I Slept For Seven Hours Straight...Yeah!

I always like to re-group after letting my negative thinking come out with some positive thoughts. It is okay to wallow in that negative space for a little while but you shouldn't live there.

I haven't been sleeping very good for the last several weeks. Working graveyard is hard on the body and hard on the sleep cycle. When Kenyon has days off on my workdays I tend to want to wake up earlier so I can have fun with him. Then I am reminded that I still have to pull an all-nighter at work. The hours between 3am and 6am have been brutal. It is so hard to stay awake.

Even if I do sleep for a few hours I can tell it isn't very solid sleep so it doesn't leave me feeling really refreshed. When I'm tired it is had to push myself to get my activity in. Most days I have my tennis shoes packed for work incase I can get on the treadmill. The motivation is lacking because I've not slept well or I've got up way too early and didn't get in a nap before work.

I consider myself a really great multi-tasker, especially in the scope of my job. However, the older I get it seems I can't really focus on more than one thing at a time. When I changed jobs my focus was on training and surviving 911 dispatching. When I came back to ISP my Grandmother was really sick and passed away. I was changing my graveyard sleep schedule around to be available for my family during that time. As of late we decided to buy a house and my sleep has suffered drastically with the flip-flop of nights to days on my days off so I can be available for stuff that needs to get done. On my workdays over the last few weeks I was getting up way to early and not getting any additional sleep before work. It was exhausting.

I actually sleep for a full seven hours today! Kenyon and I went to bed around 10pm and I woke up around 3am. I went back to sleep at 4am and woke up again at 11am. I can't say I feel refreshed but I do feel better. As I start this work week I have to continue to get better at putting myself first when it comes to sleep, exercise, and healthy eating.

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