Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday!!  I’ve been seeing all the fun Facebook posts and I am sure wishing I was a kid again.  Instead, I am at work today.

I’ll tell ya, you know you have worked hard on your day off when you are hoping going back to work means you can rest.  We almost finished our entire house moving/cleaning over the last four days.  I still have to tackle our bathroom and the laundry room, which has been the catch-all for the last few miscellaneous items.  I’ll do that after work and then we should still be good enough to go for our professional photos tomorrow. 

I need a vacation!!!  Good thing we are headed to Las Vegas Tuesday.  I am glad we are headed out of town because it is hard to live in a house you are trying to keep super clean.  Instead we arrive back home Thursday afternoon and the house will officially be listed.  Fingers crossed we get a good offer that doesn’t fall through.

Here are a few photos I took after we put bark on the outside.  I also still love the shine of the super clean windows. 

The stagers came yesterday afternoon and gave us a thumbs up.  We need to hang a few pictures on the walls since it does look a bit bare.  I’ll share more photos our staging once I have it all completed.  It has been a very long four days.  We are exhausted.

In non-house related news, I popped into the WW center near my house so I could at least get my WI done for the month of March.  It wasn’t good at all.  There is a direct correlation between my pants being tight and the scale being a scary high number.  I’m looking forward to our Vegas trip and then it is time to re-focus ASAP!

I’ll share more about my WI at a later time.  I need to get my thoughts in order.

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