The Egg

Several years ago, I bought a M&M filled egg around Easter time.  Instead of opening the egg and eating the yummy goodness inside, we started playing this game of hiding the egg.  I don’t even know who started this idea but it became a lot of fun.  Sometimes we would hide the egg where it was easy to find, sometimes where it was hard to find, and sometimes we would hide the egg thinking it would be found quick but not.  We have been talking about the egg the past few months wondering where it ended up.  Neither Kenyon nor I could remember who hid the egg last or where it was hidden.  We knew it must have been hidden in a hard spot or at least hidden in a spot where we thought it would get found but hadn’t.

While my Mom and I were packing up the kitchen last Saturday I heard her say from the other room, “I found an egg.”  FINALLY!  The missing egg had been found!

(Here is a photo from the internet.  I forgot to snap a photo before I put the egg in a box and send it to the storage shed.  This way we can find the egg again when we unpack.)

Mom found the egg in some mixing bowls on the stop shelf that don’t get used very often.  I know Kenyon was the last one to hide the egg based on the spot it was found.  We still have no idea how long it has been hidden there.

We look forward to starting up our game again once we get into our new house.  The fun part of the egg game is that when you find the egg it makes you think of the person that hid it.

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