National Public Safety Telecommunication’s Week

It’s that time again to acknowledge your favorite public safety dispatchers!!


The second week in April we have a weeklong celebration for National Public Safety Telecommunications where we recognize the often thankless job of being a dispatcher in emergency services.  We are the voice behind the radio that ensure our police, fire, and emergency medical men and women make it home safely to their family after each shift.

With this job come long hours, time away from your own friends and family, rotating work shifts, and an abundance of overtime.  It takes a special kind of person to be willing to put up with the demands of the job before your needs. 

I’ve been dispatching for 10 years now and while not all of those years have been sunshine and roses, I have built a different kind of family here among my fellow coworkers.

If you know somebody who dispatches for emergency services, tell them “thank you” or better yet give them a hug.

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