We Sold A House AND Bought A House Both In The Same Day

I have exciting news (of course the title has given it away).  We sold and bought a house all in the same day!

We already had a meeting with our realtor at 4:30pm yesterday.  At about 3pm the CBH Homes counter offer came back and we really wanted to me with our buyer’s agent.  She was able to squeeze us in at 4pm.  Everything with the new home looked good so we signed on the dotted line, got a letter from our mortgage broker, and will hopefully get started on the building process here soon.  Yeah!

At our second meeting we discussed the offer on our house.  Since this was an offer that came BEFORE our house was even actually put on the market, our realtor explained to the buyer that the offer needed to be substantial.  And boy was it!  We signed the contract on the offer and are now in the waiting period for the inspection and appraisal to be completed.  Since the buyer is getting a VA loan, our realtor is a bit anxious about the appraisal portion.  So far our home is selling for higher than comps in the area.  I am keeping our fingers crossed we don’t run into any snags.  If we do, we can still continue with listing our house and officially putting it on the market. 

Since our house doesn’t have to be ready-to-show next week we can now relax a little bit on the stress of moving/packing/cleaning/painting/etc.  I’ve cancelled all the appointments except for the professional cleaner.  I’m still going to have her tackle my master bathroom on Saturday.  We also need to continue to get stuff moved out as we prepare for an inspection/appraisal and a projected closing date of April 15th.  Maybe now I can actually sleep again.  It has been tough dealing with all this and being on the graveyard shift at work.

I’ve also been neglecting my self-care.  The scale continues to go up and I’m feeling more and more uncomfortable in my pants.  I didn’t have a really successful month of activity either.


It is harder to get the three goals met when I am on night shift.  Since the watch changes over at midnight, I have to be diligent of getting in my activity.  As is I’ve been really lazy with formal activity and have put that on the back burner.  I’ve not been to Curves in weeks and really need to make a better effort to get back to it.  Now that I don’t have to be dealing with appointments interrupting my sleep I can make activity a priority again.

The same goes with making healthy eating a priority again.  We’ve been eating out way too much!  I did some grocery shopping/meal planning yesterday.  We need to stick to it!  We also need to start going through what we have in the freezers so I’ve tried to plan some meals around that.

I badly need to re-focus on myself.  Instead I seem to be finding every reason to focus on something else.  If it isn’t a job change it is a new house purchase.  Eventually I’ll run out of diversions and have to get back to facing the real issue…my weight gain.

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