The Work Week Begins

Happy Friday!!!!  I am starting my work week so not as much excitement on my end.  However, we got the approval to wear jeans today and we are having a potluck to celebrate the end of National Public Safety Telecommunications week.  Hey, in dispatch you can never have enough food days!  I brought sweet and sour meatballs for my contribution and some strawberry jello.  Yum!

It was a busy day off but a very enjoyable one with Kenyon.  We needed a day off together where we could just spend time as a couple.  We have been eating out a lot lately but still entertained the idea of going out to breakfast.  Kenyon suggested walking to LePeep so that is what we did.  We cut through a nearby neighborhood (can’t help it when house stuff is always on the brain) and we ended up walking 3.6 miles roundtrip.  I am trying to get back to some of my old WW healthy habits so I brought part of my breakfast home with us.

We had early afternoon appointments for massages.  Since we are moving into Mom and Dad’s house temporarily, we have decided to cancel our membership right now.  We might end up getting a new membership at a location closer to our new home once we get moved.  I added the hot stone upgrade to mine for $10.  I love a hot stone massage and she did a great job.  If we were sticking around at that location I would have made sure to remember her name.  She was really good.

We then ran errands and had pizza for lunch before going to the CBH Design Studio.  I didn’t realize they closed at 5pm so we only were able to be there for a few minutes.  We won’t have another opportunity to look anymore before our final meeting on Tuesday.  We have most of our options picked out and our appointment can last up to five hours.  So we should be good to finalize next week.  I can’t wait!!!  I am so ready for them to start building our house already.

Mom and Dad were watching Hailey and Emma for a few hours and had invited us to dinner.  We made the drive to Kuna to see them and eat Mexican food at Enrique’s.  My nieces are so darn cute.  As soon as I get back to weekends off I hope I can spend more time with them.  They just crack me up!  On our way home we swing by the property to look at more outside paint colors on the existing homes being built and to see the progress of the other houses.  Our neighbor’s house is coming along nicely.  So far there is three alley load homes on our side of the street and three on other side.  I haven’t been into the floor plan of the newest house being built called The Greenbrier.  I am excited to see how it looks once it gets further along.

Until our house gets started it is so hard to wait.  I hope it will be soon but I know after our Tuesday appointment we are still looking at another 3-4 weeks until they actually break ground.  Sigh.  It’s taking forever!

Happy Weekend to you.

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