Annual Ladies Day At Duck Ranch

I had so much fun yesterday with my family at Duck Ranch.  I am thankful a coworker could switch shifts with me that allowed me to be off that day.  I would have been very sad to miss out.  We even had the pleasure of our California cousins here for a visit.  My Great Aunt Flo and her three kids, Lisa, Tina, and Simo made the trek to Idaho.  We don’t get to see them much so it was a really special treat.


Once everybody arrived at Duck Ranch and we all said our hellos, my Great Uncle Mike gave a presentation highlighting the new memorial that has been set up with the names of our military family members.  It was such a nice surprise.  I was able to get my Cousin Calvin and my Great Uncle Bob to pose with the memorial.  They were the only two family members in attendance with their names on there.

We loaded up and headed to Castle Butte for our annual hike.  Oh my gosh…hiking is MUCH harder with 50ish extra pounds on you.  But, I made it to the top!

I used Dad's walking stick.  It came in really handy on the downhill portions

Once we returned to the festivities and I had a beer in my hand, my Great Aunt Linda had a presentation for my Great Uncle Mike’s 65th birthday.  He loves Lord of the Rings so she had a costume to go with his “Gandolf staff” and a funny story that was talked about Mike and his birthday but used the story of Lord of the Rings.  I don’t know the story so I didn’t understand it but it sure got some laughs.  Just looking at Mike in his Gandolf costume was hilarious.


My Cousin Linda and her friend Sandy did a song and dance for Mike about getting old and being on Medicaid.  It was pretty cleaver.


We made sure to get a photo of as much of the gang as we could before we all said our goodbyes.


On the drive in/out there is a large creek bed that you have to pass through.  If the water level is high it can make it much more difficult for smaller vehicles.  Unfortunately my Uncle JL and my Great Aunt Barb got stuck in his tiny pick up.  I got into the water along with a couple of family friends to try and push them out but it wasn’t working and he just kept sinking further.  Thankfully my Great Uncle Mike was able to pull him out with his vehicle.  That is when we saw he had a flat tire!  It was quite an adventure but eventually we all go on our way towards home.

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