Book Review: Ardent Springs Series

After reading the Anchor Island Novel series from Terri Osburn, I recently purchased the first book of her Ardent Springs series.  I was hooked!

His First and Last was fantastic.  Once again I quickly fell in love with the main characters Lorelei and Spencer.  Terri has a way of creating chemistry between her main characters that has you waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens.  I couldn’t put the book down.


I read book one in a matter of days and thankfully book two was already available for download.  Our Now and Forever was just a great.  I love books that are in a series because it threads the common characters together while introducing new characters.  We met Snow in book one and in book two we meet Caleb.  Once again this book has amazing chemistry between Snow and Caleb.


I am eager to read book three My One and Only, which is due out May 17th.  In book one, we met Cooper and got a slight hit at his leading lady Haleigh.  I am anxious to learn more about Haleigh and how her romance with Cooper will develop.


I highly recommend both the Anchor Novel Series and the Ardent Springs Series.  Keep it up Terri.  You have me hooked!

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