I LOVE Guinness!!!

I fit a lot into my two days off on Friday and Saturday.  It was busy!

Friday night Kenyon and I met up with Phoenix and her daughter Kiki to see Phoenix’s friend Naomi Psalm’s band play at the Flying M Coffee House. 


Naomi was the second performer of the evening and the first singer, while really good, was quite alternative.  At one point people were snapping their fingers and waving their heads…I wasn’t sure what I had gotten us into!  However, once Naomi took the stage…wow…she was awesome! 


They asked for a few people to jump up on stage so I encouraged Phoenix to make her move.  We had just talked about how fun it would be to accompany Naomi on stage. 


We stayed until 10pm and even got up and danced on the last song.  I bought one of her CDs and because of our dancing we were given one of her stickers.

Saturday was the annual corned beef and cabbage feed at the Melba Catholic Church.  As usual, it was a huge success and while we waited to get in (doors opened late) there was a huge line behind us.  I was excited to drink some green beer.


Once we got inside we found out they were offering unlimited Guinness if you bought their glass for $10.  I have never tried Guinness and I don’t really like dark beer.  I decided I’d have a sip of Dad’s once he got his.  OMG…sooooo goood!  Dad said it tasted like cold coffee and he is exactly right.  It was delicious!  I went and bought a glass hoping to just give it to Mom when I was done so they had a set.  Well in the meantime I passed Dad going to get Mom a glass.  I ended up giving my glass to my sister Jenny.  But…not before I filled it THREE times.  Yes, Guinness is that good.  And, I had Kenyon with me who was my DD for the night.


I put together a St. Patty’s Day group to go to Old Chicago on Thursday where I am looking forward to more delicious Guinness.

I’m back at work for Sunday, Monday, and overtime on Tuesday.  Then I get to start my rotation to day shift.  I’m very ready to rotate!

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