Another St. Patty's Day In The Books

Oh my gosh…I need a zillion more hours in the day!  I’ve been MIA the last two days because they were super busy with packing/moving/cleaning, etc.  The story of my life eh?

We had a great turnout for St. Patty’s Day last night at Old Chicago.  I had put the word out to my girlfriends to see who wanted to get together for a green beer, which turned into having Guinness instead after I tried it on Saturday.  We had a total of eight as well as Kenyon who came along to be not only my DD (Designated Driver) but my DGLGD (Designated Good Looking Guinness Driver). 


At one point Jamie and Kevin even came for a quick beer/visit in between the stuff that had going on yesterday.  The service at Old Chicago was a bit slow but the food was really good.  We shared a few different appetizers and then Kenyon and I split a calzone.  When I used to go to Old Chicago all the time the calzone was the highlight of the menu.  They actually have several really great looking food items.  We loved the deep fried cheese curds.  Who doesn’t love melty cheese?

I’ve been getting a group together for St. Patty’s Day for the last several years.  I am so happy I have such a great group of friends.

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