Friday Randomness

It’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend!  Tomorrow the movers are coming to move the rest of our BIG stuff to the storage shed and we will relocate to Mom and Dad’s house.  Sunday I am meeting up with a few friends to hike around an area called Jump Creek and then drink some wine and have a picnic at St. Chapelle Winery.  It should be really enjoyable and relaxing.  I love when I can have time with my girlfriends.

We got the official word that they have begun construction on our house.  Now, with that being said it might still be a week or so until we see actual ground movement.  I drove by the property last night just to check and didn’t see anything yet.  Both of the neighbor’s houses have started.  The neighbor on the left is farther along than the neighbor on the right as that just started earlier this week.  I’ll be anxious to join them.  Eeeeeek……so exciting.

Next week we will head to New Mexico to see my in-laws and meet our new great niece.  My mother-in-law is currently in the hospital with pneumonia.  I hope she will be on the mend soon.  Wish we could be there now to see her.  Soon though, very soon.

Sadly we had to move our September NYC/New England cruise out to September of 2017.  I am sure the house will be finished before our sail date but we were feeling nervous about taking a vacation so close to what could be the end of the home building process.  I was able to get all of our current arrangements switched over with no problems so that was a plus.  This also gives us more time to save up money.  NYC is going to be very expensive.  Plus, with a new house we know we want to buy some new stuff.

My eating has much improved from weeks past.  I have gone three days with no sugar/sweets and I’ll soon have a fourth day under my belt.  It feels good to not feel crapy.

My friend Jamie saw this beautiful peacock on her walk today.  Amazing.


Here is some funnies for your Friday.



Bra Shopping At The Plus-Size Store

I’ve needed new bras for a while now.  My Victoria Secret purchase from long ago was starting to fall apart and I’ve had to re-attach the strap each morning.  I didn’t really want to go back to Victoria Secret per se and now that I am once again in the plus-size category I was actually excited to get back to Lane Bryant to try on their balconette bras.  It was one of my very favorite bras before I lost all my weight.

I used to shop at Lane Bryant all the time.  It was the one store that you could find clothes that fit and look good without having to try on a lot of clothes that didn’t fit in the process.  Once I lost my weight I took pride in the fact that I didn’t have to shop there anymore despite all the cute clothes they offer.  There was a bit of anxiety as I drove to the mall last Sunday.  I remember it was really difficult to go from shopping in the plus size section to shopping in the regular section.  Newsflash: it is just as difficult doing the reverse.  Also, when you go from shopping in the regular size section to the plus size section, there tends to be a negative connotation that goes with it. 

I am not sure why it has to be a negative experience though as I had a very positive experience.  The sales gal was awesome.  I explained that I needed new bras and since I’ve recently gained some weight I’d like to get measured.  She gave me the rundown of all the bras they have (I explained I used to be a regular) and then helped me select a few in the size I needed.  She even shared with me which bras help her as she has excess back and side fat.  I felt really comfortable and wasn’t embarrassed at all about my re-gain. 

Side note: right now I am not allowed to open any new credit until our house sells and the new build is complete.  If I could though, I’d have opened a store credit card and bought myself some new clothes to go with my new bras.  Instead I contained myself.

For the first time in a while I finally felt like the clothing items in the store would fit me.  I didn’t have to feel down on myself for trying on a size 16 at JC Penney only to have it not fit.  Or if I am lucky to have it fit for it to not look good.  I know buying new clothes in a larger size is never a good idea.  I’ve done it…twice now.  I just wish we could ditch the negative feelings that go with it. 

Plus-size women are just as beautiful as skinny women.  It is easy to forget that when you live in a world of Weight Watchers.  Being healthy is key.  We are not defined by our size.  We should not be shamed by it either.


Teens & Puberty

Good Morning.

It wasn’t a super late night last night but I am still tired today.  I had a great time hanging out with my niece Hailey.  I should really find the time to do that more often.  I can’t believe she will be 12 next month.  It is just crazy how fast time flies.

After I picked Hailey up we drove out to the property to see the houses being built.  I got really excited when I saw our other neighbor (the house to the right of us) with poured concrete.  This should mean that we will be the next house to begin.  I still don’t know when that is exactly but it is still exciting.  We peeked into windows (of vacant houses) and talked about the model of house Kenyon and I were building.  It was fun.  Hailey wanted froyo so we stopped at Zumberri before we headed to dinner.  I sampled the mango but other than that, I didn’t partake in any sweet treat.

We then met Jamie and her daughter Veronica for dinner at Qdoba before we went to a class at the local hospital.  It was class for mothers and daughters on how to talk to your teen about sex and also learning about puberty and what crazy changes are in store for your teen.  Hailey was a bit nervous to attend the class with me but was a good sport about it all.  At one point the separated the teens from the mothers so that the mothers could learn about talking to your child about safe sex, STDs, etc while the daughters learned about puberty and what type of changes they should expect down the road.  Hailey returned with a stack of papers and whispered to me that they had to look at photos.  I didn’t understand what she meant until she showed me a sheet of paper tucked under all her other papers.  It was a very accurate drawing of a vagina and not the kind you see in a text book.  She insisted we throw it away.  I told her I would take all the papers they gave her because I was still laughing on the inside of the whole encounter.  Poor girl.

I think it was a good thing we went to the class and I do wish my sister could have been there too.  Hailey expressed interest in a few books on puberty so I’ll get them for her.  There was also an excellent book for parents on how to talk to your teen so that your teen will talk to you.  I think I’ll get that for my sister.  Hailey made note as we were leaving she didn’t understand why I wanted to come when I don’t have any kids of my own.  I told her that she and Emma are like my kids.  I want her to know that I am always there if she needs anything from me.  I hope she knows that.

Well…now that we have covered all that…

My food was on track yesterday and I avoided any sweets.  There was plenty of options between stopping for froyo, Hershey kisses in bowls all over the classroom last night, and also goodies in the back of the classroom for guests.  It feels good to be successful.  Today I have my lunch and snacks for work and I have a dinner plan for eating at home later.

I started tracking this week.  So far I am writing my food down and I am weighing and measuring food again.  I’ve not started looking at the points.  In order to get fully back on track though, it all needs to come together.  I am happy with my progress thus far.  Baby steps.


Tired Tuesday

Good Morning.

Raise your hand if you are tired today?


There is talk at work about going to shift bid and I woke up at 2:45am thinking about it all.  I am not one that resists change but right now I really like our current schedule.  Since I have recently returned to ISP, I fear I have lost my place near the top of the seniority list (I would be third in line based on my original hire date).  When I got to work this morning I was hopeful I could lobby my case but I felt like I am getting a lot of resistance vs. support.  Sigh.

I make pretty good money now with our recent wage increase.  The legislature awarded us a 3% wage increase and then our department lobbied for a higher increase due to cost of living.  Our wages for dispatch aren’t very competitive compared to other agencies in our area.  So I got an additional $3.03 now and will get another $0.40 in July.  It is hard to complain about being at the bottom when you make good money.  Whenever I think about being stuck on graveyard for a year it depresses me.  What I like about our current rotation is that we are on the same shift for 12-weeks and during those 12-weeks you are guaranteed weekends off.  It is nice to always have weekends off at least four times a year.  If we went to a shift bid then you would chance somebody else taking the weekend shift off for the whole year.

I know if I was sitting at the top, I would be more in favor of a shift bid.  Sitting at the bottom doesn’t make you feel very good.  So needless to say I am bit tired today from thinking about all of this. 
I’m picking up my niece Hailey after work to take her to dinner before we attend a class at the local hospital.  It is a class geared towards young women and their mothers on how to open the dialog of sex.  Hailey will be 12 in May and I thought she might want to go.  Since my sister Katie works I asked if I could take her.  I hope she won’t be too embarrassed.  Hopefully it won’t be a super late nig


Weekly WI And Some Positives For The Week Ahead

Here is a joke for you:

What type of exercise do lazy people do?


I was dragging my feet this morning but eventually got myself out of the house and headed to Curves (that is where I heard the joke) for a workout before my WW meeting.  It was pretty busy at that time of the morning at Curves and unfortunately those old women like to chat more than they like to work out.  Often you can’t get onto your next machine because they are too busy yakking while they are sitting on the machine.  But…I have a soft spot for old ladies so I just made do.  As with all activity, getting there is half the battle.  I am glad I went.

I drove home and had a quick shower and change so I could get to my WW meeting.  This Monday meeting was packed and I was able to see Gina, our Weight Watcher of Salt Lake City owner who was in town checking up on the meetings.  I love Gina and so it was wonderful to see her.  We were able to chat a bit before the meeting started.

I had a pretty good WI in that my gain for the last three weeks was only two pounds.  Considering I have had some dozy of gains during the last few months I was happy to see only a gain of two pounds.  It helped me feel encouraged vs. depressed.  I didn’t do anything really wonderful this last week but I was mindful of my sugar early in the week.

On Thursday we went to my parent’s house for dinner and for dessert I had cherry pie and ice cream (and two and a half donuts earlier in the day).  I felt horrible all evening long.  It is a reminder that I am better off without all that sugar.  I know keeping the sugar cravings at bay will also help me with my WW plan and with the number on the scale.  Plus, I just feel better.  I also feel better when we eat at home vs. eat out due to all the sodium in restaurant foods.  It is hard to talk myself into eating at home but last night I did.  I gave Kenyon options of what we had at home leaving it up to him to suggest eating out but instead we ate at home.  I know this helped keep my gain today on the low side just due to the reduction in sodium alone.  My rings weren’t as tight this morning as they are when I’ve eaten a high sodium meal.

I went to Trader Joe’s before I met my friend Rebecca for lunch and did some grocery shopping for the week.  I have lots of fresh veggies and I am planning to eat the all veggie salads this week.  I didn’t do really well planning dinners but I have a few meal ideas in mind.  Since we are moving out on Saturday and have to clean out our fridge, perhaps we can find something in our freezer and pantry to get us by as well.  I’ll think on it more ahead of time so I am not tempted to eat out.  I work a 12-hour shift both Wednesday and Thursday so I know the desire to eat out and get to bed will be there.  Kenyon is off both those days so I’ll find meal ideas where he can have them ready to go by the time I get home.  That will help us both be more successful.

Today at lunch with Rebecca she ordered ahead of me at Costa Vida and ordered the small sweet pork salad.  I realized that I also could order the small size instead of the large size.  Since we had a 2 for 1 coupon this would also save money.  It was the perfect size.  I got my tortilla on the side so I could eat the whole thing without it being soaked in the sweet pork and black bean juice.  If I had gotten the big tortilla I would have been tempted to eat it.

It’s a very busy week ahead for trying to squeeze in activity.  I will make sure I pack my tennis shoes with me to work for anytime I can be on the same side of the room as the treadmill.  Or if it is slow maybe I can take a quick 20 minute break and get in some activity.  I talked to the Curves center about moving my membership to Nampa temporarily.  So I’ll do that to help me utilize it more as that will be much more covenant.

I bought a brand new tracker at my WW meeting since I’m not sure where I packed the other trackers away at.  Here is to a positive week ahead.


Saturday Night At Humpin' Hannah's

Earlier in the week my friend Phoenix sent a text asking if I was busy this weekend. She is going through a divorce that hasn't been easy on her. Her daughter was at a sleep over so Phoenix found herself with some adult time and needed an adult to fill that time. It just so happens that I was rotating shifts at work and didn't have to work Sunday. A night out on the town was planned for Saturday night. And it was epic!

Phoenix came to my house and we headed to BoDo in downtown Boise to grab some food. The pizza place we were going to stop at had closed down. We continued to Bodovino Wine as I had some wine cards with some money left on them. Turns out not much money so we reloaded the cards and tasted some wines.

We also shared an amazing flatbread. We were just in time for happy hour and the flatbread was just $5.99. It was delicious. While we were at Bodovino, I was waiting to hear from my friend Jenny Ware and her boyfriend Noel on meeting up with them after the hockey game ended. Phoenix and I were thinking we might go dancing so Jenny suggested going to Humpin' Hannah's downtown. Talk about a blast from the past!

Hannah's was our go-to spot when I was in college. I had been joking with Phoenix that ten years ago we were the young crowd amongst the old crowd at Hannah's. Now, we were the old crowd. Honestly once we got there it just felt like we fit in. Hannah's always had such a great mix of people and last night was no different. The dance floor was packed and we were sweating like crazy dancing up a storm.

Noel's best buddy, David, and his girlfriend had come from the hockey game with Jenny and Noel. The girlfriend, Terri, was so drunk she could hardly stand up but boy was she hilarious. I introduced myself and then introduced Phoenix telling Terri that Phoenix as my partner/girlfriend. Terri kept telling us we should have babies and we would make beautiful babies. Ha! Every time she hugged me she would say “don't worry, I'm not gay.” Since Jenny and I met during our time as correctional officers at the prison we like to tell people we met in prison. Oh my gosh...so much fun.

We also ended up in the bathroom at the same time as one of the several bridal/bachelorette parties. They were doing a scavenger hunt and needed a photo in the bathroom. We obliged and I asked for one with my phone so I could post this on the blog. I didn't get your name but congrats on the wedding next month.

I'll tell ya, the smile on Phoenix's face was priceless. We ended up staying out past 1am and that was mostly because I just wanted to see Phoenix continue to smile. She has had a pretty rough go during her marriage and her divorce hasn't been quick and simple. I am so glad we went out and had some fun.

Life is meant to be fun!


Book Review: Ardent Springs Series

After reading the Anchor Island Novel series from Terri Osburn, I recently purchased the first book of her Ardent Springs series.  I was hooked!

His First and Last was fantastic.  Once again I quickly fell in love with the main characters Lorelei and Spencer.  Terri has a way of creating chemistry between her main characters that has you waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens.  I couldn’t put the book down.


I read book one in a matter of days and thankfully book two was already available for download.  Our Now and Forever was just a great.  I love books that are in a series because it threads the common characters together while introducing new characters.  We met Snow in book one and in book two we meet Caleb.  Once again this book has amazing chemistry between Snow and Caleb.


I am eager to read book three My One and Only, which is due out May 17th.  In book one, we met Cooper and got a slight hit at his leading lady Haleigh.  I am anxious to learn more about Haleigh and how her romance with Cooper will develop.


I highly recommend both the Anchor Novel Series and the Ardent Springs Series.  Keep it up Terri.  You have me hooked!


Short Work Week

Happy Weekend to all of you out in Internet Land.  I’m starting my work week today but it will be a short one due to rotating to new days off this weekend.  I only work today and tomorrow and then I have Sunday and Monday off.  WhoooHooo.  I work a 4-hour OT shift on Monday afternoon so not quite a full two days off.  I’ll take it though.

I had really good intentions of going to a WW meeting this week.  There wasn’t an early Wednesday morning meeting so I waited until Thursday.  Sadly, I didn’t end up going.  I am clearing my schedule and will attend a Monday morning meeting this coming week.  Last week I was thinking I might need to start attending two or even three meetings each week as sort of like a good healthy dose of therapy!  I am thinking when we get moved over to my parent’s house next week that I’ll find a meeting in that area to attend.  It would be kind of nice to find a meeting where I am not known and can just be a new WW member.  I think I have a shot with a meeting in Caldwell.  I am pretty sure I know the leader though. 

I followed my strict no-sugar rule for a few days.  I’m not making myself sick to my stomach like I was.  I know I feel better when I limit my sugar splurges so I’m going to continue to keep them in check.  Just like evaluating all food choices, sugar/sweets isn’t something I need every day.  Once I re-build that habit of not giving into to the thought the craving will pass.

With the month of May fast approaching I think I need to set a goal of filling my Apple Watch circles every day of the month.  I also need to up that daily movement goal.  Re-building the exercise habit is important.  I think I’ll be moving my Curves membership to Nampa while we are living over there.  It will make it so much easier to attend when I am on night shift.

Sorry my thoughts are all over the place today.  I feel very tired today.


The Last Three Days

Hello and Happy Almost Friday!  I am at work for a four hour OT shift so I hope it passes fast.   My days off were jammed packed but it was so nice to have more than just one day off.  I’ll admit I wasn’t ready to come back to work just yet.

Tuesday was our final CBH Design Studio appointment.  This is where you see the plans of your house drawn up, discuss all the specifics, and finalize the choices for inside and outside your home.  They set aside five hours for this appointment and we used it all…plus some!  I am so glad we knew ahead of time what we wanted or we would have been there even longer.  It was really important that we finish all we needed so they can start building our new home.  If there was any delay on our end with picking out our options it would push our closing date back further.  Thankfully we got it all wrapped up!


Our contact at the Design Studio, Lisa, was amazing.  We had a great time with her and appreciated her assistance and input.  She is really excited to see all our choices come together so I guess that means we picked well.  I cannot wait as I know it will all look amazing.  There isn’t a start date just yet but we found out on Wednesday that the permits are ready to go.  We also signed an addendum for two changes that came up after our appointment so I think our plans are headed to print.  It would be amazing to get the email next week they are breaking ground.  We have to wait and see.  Waiting is the hardest part!

After our appointment, which ran from 8:30am to 3:15pm, we drove by the property to look around a bit and then headed home before leaving the house again for our realtor’s annual Customer Appreciation Party held at Franz Witte Nursery.  It was a beautiful day for an outside party.


In the photo above is Tracie, who is our buyer’s agent and helping with the CBH build; Kenyon; me; Christina, who is the head of the company and is helping us sell our current house; and Kelli, who is a jack off all trades as she does a lot of the paperwork and scheduling.  Kelli actually lives in Colorado and was in town for the party.  She continues to work for the company despite moving to another state.  This was the first time we were able to meet her in person.

The party was catered by Kanak Attack which is one of my very favorites and serves delicious Hawaiian pulled pork and coconut rice.  For this event we had chicken, coconut rice, and some veggies.  It wasn’t up to their usual standards so I was a bit disappointed.


But there was wine so that made up for it!


We were only able to stay for an hour as I had double booked myself when I signed up for a cooking class several weeks ago.  A local hospital put on this class and the theme was “springtime fresh foods” meaning you can find most of the items at the Farmer’s Market.  It was really fun and several of my friends signed up too.  We just watched them prepare the food and then we got to taste.  I kept forgetting to take photos!  I did love the tiny fork though.


We sampled several salads, appetizers, a main dish, and even a dessert.  All was really yummy.  The only thing that would have made it more enjoyable was some wine!

Wednesday I went out to my parent’s house to get our rooms ready to go.  We are using two rooms joined together.  One will be our bedroom and one will be the computer room/TV room.  Both Kenyon and I will be on night shift during the time at my parent’s house so we needed a place we can hang out and not disturb everybody else.  I’m not excited to live in the basement among the mice and spiders but I’ll manage.  Hopefully it’s only for a few months.

Today before I came into work, Kenyon and I worked hard at re-organizing the storage shed.  We were quickly running out of room and still needed to put in some larger items.  Thankfully we have it organized better and we also gave away/donated a bunch of stuff as well.  We wish we had been more proactive with getting rid of stuff before we started packing.  There just wasn’t enough time.  Hopefully as we unpack we can rid ourselves of unnecessary items.

When I got to work I had a pleasant surprise in learning the raises we were to get at work was better than I expected.  I am now making more than I was at Nampa PD.  So I suppose in the end all things happen for a reason.


What I Ate Yesterday: Monday

I documented everything I ate on Monday so I could share it with you. It also helped to keep me on track! I had decided at the start of the day that I need a time-out when it comes to sugar and treats and going cold turkey for at least this week sounds like a fantastic idea. I had the opportunity three times on Monday for sugar but declined all three times saying “I'm on a strict no-sugar plan!” I am happy to report that we didn't eat out at all on Monday (came home and made dinner after my 12-hour work shift) and didn't have any sweets. WhoooHooo! Here is my Monday food.


When I have fresh strawberries, I can't turn down an opportunity to have them in my oatmeal. I love fresh strawberries and peanut butter. It is a winning combination. I ran out of almond milk a few weeks ago and finally picked up more. I really like oatmeal made with almond milk vs. water. It just creamier. I had a homemade Starbucks coffee at home before I headed to work.

Once at work I had my Dutch Bros coffee.

Starbucks is running a promotion that if you come after 2pm you get 4x the rewards points. So I waited to have my Starbucks coffee until after work.


I sort of had two snacks today as I was working a 12-hour shift. The first one was yogurt and granola. I usually have plain non-fat greek yogurt with fruit. For convenience a few weeks ago I bought some ready-to-go yogurts and have really liked the change. The Chobani Lemon is one of my favorite kinds.

My other snack was a chicken sausage we picked up at Costo sautéed in olive oil with a bell pepper. I had leftover sweet potato fries from meeting my friend Mark at Bardenay on Sunday. They weren't as epic re-heated.


I had a basic salad for lunch with ham, turkey, pineapple, and swiss cheese. I also had some carrots and dip on the side.


We picked up some chicken with cheddar burger patties at Costco so dinner was one patty minus a bun with green beans and some stuffing on the side. I struggle most with the sweets after a meal so I had a tart apple to finish off with.

I like when I have successful days under my belt. It makes me feel really good.


Seven Day Stretch: Goal Completed

I met my goal of filling all three circles on my Apple watch this week.  I even earned an award!!!


I was having a conversation with one of our troopers about recently signing up for several virtual run/walk events just so I could get a metal.  He said, “So you are part of this new generation that feels entitled and has to be given something upon completion.”  Um...heck yeah!  If I’m going to do something I had better be awarded for it.  Okay, so maby it isn’t quite that bad but I do like shiny things.

I had to “fudge” my activity a few times this week but all in all, it was a successful week.  I only made it into Curves once.  I mostly walked on the treadmill at work when I had the opportunity.  One day Kenyon and I walked to/from breakfast and one day I walked a few laps in the mall since I didn’t have time for much else.  I was even so desperate that one evening I was doing squats and walking in place for five minutes just to finish up my 30 minute goal.


Hitting Rock Bottom

I went to the mall yesterday after work to try on some clothes and spend a $10 off coupon I had at JC Penney’s.  Of course nothing really fits or looks good so I instantly became flooded with thoughts of why can’t I just be skinny?  I kept spotting people at the mall and would think to myself how lucky they must have it.  Why can’t it just be easy?  Why didn’t I work harder to keep myself at goal?  How could I have been so stupid to gain a good chuck of the weight back?

I’m pretty sure I’ve officially hit rock bottom. 


So, how do you begin to pull yourself back out of the slump?  That drive was there several years ago so why can’t I seem to draw it back out?  It wasn’t easy the first time so I can’t seem to figure out why I think it will be any easier the second time.  I start each day thinking this day will be different only to succumb to poor eating and an over abundance of sweets.  It should be so easy…I know what I need to do.  And yet each day I don’t DO IT.  It makes me think back to Katie’s blogpost about how you need to quit saying you will do something and just “get it over with”.


I don’t really follow Heather and her Half Size Me blog/podcasts like I once did.  I think most of it is because I’m jealous she is having such smashing success.  After all, weight loss and maintenance is her life and when you are making that a priority you will see positive results.  She shared some photos on her FB page after an outing with her kids at the roller skating rink.  She said something that has stuck with me.  “Yesterday reminded me of a very big and important reason as to why I worked so hard to lose 170 pounds and to now be keeping up with my healthy lifestyle and habits.  I want to be free.  Never to feel imprisoned in my body.” 

That is a very powerful statement.  I know I’ve been feeling imprisoned in my body for a few years now.  It started back in August 2013 when my back problems started and I couldn’t continue with the high intensity aerobics that had been such a big part of my life.  As I continue to gain weight I feel even more imprisoned.  The bigger I get the less active I become and the more I seem to struggle.  I feel fat everywhere all the time.  It is always on my mind and I feel like I can never escape it.  I hate this feeling.

I really do feel I am at my lowest possible level.  I just can’t seem to get myself out of this slump I am in.


The Work Week Begins

Happy Friday!!!!  I am starting my work week so not as much excitement on my end.  However, we got the approval to wear jeans today and we are having a potluck to celebrate the end of National Public Safety Telecommunications week.  Hey, in dispatch you can never have enough food days!  I brought sweet and sour meatballs for my contribution and some strawberry jello.  Yum!

It was a busy day off but a very enjoyable one with Kenyon.  We needed a day off together where we could just spend time as a couple.  We have been eating out a lot lately but still entertained the idea of going out to breakfast.  Kenyon suggested walking to LePeep so that is what we did.  We cut through a nearby neighborhood (can’t help it when house stuff is always on the brain) and we ended up walking 3.6 miles roundtrip.  I am trying to get back to some of my old WW healthy habits so I brought part of my breakfast home with us.

We had early afternoon appointments for massages.  Since we are moving into Mom and Dad’s house temporarily, we have decided to cancel our membership right now.  We might end up getting a new membership at a location closer to our new home once we get moved.  I added the hot stone upgrade to mine for $10.  I love a hot stone massage and she did a great job.  If we were sticking around at that location I would have made sure to remember her name.  She was really good.

We then ran errands and had pizza for lunch before going to the CBH Design Studio.  I didn’t realize they closed at 5pm so we only were able to be there for a few minutes.  We won’t have another opportunity to look anymore before our final meeting on Tuesday.  We have most of our options picked out and our appointment can last up to five hours.  So we should be good to finalize next week.  I can’t wait!!!  I am so ready for them to start building our house already.

Mom and Dad were watching Hailey and Emma for a few hours and had invited us to dinner.  We made the drive to Kuna to see them and eat Mexican food at Enrique’s.  My nieces are so darn cute.  As soon as I get back to weekends off I hope I can spend more time with them.  They just crack me up!  On our way home we swing by the property to look at more outside paint colors on the existing homes being built and to see the progress of the other houses.  Our neighbor’s house is coming along nicely.  So far there is three alley load homes on our side of the street and three on other side.  I haven’t been into the floor plan of the newest house being built called The Greenbrier.  I am excited to see how it looks once it gets further along.

Until our house gets started it is so hard to wait.  I hope it will be soon but I know after our Tuesday appointment we are still looking at another 3-4 weeks until they actually break ground.  Sigh.  It’s taking forever!

Happy Weekend to you.


Social Time With Friends And Other Stuff

Happy Hump Day!  I just have to get through my 10-hour shift and then I get tomorrow off.  WhoooHooo!  Kenyon and I have booked a massage tomorrow afternoon and I’m getting the hot stone added to mine.  Hello relaxation and time with my hubby.  I am super excited.

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week is well under way.  The administration staff cooked up hamburgers and hot dogs on Monday and they will be here cooking again today as it is a different crew on.  I worked Monday and am working overtime today so, I get two days of food.  Heck ya!

On Monday my Apple Watch switches over for the week after giving me the summary of the prior week.  I have set a goal to complete all three of my Apple Watch circles each day.

  • Burn 350 active calories
  • Exercise for 30 minutes
  • Stand for some part of each hour for a total of 12 hours

So far Monday and Tuesday went well.  I walked on the treadmill at work Monday (45 minutes total) and made an appearance at Curves yesterday. 


It was a busy day at work yesterday as I was working a grant shift for our Commercial Vehicle Specialists.  I think I only stood up twice in that 5.5 hour shift.  Thankfully I was able to still get in 12 hours since I was awake until 8pm.  Whew.


It has been a social-outing week so far as I had plans to meet friends on Monday evening at The Counter in The Village.  They have a deal where you get a flight of four mini beers and four mini burgers all for $13.  I wasn’t super impressed with The Counter but I did end up liking two of my mini beers. 


My beer picks were McCall Lemon Ginger (really good), Boise Brewing Co Snowboarder Porter (sooooo good), Odell Brewing Company 90 Shillings Ale, and a Honey Blonde Ale but I don’t remember from what brewery. 

The four mini burgers were pre-selected for you.  I shared mine with Kate and forgot to snap a photo so Danielle let me snap a photo of hers (she ate one already).

I had a lunch date with my friend Jenny yesterday but then she cancelled.  I ended up getting an invite for drinks with my friend Brenda, whom I have recently reconnected with.  We met at Kona Grill in The Village and ended up with a seat at the bar.  I like watching the bartenders make drinks.  It is so much fun.  They have a great happy hour menu but the prices are a bit steep.  I decided to be adventurous and try the Sake Sangria: gekkeikan sake, fresh squeezed fruit, and seaglass gruet brut sparking.  It was only okay as it could have been sweeter. 


Brenda and I shared a margarita flatbed, which was really good.  Kenyon decided to join us when he got off work.  He ordered some spinach and artichoke dip and avocado egg rolls.  The flatbread was really good so we also ordered a pepperoni one to share.  Despite my better judgment I gave in to the tipsy feeling and ordered a Sam Adams seasonal beer which was the Summer Ale.  It was nice, light, and refreshing.


I met Kenyon for lunch yesterday after Curves and we went to Mongolian BBQ.  I haven’t been in a while and it really hit the spot.  Sadly Kenyon added curry to his bowl by mistake and his was horrible.  Poor guy.


The social outings continue today when I meet Phoenix at 6pm for margaritas.  This isn’t helping my weight loss efforts but I sure am enjoying the time with my friends.

Happy Wednesday!