While I am looking forward to the summer months and warmer weather, I will miss one thing about the winter months: Camouflage


I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing a long sleeved shirt and rotating through the three Old Navy performance fleece vests I own.  Every time I put on my constantly shrinking jeans I can’t help but want to cover up the excess that hangs over the top of my pants.  I’ve had a love-hate, but mostly hate, relationship with my muffin top through the years.  The relationship hasn’t improved much.


I’m back to feeling like a stuffed sausage in my clothes.  I remember feeling this way when I went from a size 14 to a size 16.  It isn’t a very pleasant experience to be feeling this way again…even if you try to make light of the situation.


In all honestly, it isn’t funny.  I have a very serious problem going on.  I can either continue to let it get worse or I can finally do something about it.  The choice is up to me and only me.

I wonder how weird it would be to wear a performance fleece vest with a short sleeved shirt and shorts in the summer months?

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