Alcohol Lab For CWI Students

We had a really fun time last night at the alcohol lab.  I ended up with a great group of eight drinkers.  The only snag was Kenyon didn’t feel well and so I ended up having to do the majority of picking up each person.  But we made it on time.

Once we got to the Nampa PD the drinkers got their instructions and eventually some alcohol.  They were given breath tests about 30 minutes later and it was surprising that a few BAC (blood alcohol content) rose rather quickly.  Others were a little slower to rise but that just meant they needed more to drink!

About another 30 minutes later they brought in pizza.  Since I wasn’t drinking this was my favorite part.  I figured they would feed us cheep Dominos pizza but instead we got delicious Idaho Pizza Company pizza.  I had four slices.

Once the two hour drinking period had ended we all headed downstairs to the parking garage so the drinkers could be put through their vagarious tests.

We ended up finishing about 9:30pm and by the time I got everybody dropped off I was home around 10:30pm.  It was a late night but a fun night.  I loved being the DD and being able to watch and visit…and laugh!

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