I’m hoping to get back to my WW meetings on a regular basis starting this week.  I know it will be busy getting our house ready for sale but as I said yesterday, I really need to start putting myself and my health first.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit embarrassed to be returning to meetings, especially my usual Tuesday morning meeting.  I only have Tuesdays off for six weeks and I’m not really sure how many of those I can fit in.  It might end up being a Thursday morning meeting instead but at least I get to see Donna that way.

I don’t expect anybody to say anything to me per se.  But I know from experience sitting in that WW room and seeing a return member looking heavier than when you saw them last.  There is always judgment…even the silent kind.  Obviously embarrassment coupled with all other types of emotions is why WW members that quit have trouble returning.  That stress over returning can lead to even more re-gain and/or gaining all your weight back and then some. 

So, I must swallow my pride and get back to that connected feeling my meetings provide.  I need to seek out support to help me stay accountable to myself and find the motivation to make the small changes needed to yield big results.


Bon M said...

I think the judgment is more along the lines of "oh no, she's slipping and having problems; how discouraging this whole weight loss/maintenance gig is" as opposed to "ha ha, she gained weight."

We're all sad to see gain and happy to see loss. Well, perhaps a little jealous to see loss. ;)

Don't put up another barrier to success. It's so easy to keep having reasons to avoid getting back on track. You lost a gazillion pounds once, you can do it again (not as much as you had to do last time.) One step at a time; one pound at a time.

As I've said in the past, your main issue is eating out too much (and portion size is too big from the pics I see). That has to be brought under control. As for me? Night eating. We all have our horrible temptations - every one of us. It's very tricky to keep from succumbing to them but it has to be done.

So go back. We're rooting for you. Anyone trying to lose or keep weight off can imagine ourselves in your shoes because heck, most of us have yo-yo-ed up and down so much that we're dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Please come back to meetings!

Also, no more posting on the maintenance boards?

One thing I've learned in life, I worry more about what others think of me than they do!

You can do this!