Reflections After Checking In With The Scale

I stopped into the WW center near my house so I could get my March WI done.  I have no idea where this year is going but boy is it going fast.  I realized that this would be my last opportunity to at least get my WI done or I’d be missing a month for the first time in nine years of being a WW member.  I couldn’t stay for the meeting though.

I have stopped into this location one other time to say hi to my WW leader Donna who is the receptionist at that location on Saturday.  I noticed there was a new leader and that she was young and looked alternative.  I don’t say she is alternative to mean anything negative.  How often do you see a WW leader wearing blue tights?  (The time before she was wearing magenta colored).  That is awesome!  I wished I could have stayed for the meeting and holy cow it was a huge group.  They actually had two receptionists and the leader weighing people in.  That never happens.

Last week would have been a great meeting to attend and I wish I had after reading over the WW Weekly.  It is about setbacks and tips for getting back on track.  Boy have I had a setback!

My starting weight with WW in Jan 2007: 308.4

My current weight as of March 2016: 238.4

I have gained seven pounds between my February and March WI and I had gained six pounds between my January and February WI.  Ouch.  My lowest weight in my WW booklet was December 19, 2015 which I weighed 218.8.  This means that I have gained 19.6 pounds in just three short months.  Ouch.  When you break it down and really look at the numbers, it doesn’t look good at all. 

Obviously I knew there was a problem.  I had started to avoid the scale (both at home and the WW meetings) and you can’t ignore tight pants and ill fitting clothing.  Also, my wedding ring has been snug for a while now.  I remember how excited I used to be to shop in the smaller clothing section and how many times I had my ring re-sized.  To have to go the reverse way is a terrible feeling.  There is no excitement what-so-ever about it.

What has led to my rapid fire gaining?  It all comes down to one thing: priorities

I knew when I went to the WW center that my WI would be scary.  I got on the scale and took the hit like a champ.  I explained to the leaders that there are no excuses and that I have not been making it a priority.  However, I do feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel and as the weather warms up my desire to be out exercising has increased.  I feel like the desire to eat better is also lying beneath the surface. 

Much like the tips in the WW Weekly, I need to get back to basics.

Track , track, track.  I have not been tracking my food and therefore I’ve not been making the best food choices.

Weigh and measure portions.  Since I’ve not been tracking I have not been weighing and measuring my portions.  I need to eat less.

Move more.  I have not been to curves since sometime in February.  I’m paying for it so I need to be using it. 

Support.  Kenyon has the desire to also lose weight so the two of us need to accountable to each other.  It is really easy to talk the other into going out to eat.

Attend meetings.  For me, my WW meetings are key.  That is also extra added support and accountability when you attend meetings.  There are a lot of meetings in my area so I have no excuse for missing a meeting.

It isn’t rocket science but it is hard work.  I need to accept this gain and move on.  If I continue to dwell on the negative feelings I will continue to avoid the scale and my WW meetings.

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