Update On House Selling

Good Morning.  I guess I’ll fill you in a bit on what has been going on with the sale of our house.

We officially came on the market on Thursday just before 3pm.  Within an hour (just after we got home from Vegas) I got the first call to schedule a showing that same day.  Friday was a really busy day with scheduling showings and Saturday we had our first open house.  There is another open house later today.

I have scheduled 14 house showings over the last four days.  We had eleven groups come to the open house yesterday.  There was really good positive feedback and we didn’t get any negative feedback.  Pros were: cleanliness, price, and great layout.  The realtor shared that three groups from yesterday are contemplating an offer.  So far we have not gotten any official offers.  It is known to the agents that we won’t be accepting any offers until Monday so we are hoping that is why nobody has put in an offer.  Our realtor things we will get some offers either later this evening or late tomorrow.  I hope today’s open house is another success!


I am very happy with all that we accomplished before the house hit the market.  I know that although it felt like a lot of work that it was worth it.  I love knowing that the people coming to look at our house don’t have to look at clutter or a mess.  It is clean and organized with very minimal stuff.  I have to say as of last night Kenyon and I have become pretty accustomed to storing our stuff each morning and getting it back out each evening.  I am still hopeful all our hard work will pay off and we will get a decent offer that won’t fall through.

Kenyon worked really hard to get the garage cleaned out before the open house.  It looks really bare but really good!


As far as our new home, we are going to pop into the CBH Design Studio on Thursday to meet with a representative to go over more of the options available.  Our final appointment isn’t until April 19th.  So we are just waiting.  It will be nice to have days off again!  I am planning to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on Tuesday since it is $5 day at the movie theater.  I’m sure I’ll get out and enjoy the sunshine as well.  I am also going to get back to my weekly WW meetings and get back to Curves this week.  Spring has put a pep in my step!

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