What I Ate Yesterday: Monday

I documented everything I ate on Monday so I could share it with you. It also helped to keep me on track! I had decided at the start of the day that I need a time-out when it comes to sugar and treats and going cold turkey for at least this week sounds like a fantastic idea. I had the opportunity three times on Monday for sugar but declined all three times saying “I'm on a strict no-sugar plan!” I am happy to report that we didn't eat out at all on Monday (came home and made dinner after my 12-hour work shift) and didn't have any sweets. WhoooHooo! Here is my Monday food.


When I have fresh strawberries, I can't turn down an opportunity to have them in my oatmeal. I love fresh strawberries and peanut butter. It is a winning combination. I ran out of almond milk a few weeks ago and finally picked up more. I really like oatmeal made with almond milk vs. water. It just creamier. I had a homemade Starbucks coffee at home before I headed to work.

Once at work I had my Dutch Bros coffee.

Starbucks is running a promotion that if you come after 2pm you get 4x the rewards points. So I waited to have my Starbucks coffee until after work.


I sort of had two snacks today as I was working a 12-hour shift. The first one was yogurt and granola. I usually have plain non-fat greek yogurt with fruit. For convenience a few weeks ago I bought some ready-to-go yogurts and have really liked the change. The Chobani Lemon is one of my favorite kinds.

My other snack was a chicken sausage we picked up at Costo sautéed in olive oil with a bell pepper. I had leftover sweet potato fries from meeting my friend Mark at Bardenay on Sunday. They weren't as epic re-heated.


I had a basic salad for lunch with ham, turkey, pineapple, and swiss cheese. I also had some carrots and dip on the side.


We picked up some chicken with cheddar burger patties at Costco so dinner was one patty minus a bun with green beans and some stuffing on the side. I struggle most with the sweets after a meal so I had a tart apple to finish off with.

I like when I have successful days under my belt. It makes me feel really good.

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