Saturday Night At Humpin' Hannah's

Earlier in the week my friend Phoenix sent a text asking if I was busy this weekend. She is going through a divorce that hasn't been easy on her. Her daughter was at a sleep over so Phoenix found herself with some adult time and needed an adult to fill that time. It just so happens that I was rotating shifts at work and didn't have to work Sunday. A night out on the town was planned for Saturday night. And it was epic!

Phoenix came to my house and we headed to BoDo in downtown Boise to grab some food. The pizza place we were going to stop at had closed down. We continued to Bodovino Wine as I had some wine cards with some money left on them. Turns out not much money so we reloaded the cards and tasted some wines.

We also shared an amazing flatbread. We were just in time for happy hour and the flatbread was just $5.99. It was delicious. While we were at Bodovino, I was waiting to hear from my friend Jenny Ware and her boyfriend Noel on meeting up with them after the hockey game ended. Phoenix and I were thinking we might go dancing so Jenny suggested going to Humpin' Hannah's downtown. Talk about a blast from the past!

Hannah's was our go-to spot when I was in college. I had been joking with Phoenix that ten years ago we were the young crowd amongst the old crowd at Hannah's. Now, we were the old crowd. Honestly once we got there it just felt like we fit in. Hannah's always had such a great mix of people and last night was no different. The dance floor was packed and we were sweating like crazy dancing up a storm.

Noel's best buddy, David, and his girlfriend had come from the hockey game with Jenny and Noel. The girlfriend, Terri, was so drunk she could hardly stand up but boy was she hilarious. I introduced myself and then introduced Phoenix telling Terri that Phoenix as my partner/girlfriend. Terri kept telling us we should have babies and we would make beautiful babies. Ha! Every time she hugged me she would say “don't worry, I'm not gay.” Since Jenny and I met during our time as correctional officers at the prison we like to tell people we met in prison. Oh my gosh...so much fun.

We also ended up in the bathroom at the same time as one of the several bridal/bachelorette parties. They were doing a scavenger hunt and needed a photo in the bathroom. We obliged and I asked for one with my phone so I could post this on the blog. I didn't get your name but congrats on the wedding next month.

I'll tell ya, the smile on Phoenix's face was priceless. We ended up staying out past 1am and that was mostly because I just wanted to see Phoenix continue to smile. She has had a pretty rough go during her marriage and her divorce hasn't been quick and simple. I am so glad we went out and had some fun.

Life is meant to be fun!

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