7th Annual Ladies Day At Duck Ranch

On Saturday I headed out into Owyhee County with my parents for the 7th Annual Ladies Day at Duck Ranch.

My great aunt and uncle own property called Duck Ranch.  Each year at the end of March they invite all the ladies out for an afternoon of socializing and relaxing.  My Dad says this tradition started out as a thank you to all the wives for allowing the husbands to spend time away from the house during hunting season.  Whatever the reason it is fun to see my family and visit for the afternoon.
The property out on Duck Ranch is really neat.  It started as a single cabin and has grown from there.  It is also decorated very interesting, for lack of a better word.  It is definitely a hodge podge of all sorts of stuff.

I am no stranger to ausing n outhouse.  Our cabin in Silver City does not have a working toilet and so I have spent many years making trips to/from the outhouse.  Uncle Mike just finished building the new one before we arrived.  I was the first to use the new outhouse and it was like peeing in luxury.  Pretty fancy!

I love this Indian Weather Rock.  Uncle Mike said he was out at Duck Ranch a few months ago and the rock was covered with snow.  It really works!

Part of Ladies Day at Duck Ranch is that the ladies hike Castle Butte and then the men stay behind and cook lunch.  I like the scenario.  Uncle Mike always comes on the hike as he is our tour guide to ensure we don’t get lost.  My Cousin John often comes too but his family wasn’t able to make it this year.  We had my Cousin Nate joining the group and also my Cousin Debbie’s boyfriend Don.  Kenyon has also gone on the hike a time or two.  We don’t discriminate as long as there are enough men to stay behind and cook for us.  I’m kidding…sort of.

This is my Cousin Amanda on the left and both of us on the right.  Amanda has worked really hard the last year to lose around 100 pounds.  This was Amanda’s first time on the hike and I am so very proud of her.  She rocked it!  What an amazing accomplishment.

We saw signs of wildlife along our trail.  This photo is a gopher trap.  Uncle Mike said the coyotes are pretty savvy in that they watch the gopher traps and then steal them and break them apart to eat the trapped gopher.

We also saw some animal bones that still had a tiny bit of fur on it.  Creepy.

Don’t all hikes involve seeing cows?

I was super hungry when we got done with our hike and lunch wasn’t quite ready.  I didn’t want to blow through my PPVs snacking on junk so I dug into Don’s homemade chili.  I heard there is a whole head of cabbage in his recipe.  It was delicious.  I also enjoyed the festive atmosphere.  (Okay that is kind of gross having to look at bones and cows and than food.  Sorry about that).

I was pretty sure I’d have a hamburger and planned ahead with extra lettuce for a lettuce wrap bun.  I added an assortment of pasta salads and some olives and chips.  I love BBQ food!

I finished off with a few bites of dessert.  Since I can never pick just one I had a sampler plate.  I also had some cold coffee from the bottom of the pot.  All the old people that stayed back at the cabin drank it all before I got there.  Sheesh.

When I got home I took a nap.  It was glorious.  Despite the iffy weather we had a beautiful day.  The rain held off until the drive home.  We even had a few times where the wind died down and the temperature was also pretty decent.  Some years you just never know what the weather will be like at the end of March.
I had already agreed to go to the Chinese buffet with Kenyon when he got home from work.  Then I figured up the PPVs I had eaten at the BBQ and for breakfast.  I was out of DPA and only had 9 WPPA left.  GULP.  Whoops.  Had I not already agreed I might have said no to Chinese.  However, it wasn’t the end of the world.  I just had to get creative.
My best guess is 12 PPVs so I used 3 of my APs for the week.  I started with a big plate of steamed veggies sautéed in sauce and then had my usual small bits of Chinese food.  I stuck to non-fried protein sources and had had a few green beans and some pan fried chow mien.  I’d usually also have two crab rangoon but I skipped that since I didn’t have the extra PPVs to use.  I would also get more green beans since that is my favorite part and I usually get some chicken meatballs.  Again, I skipped that.
The best part of Saturday was spending time with my family.  I wish Kenyon could have been there.


Definition of Calories

My coworker John gave me his Dove chocolate wrapper.

Ain't that the truth.  

He knows me well.


Last Week's Eats And Treats

I’ve already shared some of my food from last week since we had our anniversary weekend.  So you’ll see some repeats.
One thing is for sure, I need to do better about getting in my veggies!  I find that when I eat a lot of PPVs, usually a planned party and/or event, I don’t really get in my GHGs.  I don't have any planned events though for a few weeks until we head to Vegas.
So, here is some of last week’s food, or what I remembered to photograph.
I started my week eating leftovers and/or meals at home since I knew we would be eating out over the weekend.  I had left over turkey and ham that I threw over some lettuce for a quick salad.

I made some chicken noodle soup that always ends up being two servings so I had soup for a couple of meals.

After a trip to Rosauers for produce the fruit was calling to me.

These are polenta pizzas.  I found the recipe off Green Lite Bites and I make them all the time.  I prefer to sauté my cut polenta in olive oil at home with some garlic powder and then assemble them at work and bake in the toaster oven.  I top mine with garlic and basil flavored tomato paste and Gouda cheese.  Writing about this makes me want them again this week!

Wednesday last week I met my friend Rebecca for lunch downtown.  I love going downtown and parking and walking was an excuse to get in more steps on my FitBit. 

We had Costa Vida and I had my usual sweet pork salad.  Obviously it was good because I forgot to snap a photo of it until I was done.  Writing about this also makes me want another sweet pork salad this week!

Since I was already downtown I continued my walk in the sunshine to Flying M for some ice coffee to talk to work later.

Look but don’t touch!

Oatmeal with peanut butter and a dollop of coconut oil in the center.

Breakfast at home of half a Heritage scone, egg cups, and fruit.

Lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Yummy coconut cashews.  Many were consumed on Tuesday.

Boca burger on a lettuce wrap with sweet potato fries.

Albertson’s muffins (just the tops) along with eggs topped with cheese, chicken breakfast sausages, and fruit.

When we got home from Ketchum I had a Trader Joe’s pizza burger (just so-so) and some left over salad with ranch.

Then I headed to $4 all-you-can-fill frozen yogurt.

And lastly my dinner on Monday night.  Baked chicken with BBQ sauce, green beans, and cooked carrots.