Distinguished or Old?

I’m not sure why exactly but a few months ago I decided to stop coloring my hair.  My Mom starting turning gray at a very young age and covered her hair up with dark black hair color for years.  I have vivid memories of her dressed in one of Dad’s old work shirts waiting out the time until she could wash the funny looking stuff out of her hair.  I started coloring my hair in collage and through the years have had an array of color.  One thing I have learned through my years of being heavy is that the one thing you can change is your hair color.  Well, that and your shoes and purses!  Those three things always fit regardless of your waist size.

I’ve been really happy with how my gray hair is growing in and since I don’t  actually part my hair anywhere I don’t really have any major grow out.  Instead what I am seeing is highlights here and there of gray and I like the silver look that is staring to shine through.  My hairdresser will admit that my gray hair is growing in somewhat nicely but she doesn’t feel I should look older than I need to for my age.  She also told me I am not allowed to call them “natural highlights.”  I call my gray hairs my “mature highlights.”  I do feel older and more distinguished.

Lately though, the question I’ve been asking myself is: Does gray hair on men make him look distinguished where as gray hair on women make her look old?  I asked Kenyon this question and his answer is that you don’t hear the word distinguished being used very often when talking about a woman vs. a man.  I went to the internet for some photos of men with gray hair and women with gray hair.

I think in my mind I feel that if my gray was to grow out to where I was really white (like my mother currently is) that I’d put some purple in my hair as a dose of fun color.  I also have to remember that while I don’t look all white/gray now that if I did I wouldn’t like as classy at these women do since there is about a 20-30 year age difference.  You can pull off all silver/white hair when you are in your 60s but I’m not so sure you can pull it off when you are in your 30s.  However, I was surprised when I found some youthful celebrities with gray/silver hair.


After all, silver hair is the new trend and women pay buco-bucks to get it.  Instead, I can get it the natural way!  I’ll admit, I love Ginnifer Goodwin but I don’t like her with white hair.


So, what does my hair currently look like?


I’m doing pretty good in the gray category and really I do like it.  Nobody has really commented one way or another except for my sister Jenny.  Last week she was in the car sitting behind me and to the left side of me.  She said, “when are you planning to get that gray covered up?”  I’m not!  And I’m saving money at the salon to boot!

So, Does gray hair on men makes him look distinguished where as gray hair on women makes her look old? 

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Cheryll said...

I love it! I think it's beautiful!