discontent

I seem to be filled with some hate and discontent tonight, which has me in a bit of a bummer mood.

I met a friend for coffee before work.  I’ve known him for many years.  Talking politics should always be a no-no when family and friends are concerned.  But, it came up in conversation.  He ended by describing me as ignorant and that I just like to have fun all the time.  And because I am fun, it’s the only reason to spend time with me.  Ouch.  That stung just a bit.  I guess I’ll need to take my fun self elsewhere!

The storm cloud seemed to settle in about that time. 

I got to work and found an email from my supervisor asking for suggestions on making the time off/vacation approval more smooth.  I’m not sure where this came about but we have for sure been working a lot of overtime.  We keep telling ourselves that once we get trainees out, it will be better.  Yet, it always seems like somebody is taking time off.  I love my vacations and I don’t want to lose those on top of already feeling like our days off aren’t a guarantee.  I hope they will take the suggestions given by all seriously and see if they can come with some sort of conclusion that will still allow us to have our vacation.

This only seemed to add some strength to the storm cloud.  In a day or two, I suspect it will pass overhead and the sunshine in my disposition will return.

I debated if I should even blog today but I feel like I need to at least get all this off my mind so I can let it all go.


Monday On A Friday

For most of you in Internet Land, it is your Friday.  For me, it is my Monday.  My new days off are Tuesday – Thursday so I’m starting my work week today.  It has been a busy day so far as I’ve been at work already dealing with our dispatch recruitment video.  We got some great shots today.
I had a wonderful few days off and really soaked up the downtime.  Tuesday Kenyon and I had our 4th of July festivities.  First up was dinner at Tucanos.  Then we met up with my neighbors for our block party.  It was nice meeting the neighbors.  I had two beers, two shots, and a small sno cone.  I was patting myself on the back that I didn’t engage in any of the treats on the food table.  Then, I factored that all of that was 16 SPV!!  Sheesh.  Regardless, it was still a win in my book.
Ready for Date Nite

Ready to party

Wednesday I got my hair cut and then met up with Brenda and Phoenix for a drink at The Homestead.  I tried a really yummy Pineapple Cider.  I was trying to talk myself out of eating pizza (huge cravings!!) and noticed the happy hour food menu had homemade chips and tzatziki sauce.  So, we shared some as a table.  We agreed that it was just so-so but we still managed to eat most of it!  Brenda invited me to dinner at her house, which was much healthier than pizza.  We had left over pork skewers and Mexican salad.  I’ll have to re-create the Mexican salad as it was delicious. 
We went over to Phoenix’s boyfriend’s house, a close neighbor to Brenda, and visited for a bit before I called it quits and headed home.  My neighbor was home so we had a beer and visited for a little bit.  It was nice to get caught up since it has been a while since we have both been off work on the same day.
The rest of my weekend was spent watching a lot of TV.  I am currently in season five of Breaking Bad.  It has been really good so I am anxious to see how it ends.

Despite drinking a good majority of calories/points this weekend, I tracked it all and I didn’t allow myself to engage in any undocumented eating.  I have some meals planned the next few days so I am hoping for a nice sized loss.
With that, it is back to the grind today.


Meal Randomness

I actually cooked a few meals last week!  I know…I am as shocked as you are.  But, meal planning and preparing helped me stay on track.  So, this is the plan this week too.  I’m working really hard on my spending and I’ve got two weeks left on my credit card billing cycle.  I’ll be piecing meals together from what we have at home.  Planning ahead will be key.

Here are some random foods:

Kenyon bought some Tillamook smoke provolone at Rosauers and I was surprised to see one slice is just 2 SPV.  It seems cheese was one of the foods that hiked up in points after the new program rolled out.  I made myself an omelet with chicken breakfast sausage, one egg and two egg whites, and a slice of cheese.

I had some lean ground turkey in the freezer so I made half into mini meatloafs wrapped in bacon.  I liked this addition to flavor but I did have to add some extra BBQ sauce as well.

And the other half into stuffed peppers.  I served my peppers with olives and sour cream.  They were very good!

I finally tried the new Starbucks Cold Brew Nitro.  My coworker was talking about it weeks ago and I had planned to use my free star rewards on a drink but the darn pump has been broken ever since.  I swung by on Monday before my WW meeting and low and behold, it was available.  Verdict?  I didn’t love it.  Which is a good thing since it is more money and a smaller size than my usual Americano.  It was just too strong.  Plus, they don’t put it over ice since it is on nitro….but you have to chug it before it goes cold.  Not my thing.  I’ll stick to my Americanos.

And while I don’t have a photo, I also cooked up a pork roast which provided many meals.  It was a nice break from my usual baked or sautéed chicken breast.


Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

I have so many fond memories as a kid celebrating America’s Birthday.  The weekend closest to the holiday was spent at our cabin in Silver City.  We would have sourdough pancakes in the morning and then participate in the kid’s games downtown.  The games included a three-legged race, stick horse race, stick and hoop race, and sack race.  Then, they would break open several bales of hay and throw in money and candy so the kids could search for goodies.  We would make sure that we went straight to the old historic hotel to spend our money on more candy.  Oh boy, those were the days.  Why are kids so eager to grow up?  Knowing what I know now, I wish I could have stayed a kid forever.

On the actual holiday, we would go to Grandma A’s house in Melba early enough so we could snag our spots in front of her house for the annual parade.  It is no surprise, we got even more candy.  We would spend all day hanging around Melba and by night fall, we would settle in to watch the fireworks display, always one of the largest in the valley.  My Dad helped set off the fireworks so they have always held a special place in my heart.  Once we sold Grandma’s house, we didn’t go out to Melba anymore since we didn’t have the place to conger and relax.

Kenyon and I both have the night off, which is rare in my job.  I am looking forward to spending the evening with him taking in some of the local fireworks.  We have also been invited to a block party in our neighborhood, which I think will be annually.  I’m super stoked about that.  Currently we have plans to have dinner at Tucanos as they are having a cheap dinner price for the holiday.  Then we will come back home for the block party and maybe take in some fireworks elsewhere.  We will see where the night takes us.

Enjoy your holiday!


Weekly WI: A GREAT Loss

I had a loss of 1.4 pounds at the WW scale today.  Yippie!!!  Also, my home scale and my WW scale were only 0.1 pounds different, which doesn’t usually happen.  I think having my personal training sessions before my WW meeting (now that I can attend Monday night meetings again) works out to my advantage.  I am happy with my loss and am feeling energized this week to get back on track!

We are five weeks in on our 13-week meeting challenge.  If you attend 11 of 13 meetings, you get a summer WW charm.  We also got a bonus star for attending this week since it is the 4th of July.  So, now I have an extra free-be.  But, I don’t plan to miss out on any meetings.  Even if I can’t attend my Monday night meeting the next two weeks due to work, I’ll attend another meeting sometime in the week.

The 13-week WW challenge also coincides with our next vacation.  I’ve been researching trip stuff the last few days at work and I am itching for vacation.


My training session with Tyson was a good one today.  We did a 360 workout and hit all muscle groups with box stair steps in between each strength movement.  It feels good to get in a total body workout in 30-minutes and it leaves me feeling energized.  I am also feeling extra energized because I HAVE TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF IN A ROW!!!  (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself).  I have Tuesday and Wednesday off along with only a 4-hour overtime shift on Thursday.  So, that alone is boosting my mood.  I really need a break and it is about to come my way.

So, I plan to stay focused, stay the course with my meals, and get in some activity.  I do have some plans this week but I’m going to keep my eye on the prize as I look forward to a loss again next week.  After all, I’ve only got 68 days to get more weight off until vacation.



Last week was the one year mark of reaching my all-time high re-gain weight.  When you live in the Weight Watcher world, your life becomes sectioned off into parts usually referred to as before and after.  Well, I sort of have three parts and will soon have four parts.

Before: 304.8

After: 165

Re-gain: 253

Re-loss: ?

I have met many WW members, some of which are in my buddy circle, that have been on the WW journey many times.  They have been up and down the scale several times and have the t-shirt to prove it.  Although I was really confident I wouldn’t gain my weight back…here I set, one year later, among those that have been where I am now.  I guess you could call me a repeat offender.  I clearly didn’t learn all I was supposed to learn the first time.  When they say this is forever, they really mean this is forever.

The hardest part of going back up the scale is knowing you are letting all those bad habits that got you up the scale in the first place to resurface.  And, you feel as if you can’t stop it from happening.  It is almost like your life is running in slow motion similar to a dream where you can’t move.  You see yourself eating (insert trigger food here) and yet you can’t seem to make your hand move to slap it away from your face.

It is a vicious, vicious cycle.

One year ago I finally said “enough is enough” and I was ready to re-commit to my health and my WW program.  I toyed with the same ten pounds for many months until I made the jump and signed up with a personal trainer at the end of December.  Y’all know my motivation comes in waves, but I am committed to continuing to work on it. 

Here is my weight record from the WW app (the four column is the amount of weight I've gained since reaching my goal weight of 175):

Here are some Re-gain and Re-loss photos:


Here are some Before and Current photos: