In The Thick Of It

It is crunch time for getting our house ready for the market!  Both Wednesday and Thursday have been very exhausting but very productive days.  By yesterday evening I felt like I’d be hit by a Mack Truck!  I was exhausted.


I logged over 600 calories burned and over 10,000 steps.  It was a very busy day!

Wednesday we had painters come and paint part of the inside.  Dave and Jose at Miracles Painting did a fantastic job and the paint color they picked turned out to look really great.  When I saw the paint sample against our white walls I was initially worried it would look too dark.  I love our white walls and wood moldings.  I’ll post photos once we have it all staged for showing.


Brad from Brad’s Window Cleaning came to wash the inside and outside of our windows on Thursday morning.  My windows look AWESOME!  I have never had our windows professional cleaned and I am sold on this in the future.  I can’t believe how much natural light now comes in when the blinds are open.  This will make our showing/professional photos look 10x better.


Thursday afternoon Jarrod from Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning came to clean our carpets.  We had our belated anniversary massages and dinner plans so we were able to be out of his way while he cleaned and the carpets had a little bit of time to dry.  I’ll tell ya it isn’t easy having wet carpets.  It was late in the day that our living room was put back together!

I didn’t like my massage therapist very much but I do feel pretty good today considering all the house-stuff that has been going on the last two days.  So I am glad we booked these appointments.  We enjoyed a late lunch at Tucanos.  It was delicious.  Since we got in on lunch prices we sprung for dessert.


I’m at work this morning but hoping to be out of here by 10am.  Dave and Jose are coming to finish the painting on the inside of the house in the kitchen.  We are pretty much down to just stuff in the garage and laundry room.  I’ve still got a lot of deep cleaning to tackle as well.  But, we are coming along…slowly.

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