Weekly WI And Some Positives For The Week Ahead

Here is a joke for you:

What type of exercise do lazy people do?


I was dragging my feet this morning but eventually got myself out of the house and headed to Curves (that is where I heard the joke) for a workout before my WW meeting.  It was pretty busy at that time of the morning at Curves and unfortunately those old women like to chat more than they like to work out.  Often you can’t get onto your next machine because they are too busy yakking while they are sitting on the machine.  But…I have a soft spot for old ladies so I just made do.  As with all activity, getting there is half the battle.  I am glad I went.

I drove home and had a quick shower and change so I could get to my WW meeting.  This Monday meeting was packed and I was able to see Gina, our Weight Watcher of Salt Lake City owner who was in town checking up on the meetings.  I love Gina and so it was wonderful to see her.  We were able to chat a bit before the meeting started.

I had a pretty good WI in that my gain for the last three weeks was only two pounds.  Considering I have had some dozy of gains during the last few months I was happy to see only a gain of two pounds.  It helped me feel encouraged vs. depressed.  I didn’t do anything really wonderful this last week but I was mindful of my sugar early in the week.

On Thursday we went to my parent’s house for dinner and for dessert I had cherry pie and ice cream (and two and a half donuts earlier in the day).  I felt horrible all evening long.  It is a reminder that I am better off without all that sugar.  I know keeping the sugar cravings at bay will also help me with my WW plan and with the number on the scale.  Plus, I just feel better.  I also feel better when we eat at home vs. eat out due to all the sodium in restaurant foods.  It is hard to talk myself into eating at home but last night I did.  I gave Kenyon options of what we had at home leaving it up to him to suggest eating out but instead we ate at home.  I know this helped keep my gain today on the low side just due to the reduction in sodium alone.  My rings weren’t as tight this morning as they are when I’ve eaten a high sodium meal.

I went to Trader Joe’s before I met my friend Rebecca for lunch and did some grocery shopping for the week.  I have lots of fresh veggies and I am planning to eat the all veggie salads this week.  I didn’t do really well planning dinners but I have a few meal ideas in mind.  Since we are moving out on Saturday and have to clean out our fridge, perhaps we can find something in our freezer and pantry to get us by as well.  I’ll think on it more ahead of time so I am not tempted to eat out.  I work a 12-hour shift both Wednesday and Thursday so I know the desire to eat out and get to bed will be there.  Kenyon is off both those days so I’ll find meal ideas where he can have them ready to go by the time I get home.  That will help us both be more successful.

Today at lunch with Rebecca she ordered ahead of me at Costa Vida and ordered the small sweet pork salad.  I realized that I also could order the small size instead of the large size.  Since we had a 2 for 1 coupon this would also save money.  It was the perfect size.  I got my tortilla on the side so I could eat the whole thing without it being soaked in the sweet pork and black bean juice.  If I had gotten the big tortilla I would have been tempted to eat it.

It’s a very busy week ahead for trying to squeeze in activity.  I will make sure I pack my tennis shoes with me to work for anytime I can be on the same side of the room as the treadmill.  Or if it is slow maybe I can take a quick 20 minute break and get in some activity.  I talked to the Curves center about moving my membership to Nampa temporarily.  So I’ll do that to help me utilize it more as that will be much more covenant.

I bought a brand new tracker at my WW meeting since I’m not sure where I packed the other trackers away at.  Here is to a positive week ahead.

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