Quick Trip To Las Vegas To Celebrate Our Wedding Anniversary

Kenyon and I headed to Vegas for a few days get-away.  We had booked this months ago for a belated wedding anniversary trip and then with all the house moving stuff…well, it became a much needed vacation.  As with any vacation, it is never long enough!  Here is a recap of our latest Vegas adventures:
Every good trip should begin with an airplane selfie.  I got the party started early by ordering a margarita on the plane.  It was strong!  I drink my margarita while watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I am dying to see the sequel.

We were able to catch the bus to the strip ($$$ savings) and arrived earlier than able to check into our room.  We had a coupon for Buca di Bippo ($$$ savings) so we stopped in for lunch.  We were starved!  I ordered the lunch baked ziti.  Even the lunch size was huge.  Kenyon ordered the chicken lemon.  I wished I could have shared but his portion was small.  So, he shared my pasta.  We both got a side salad and some garlic bread.  It hit the spot!

We had decided to forgo a show on this trip and instead spent extra money to book a suite at Monte Carlo.  This was our first time staying at this property and while it was okay, I’m not sure we will make it a regular hang-out.  Our room was HUGE and had a very large bathtub that overlooked the strip.  I wished I had taken a photo at night with the Vegas lights all lit up.  Mostly our view was of the New York New York sign and of the MGM resort and casino.

This was a very low key vacation.  We mostly just walked around and took in the sights, ate some food, played the slots (ahem…lost money), and tried every opportunity to score some free drinks (that aren’t really free when you spend $20 gambling waiting to try and get one drink from the stingy waitress).

I am always impressed with the Bellagio's flower display.  I wouldn’t say this time it was my favorite though.  I think they were celebrating the Chinese New Year.

We were headed to the tram when I spotted a bar called The Pub advertising happy hour.  We decided to check it out and I was happy to see they had Guinness Nitro.  I was told that if you get Guinness with nitro in it that it is creamier than regular Guinness.  I could definitely taste the difference.  We also had some appetizers.  These huge pretzels with Gouda cheese for dipping were amazing!  And you got two huge pretzels for $5.

We shared some Gelato in the Forum Shops.  Kenyon picked the Mango Sorbet and thank goodness.  Would you want to eat this Chocolate Truffle Moose Pie?  That doesn’t look vary appetizing to me!

There are birds all over Vegas and they come right up to you.  It is crazy.

We landed at Luxor for some serious slots.  Kenyon actually had some pretty good wins.  He also had a good win at the New York New York.  We have found that if I am off doing something (usually a bathroom stop) and Kenyon sits at a slot, he often wins.  But when we pick the slot we both lose!  Very odd!  I eventually do so poorly I just sit by Kenyon and watch while I wait for free drinks. 

I considered getting some souvenirs for my friends.

And finally got a photo in front of the new Hershey’s World that opened in the New York New York a while back.

As we headed to the airport, I had gambled away all of the $200 I brought with me as “play money”.  I had not been lucky all weekend.  We had time to kill at the airport so I put one last $5 bill into the penny machine and won $191.90 from a bonus game.  Okay then…I guess that is how you do Vegas!

Besides spending time with Kenyon, what I also loved about this trip was getting to visit and meet with other travelers.  While we were playing the slots in Luxor we met some sisters from Hawaii and while sitting at The Pub we met a couple of Ohio.  We actually bumped into the same couple the next day while out walking on the strip.  It was a wonderful trip and I truly do LOVE VEGAS!


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