Teens & Puberty

Good Morning.

It wasn’t a super late night last night but I am still tired today.  I had a great time hanging out with my niece Hailey.  I should really find the time to do that more often.  I can’t believe she will be 12 next month.  It is just crazy how fast time flies.

After I picked Hailey up we drove out to the property to see the houses being built.  I got really excited when I saw our other neighbor (the house to the right of us) with poured concrete.  This should mean that we will be the next house to begin.  I still don’t know when that is exactly but it is still exciting.  We peeked into windows (of vacant houses) and talked about the model of house Kenyon and I were building.  It was fun.  Hailey wanted froyo so we stopped at Zumberri before we headed to dinner.  I sampled the mango but other than that, I didn’t partake in any sweet treat.

We then met Jamie and her daughter Veronica for dinner at Qdoba before we went to a class at the local hospital.  It was class for mothers and daughters on how to talk to your teen about sex and also learning about puberty and what crazy changes are in store for your teen.  Hailey was a bit nervous to attend the class with me but was a good sport about it all.  At one point the separated the teens from the mothers so that the mothers could learn about talking to your child about safe sex, STDs, etc while the daughters learned about puberty and what type of changes they should expect down the road.  Hailey returned with a stack of papers and whispered to me that they had to look at photos.  I didn’t understand what she meant until she showed me a sheet of paper tucked under all her other papers.  It was a very accurate drawing of a vagina and not the kind you see in a text book.  She insisted we throw it away.  I told her I would take all the papers they gave her because I was still laughing on the inside of the whole encounter.  Poor girl.

I think it was a good thing we went to the class and I do wish my sister could have been there too.  Hailey expressed interest in a few books on puberty so I’ll get them for her.  There was also an excellent book for parents on how to talk to your teen so that your teen will talk to you.  I think I’ll get that for my sister.  Hailey made note as we were leaving she didn’t understand why I wanted to come when I don’t have any kids of my own.  I told her that she and Emma are like my kids.  I want her to know that I am always there if she needs anything from me.  I hope she knows that.

Well…now that we have covered all that…

My food was on track yesterday and I avoided any sweets.  There was plenty of options between stopping for froyo, Hershey kisses in bowls all over the classroom last night, and also goodies in the back of the classroom for guests.  It feels good to be successful.  Today I have my lunch and snacks for work and I have a dinner plan for eating at home later.

I started tracking this week.  So far I am writing my food down and I am weighing and measuring food again.  I’ve not started looking at the points.  In order to get fully back on track though, it all needs to come together.  I am happy with my progress thus far.  Baby steps.

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