How Do You Drum Up Motivation?

Good Morning!  We made it over the Wednesday hump.  I’m at work on a short shift today and have lots of fun stuff planned this afternoon and evening.  Let’s get this clock moving shall we?

Even thought I attended my WW meeting on Tuesday, I don’t seem to have found my renewed motivation.  I’m not sure what is still stopping me.  I’ve thought about going back to Curves several days this week.  Either I felt I was too busy (priorities) or I felt like I just didn’t want to work out “that hard.”  Ha!  Any workout is better than the no workout I’m currently doing.  I think I need to get myself back to Curves, since I’m paying for it of course, and try to just ease back into it.  I am thinking I will not use my Curves Smart card and instead just focus on building a routine again.  Once I get back up to speed then I’ll start to focus on ramping it up and getting in a quality workout.  Right now I just need to start up again.  The rest will come with time.

My eating is just so-so.  It is funny in that I LOVE to eat out and will use any excuse I can to not have to make my own food.  During our house staging phase we didn’t want to have to clean up any extra messes so we ate out a lot over these last few weeks.  When you have to eat out (and by have to I mean we still chose to) it suddenly loses it appeal.  I wish I could say that while we were eating out a lot that I was making quality food decisions…but my frequent gains clearly show I have not.  It was nice to cook at home a few days this last week.  I failed in the meal planning category through so I’m sort of wining it today and tomorrow.

For me I know that planning is key and I will get back on track. 
No more excuses.

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